Cabin Crew Shoes

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Cabin Crew Shoes

Post by rxmlfash »

I remember some years ago I have seen some discussions regarding venturing with a pair of flight attendant's shoes into the lavatory during a flight. I almost did it but the chance was not right. Then came the pandemic and it has been years since I was last on board an airplane.

Now, I will have an opportunity to travel again by air soon. Can anyone tell me if the risk should be taken to "borrow" the cabin crew shoes right into the lavatory? I suspect a lot of crew have already learnt about this, but I don't know what they will really react. I have once been on a flight where I stared at the cabin crew changing shoes, and then one pretty attendant came to serve me. She rubbed her nyloned feet from her flats just in front of me for a whole minute. She certainly understood what was exactly happening.

Do you have similar stories to share? What will be your advice?

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Re: Cabin Crew Shoes

Post by pumplover »

In the flight environment of today, once I got on a plane, I'd do as little as possible to incur the wrath of an attendant. I mean, there are probably some that would be flattered by the attention as far as being the object of "the male gaze". But when it comes to their personal property...I sure don't have the nerve to do something like that. Only thing I'd even try would be filming, and even then I'd make sure I had a hidden cam app on my phone so I could do it without drawing attention to myself too much.
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