What's this section about?

You can find here those videos that can't be on the main site before we know the name of the film, series, or whatever it is. Help me to discover where they come from!

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What's this section about?

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As you all know, it happens quite often to find some foot seduction videos without knowing exactly where they come from. You find an old tape, watch it, and see that you recorded there a short footsie scene. Or sometimes you just find a video on the internet, somewhere, but there isn't any information about it.

So what to do with it? Before going on Feet Under The Table we have to know at least if it's a film, a tv series, an advert, a music video or whatever else. And, moreover, we need to know its title.

That's where this section comes along. Till today i used to put all those videos in a specific section of the website (the "Unknown source / sconosciuti" one), but in that way it was hard for you to let me know informations or anything about those videos. So i decided to create this section of the forum.

I will be the only one allowed to create new topics here. But you will all be able to add informations by answering the different messages.

If you find a new footsie scene and you don't know the title of it, just post it in the other sections of the forum. I will collect them and add them here.

So...click here and let's start the research!

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