What to do with all the "feet pictures selling" topics

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What to do with "feet pictures selling" posts?

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Leave them as they are
Delete them and ban the user
Other (please specify in a comment)
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Re: What to do with all the "feet pictures selling" topics

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Ok, I think I can close this topic stating that:

Selling feet pictures posts will be treated according to our rules, especially this one:
2. Website Advertisements (updated on 05.02.2007) - If you are part of a foot fetish site and you want to link it as a relevant part of a discussion, please contact the webmaster first and be honest if it's your own site. Any member who seems to have joined solely to promote another site will be permanently banned.
We want to avoid spam generated by promotion teams, public-relations campaigns or any other traffic-hungry webmasters. So please note that our forums aren't the place to advertise your own site or forums or sites with similar content to ours. Feet Under the Table Forums staff don't visit your site and spam it with adverts, so we expect the same courtesy in return. You are welcome to link your site in your signature without a slogan.

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