Getting the opportunity to personally interact with a shoeplaying stranger you saw in public?

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Getting the opportunity to personally interact with a shoeplaying stranger you saw in public?

Post by OceanWaves3947 » Mon Mar 25, 2019 7:09 pm

I remember some incidents when I spotted a cute shoeplayer in public, and then, completely serendipitously and fortuitously, got the opportunity to interact with her socially and personally. In some cases, I even got the opportunity to make physical contact with her (always with her consent, of course, and, in fact, it was often her choice to initiate the contact between us, if anything). I consider these to be very lucky events, of course. I will share some of the ones I can remember.

One time, several years ago, I was standing in church in the summer, and I saw a cute girl or young woman, perhaps in her early twenties or so, who was standing with her male significant other in a pew somewhere in front of the one I was standing in. They were both wearing flip-flops. She dipped out of her flip-flops, taking one foot out of its flip-flop and perching it on top of her other foot which still had its flip-flop on. It was at a Catholic church, so, of course, the part of the mass where the priest asked the congregation to offer each other the sign of peace came. (For those who don't know, it involves shaking hands with everyone around you and saying "Peace be with you".) Of course, I was delighted to get the opportunity to shake hands with this awesome dipper. She turned around to face me, stretched out her hand to mine, and I grabbed it. We shook hands, while her and I simultaneously said "Peace be with you" to each other. So this awesome shoeplayer and I got to physically shake hands with each other, and we wished each other peace. Of course, I did then, and still do now, wish her nothing but peace and joy in her life. She was a cutie who only deserves the best. The fact that she shoeplayed in church during mass, of all places and times, gave her shoeplay an aura of purity and innocence that only makes it so much more adorable to me. In fact, I sometimes fantasize about meeting up with her and becoming best friends with her. Based on how she talked to me, she seemed like a really good, pure, and innocent person, with a really pure heart and soul, and if there is anything (besides shoeplay, of course) that I find attractive in someone, it is definitely that. Hope you enjoyed this unusually wholesome true church shoeplay story.

This next one doesn't involve shoeplay, but it does involve feet, so I'll still include it. I was at a shopping plaza or outdoor mall a few years ago around October (I live in the Northern Hemisphere, so it would be fall). Since it was fall, and no longer the hot days of summer, the days of everyone wearing sandals and flip-flops were pretty much gone, and almost everyone at this shopping plaza on that day was wearing closed shoes. Except, that is, for this one cute girl or young woman who was with her male significant other. She was wearing Birkenstock sandals, without socks. Looking back on it now, another thing that made this girl so attractive, despite the fact that I never witnessed her shoeplay, is that she preferred to wear sandals, even when it wasn't that hot outside. One of the things that drives my fetish is the fact that I can often relate to girls who shoeplay, and their desire to have their feet be more comfortable; I can put myself in their shoes, so to speak (pun intended). My feet often get hot and uncomfortable in closed shoes, as well, and so I can totally understand and relate to this girl's desire to free her feet and expose them to the deliciously cooling air by wearing sandals instead of closed shoes in the fall. We're kindred souls; we're a pair of soul-mates with hot feet who desire the soothing comfort of the cool air on our feet. And this only makes me feel a much deeper bond and connection with this random girl. Anyways, I was in the same store as her and her male significant other. They left right before I did. As they were leaving, she stopped and held the door open for me. Ironically, it was she, and not her guy friend, who was being chivalrous and held the door open for me, a guy. Looking back on it now, this irony makes the situation even more delicious. Few things are more attractive to me than a girl who is willing to go out of her way to be nice and help others, even at the risk of violating gender roles. I like to think of her as my chivalrous knight in shining sandals. As I reached her and walked out of the door, I said "Thank You!" to her in a tone of voice that indicated genuine, deep gratitude on my part. She must have noticed this, because, as she smiled at me and said "Yup!" enthusiastically, she seemed very happy that I seemed to be genuinely appreciative of her little random act of kindness. I will always remember this kind and adorable stranger, who not only had the self-confidence to wear sandals and expose her beautiful feet in the autumn when it was no longer fashionable, but was also kind enough to hold the door open for a random guy like me. Yet another cutie with a good, pure heart and soul, who I still fantasize over to this day.

The last one I'll share here now happened in one of my classes at university a year and a half ago. Like the first story, this one does involve actual shoeplay, but unlike it, the girl in question was not shoeplaying at the moment that I interacted with her. On with the story. There was this girl who sat in the row directly behind me in the lecture for one of my classes. She had somewhat lightish auburn-brown hair, was tall, and thin. She often wore sandals, without socks, and took them off in class. She would often take one foot out of its sandal and cross it on top of her other leg, putting her ankle on her knee, or tuck it underneath her opposite leg, for example. One time, when I was walking to my seat in my row at the start of class, I accidentally bumped into her backpack or something, and so I turned to face her and said "Sorry". Then she said to me, "Oh, you're fine.", in a tone of voice that indicated that, not only was she not mad at me one bit, but that she was thankful that I had the courtesy to apologize for something as minor as that. She was very cute, and, to this day, I am very proud of the fact that she probably got such a good impression of me. She probably thinks I'm a very polite and respectful person, because I apologized to her over such a minor incident, and I beam with joy when I think that such an amazing shoeplayer probably thinks so highly of me.

So these are the three stories I will be sharing right now. Of course, there are more, and I will probably share them later, most likely in this thread. Does anyone else here have any stories like these? Stories when you got to make a personal connection with an adorable shoeplayer you encountered in public, when the two of you got to know each other, or had some heartwarming little social interaction, like my stories here? I would love it if you could share your stories in this thread, as well.

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