Samantha’s feet

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Samantha’s feet

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Samantha is my sister-in-law who I’ve known for close to 5 years now. She’s my wife’s brother’s wife. She has blonde hair, 5’-4”ish, blue eyes, thin, very cute “girl next door” face, and incredible feet.

We see each other a couple times a week over my wife’s parent’s house. She has this thing about not wearing socks, so every time she’s over there, she’s bare foot. Sometimes she sits on the couch with her legs under her sideways, and her cute little feet poke out off the edge of the couch. This is my favorite, because a lot of times there isn’t enough places to sit, so we park it on the floor, and on those special occasions I can inconspicuously find a spot right next to her, so her feet are hanging off a few feet from my face.

I take glances at them whenever I can without getting caught. Her toes are always painted a bright color, and her soles always smooth and pink. I always imagine what they feel like, and what they would look like wrapped around my cock. I think about different scenarios in which I could test her to see how likely she would be to cheat on her husband with me, or to somehow let me give her a foot massage.

For instance, one day I tagged her on a TikTok video of a GORGEOUS girl, and said “this girl kinda looks like you!”

To which she replied with heart eyes and a thank you.

I followed up with a little emoji that looks like it has a zipper over its mouth. 🤐 planning to tell her that I meant to text a different one if she questioned my intent.

To my delight, she then sent smirk 😏, I took that as she was sort of playing along.

Things went on a couple weeks with no further advance, until one day my wife tells me that Samantha needs my help with building a dresser since her husband is at work until late. I happily oblige, and head over to get to work.

I arrive to her house, she greets me with a hug, and takes me into the bedroom where the dresser box is sitting. She thanks me, saying “If you need anything give me a shout!”, and heads back into the living room.

About 20 minutes into assembling the dresser, I see that I need an Allen wrench to continue, so I call for Samantha to see if she knows where her husband’s is. She tells me that she’ll run down to the garage to get it. She comes bouncing back in 5 minutes later, sweating, telling me how it was hard to find it, and how much of a mess the garage was. She sits on the bed and starts going on about how her husband needs to clean it, because it’s been that way forever.

I go to grab the instructions to continue working while she’s there and notice that her foot is on it. Her toes painted a pretty sky blue. I reach for the paper, and on my way to grab it I purposefully graze her foot, she giggles, and slightly follows my hand as I pull the paper from under them.

In a playful tone she asks, “Do you like this sky blue? I’m not sure how I feel about it.”

I look at them, scratch my chin as if I’m thinking about it, and say “They look very good Sam”. I glance up, into her eyes and can tell she’s being flirty. “But it looks like those puppies haven’t been massaged in ages”

“What’s that supposed to mean?!” she says playfully. “but you’re right, Luke literally hates feet”

“So does Brit”, I reply.

She dangles her cute little feet off the bed, bouncing them a little, while looking at them. “Do you want to maybe give me a foot massage?”, she asked but frantically followed with “You don’t have to if you don’t want to I don’t know why I just asked that!“

I smiled at her, and said “sure I can do that for you”

I walked over to the edge of the bed as she bounced backwards up on to the bed, blushing. She was wearing these cute little pink shorts with blue stripes, and a light blue t-shirt that was tattered and slightly ripped. Her long bright blonde hair was in a messy bun that fell out as she was bouncing.

“Are you sure?” she asked.

As I reached for her foot, I looked up at her, her face looked shyly seductive. “absolutely”, I replied.

It’s as if my dreams came true, her feet were so soft and perfect. Her soles were softly colored pink. I was hoping I could do this forever. I massaged every curve and crevice. She was slightly moaning in approval.

“What is that?” shocked, she asked “Do you have a hard on?” Without me even replying, she started rubbing my buldge with her other foot. She dug in to it pretty hard, pushing on my cock. I loved the pressure. She kept moving her toes up and down it. I could’ve came right there if she kept it up.

But before I did, I stood up, and started to unzip my pants. She immediately responded by pulling her shorts off. “Is this bad?”, she asks. “what if Luke and Brittney find out?”

Without responding I start kissing and licking her feet, inching my way up her calf, then her thighs. I reach her pussy, and I start eating her out. She’s wetter than I thought possible. I reach under her shirt and firmly grasp her breast.

“I don’t know if this is okay, what if someone finds out” Sam says while moaning and grasping at pillows.

In a moment, I sit up quickly, and pull her forcibly towards me. Her light frame makes it easy to move her around. I grab my dick and stuff it deep into her wet pussy. Samantha screams out in pleasure.

I grab her foot as I’m fucking her, and lick between every single toe, as she’s gasping and moaning, “Fucking lick my feet!” She screams at me. Shoving them into my mouth. “Oh god don’t stop!”

She’s frantically gasping and screaming as I pound her pussy. I pull my dick out, grab both of her feet, and wrap them around my cock. She starts giving me a footjob, quickly and firmly stroking my dick.
It feels incredible, her soft soles wrapped around my cock, just as I had imagined sitting next to them on the couch. Her perfectly soft soles feel so good that I start to cum, and as I start to cum, I quickly grab the back of her pretty blonde hair, and shove my cock deep in her throat. Pulsating in her throat as she gags. When I pull my cock out of her mouth, she swallows it all. Breathing deep, and clearly satisfied.

I continue building the dresser for her, as she sits there naked, with her feet right next to me. She tells me that we have to keep this a secret, and that she wouldn’t mind doing it again someday. Every few minutes I go back and suck her toes for a few, and continue building.

This year my work gave me another week’s vacation added, so I’ll have 5 days a year that my wife would never know about. Also, Now when we’re over our in laws house, and I find myself sat pretty close to her feet. When we’re the only ones in the room, she sneaks her beautiful feet into my face to get a quick toe suck, or sole lick. It’s like my dreams have come true.

I’ve been to her house a few times since, with her husband there, and she’ll quickly rub my leg or touch me with her cute little feet. She’s playing a dangerous game that we could get caught, but I love every second of it.

I have a few pairs of her socks that she has worn for me and given as a memento. As well as nude pictures with her feet in the camera, tempting me.

She’ll get what she wants again.

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Re: Samantha’s feet

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This is a very erotic story and it got me off. You are a lucky dude. Thank you for the thrill.
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Re: Samantha’s feet

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Very nice story, thanks..
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