Build your perfect woman

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Build your perfect woman

Post by Footsiefreak »

Looks and personality - Kelly Hu

Feet a size 6 or 7

Voice- Angie Harmon I love her sexy raspy voice

Legs- My high school Spanish teacher

Boobs- A full C or a Small D

height 5'6 or a few inches shorter

Butt- something with some jiggle to it

Dresses like :Kate Middleton,

Whats yours?

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Post by Ravenstein »

Very long raven hair, jiggly bosom and butt, a little bit of a belly

And of course... feet that cannot stay still!
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Post by nyllover »

Nice idea guys :-)
A friend of mine did something similar about what he's into (domination), and it can really come out as a nice read
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Re: Build your perfect woman

Post by HungryForStinkyFeet »

Hairstyle: I love girls with halflong hair and my all time fave hairstyle is this one of Talking Heads´ Tina Weymouth in the late 1970s:


Eyes: Green is my favourite colour

Eyebrows: This girl has perfect eyebrows in my opionion


Teeth: not too white, a decent hint of yellow because of drinking coffee and smoking is exactly what I love

Lips: natural ones, no lipstick

Boobs: Jayden James - I know they are fake but they don´t look as bimbo like as others do - and her nipples are just perfect.

Skin: No tattoos are prefered, except very good and unique ones you don´t see regularly (no tribals etc.) and maybe if they have a deeper meaning, I love pale skin

Ass: Remy LaCroix

Feet: Chelsea from Norcalfeet.

Dressing style: Shirts with my favourite bands´ logos (Judas Priest, Deep Purple, The Cult, Aerosmith etc.),
a lot of boots, Adidas Superstars, Doc Martens, Heels etc. She should wear some special clothes from time to time, like a Western lady or a girl in the 1920s, for making photos or parties.

And as a guy with a smoking fetish I wish she smokes cigarettes, hold them ladylike and crush them with her shoes.

Voice: that´s hard to describe. Not pitchy, a bit calming, a bit smoky but no Janis Joplin voice ;)
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