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New Foot and Hand Video

Let's share some female feet pictures and videos!

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New Foot and Hand Video

Post by lilysfetish » Fri Jul 12, 2019 3:51 am

I've just released a new video featuring my hands and feet. Here's the description:

Here’s a video where I demonstrate how I’ll humiliate you with my strong hands, feet and arms in such games as Mercy. You vs me and you’re going down……. To a woman!
Here’s the opening words I use as I look at the camera and taunt you, you loser!

"I hear you think you’re fairly strong.
So, you’re after a bit of a challenge and you want to take me on.
Do you really think you’d stand a chance?
Look at me. I’m so much stronger than you.
Look at me sitting up here. Look at my arms. See how strong I am.
Look at my biceps.
I could wipe the floor with you. Even my hands are stronger than yours.
I know what we can do. Let’s have a couple of tests of strength.
What about an arm wrestle? ”

Not only do I taunt you but there’s close ups of my freshly painted finger and toe nails and my hands and feet ready to control you and make you beg me to stop bullying you.
I show you an arm-wrestling position and demonstrate how I’ll take you down.
I demonstrate my hand grip for when I’ll wipe the floor with you and have you begging me in Mercy.
Then there’s Mercy with our feet, not to mention combined hand and feet.
Your hands and feet being bent back by mine with my finger and toe nails digging into you to make you cry for mercy. You can see the nail marks in the video.
So, if you fancy yourself against a strong, sassy, sexy, dominant woman and you’re prepared to lose you’ll enjoy this video. Not as much as I do, mind you, but then I’m that strong sassy woman who’s going to beat you.
Beg For Mercy 46.jpg
Beg For Mercy 40.jpg
Beg For Mercy 39.jpg
Beg For Mercy 37.jpg
Beg For Mercy 31.jpg
Beg For Mercy 29.jpg
Beg For Mercy 23.jpg
Beg For Mercy 12.jpg

Love, Lily xxxxxx

Lily's Fetish

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