Please help with the name of the movie

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Please help with the name of the movie

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Thank you for trying to help me. actually it has been more than 5 years trying to find this movie. I've searched everywhere on every movie forum on the internet but all attempts ended in vain. the movie and i am hundred percent sure features an evil sexy blonde woman. The scenes I remember at the beginning of the movie was that this woman is in a car sitting in the back seats and she uses her heels and feet to seduce a man sitting beside her. she puts her heels infront of his face. then, i don't remember too much, but this scene i am hundred percent sure of. The woman is in a ship in the sea inside in onw of the rooms, she is not outside, she is holding a gun, she shoots a man infront of her, his chest is full of blood, and she put her nylon feet on his chest while he is lying in the ground. anyway he's not dead, as if it was a game and the blood or the gun shot was fake. sorry but that is all i remember. I saw the movie between 2000 to 2005, it was featured on cine5 a turkish channel.

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