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Exciting footjob for neighbour

Let's share some pictures and videos about women using their feet on men!

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Exciting footjob for neighbour

Post by Absolute_T_F » Sun Apr 14, 2019 2:51 pm

I have some problems with aparats in the kitchen I called my neighbor to fix if he can. He came very quickly and bring tools. I ask him whether he wants coffee, but he will not. I don't know how to thank him because he helped me a lot. While he fixing that, I noticed how he furtively looking at my bare feet. I got an idea of how to thank him and gently started to pull my feet over his penis. His penis was quickly thrilled and I wanted to play with him. I took off his underpants with my feet with his little help and real play is starting. It was fun for me to do it, while he trying to work and loud breath.

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