👣 Slim Tall Feet needed Financial Help: Alana Shepherd

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👣 Slim Tall Feet needed Financial Help: Alana Shepherd

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Alana Shepherd (5'11", size 9) is the type of tall MILF that I like alot. I was very fortunate to meet her under some unique circumstances which may have otherwise led to an outright rejection of me and my foot fetish. She had neither heard of foot fetishism nor engaged in it before. In fact, she thought it was quite weird and sketchy in her own words.

So anyway, she and her boyfriend were passing through town and got into a financial bind. I had, in-fact, only heard about her through some acquaintance of mine, who's street-name was Twin. Twin was a solid-built, cool, black guy in a very shady neighborhood and I had only recently met him. Anyway, he had lots of female connections and he understood that I needed tall slim white women with big feet. That's when he texted me Alana's number and told me to call her because she needed immediate financial assistance.

Needless to say, I made the call and ended up meeting her in a well lit grocery store parking lot in the middle of the night along with her big tall boyfriend in the passenger seat of their SUV. They weren't fully committed to her doing the feet shoot until they questioned me in person first, which they both definitely did and it was cold AF that night too. Bottomline: they needed money really bad and they discovered rather quickly that I wasn't some chump out there handing out free donations to people out of the kindness of my heart.

Even in parts of the recorded videos, she explains how she was only doing the meet-up in the first place because she had a very high amount of trust and regard for the guy who connected us, which was Twin. As you can see in the shoot she is creeped out at times, and even bored or confused and ready to go back home whenever the time would run out.

Her toes smelled so good and funky, I had to lick and sniff extra hard. And God I licked and sniffed abundantly too while specifically asking her to crimp those toes wiggling over my nose over and over while I inhaled and cleaned her soles. It got me so freakin hard. When the shoot was over, it was no doubt a relief to her, but I had no idea how angry the b/f was gonna be because he had to stay outside in the freezing cold for the hour while we filmed, even though he and Alana both already knew and agreed to this condition prior to the shoot commencing (despite it being effing freezing outside). He also did not leave their SUV car running for heat because they were literally that low on fuel.

The very beginning parts of this shoot though were one of the most paranoid times in my life and that means alot because I have been in so many ENORMOUSLY dangerous situations that have not phased me at all and this one did. Because the dude was big tall and high AF and as I was giving them a brief initial tour of my house (in order to prove it wasn't a scam and it was a safe place), he was walking behind me while my back was turned and I felt like anytime he coulda just struck me in the back of the head and both of these transients coulda just robbed me blind and left without a trace.

They weren't from around my area and the dude had been locked up several times. Even during a small moment of his brief delusionally high mindset, he was asking me if I was some correctional officer who used to work at one of his prisons, because he thought I was undercover or some shit. I had to convince him that I was not. Anyway, too much rambling (I shouldn't even be alive because of my foot fetish) -- basically the boyfriend was pissed and I literally put my life on the line so perverts can wack off LOL!


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