👣 Thick MILF Soles & Strong Calves: Gianna Stamper

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👣 Thick MILF Soles & Strong Calves: Gianna Stamper

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Gianna Stamper (5'8", size 8.5) has the type of thick shapely soles and strong calves that I adore. The way I met her was completely random and it wasn't even me who ended up convincing her to model her feet.

I had gone out drinking one night and got trashed. I remember running my mouth back and forth with some loud dude at a vice-mart in the hood. We almost got into a fight in front of alot of people who were gambling on slot machines. Anyway, the dude goes outside to cool down while talking about how he was gonna kick my ass.

Luckily I'm a happy drunk and soon hit a good winnings on the slot machines. I went outside and told him he musta brought me good luck and shared some of the winnings which made us suddenly good drunk buddies cuz he was buzzed but mostly high. Anyway, in the quick small talk to get to know each other, I told him I was the foot man, and he told me he knew how to pull hot women, LOL!

I said, let's put you to the test mister good luck and go find more slot machines and see what kind of chicks you can land me. Well, needless to say, we drove off for more adventures and ended up at different gas stations, one of which where Gianna and her male-friend were at. My good luck charm buddy, who's name I can't even remember, did all kinds of schmooze talk to get Gianna interested in modeling her feet right in front of her calm/collected male-friend dude.

I ended up giving her my business card and she called me the next day to do a shoot. Her male-friend, Larry, tagged along too and watched. Oddly enough, I would become better connected to Larry over the coming months as he and I would go out and drink and try to find foot models without Gianna tagging along.

This comes from her full length clip titled: "Gianna Stamper Cam 2 scene3"


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