Cynthia Harris - Happy Trails to Our Legend, (Mrs. Layton)

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Cynthia Harris - Happy Trails to Our Legend, (Mrs. Layton)

Post by PHtease1979 »

I wanted to take this time to send our happy trails to, for so many of us, the one who started. I recall watching a rerun in the summer of 1979 of a show I was just getting to know called "Three's Company." I remember Jack sitting at a table with his boss and his wife. Other than looking at her crossed legs in pantyhose, I thought nothing of it. After hearing her moaning while that piece of chicken very sexily to Jack, I wondered what she would do next. After hearing that a few more times, what happened next blew my mind, (and my d***), away!! The camera cuts under the table. It shows Mrs. Layton take her open-toed slingback off revealing her sexy feet and finding its way, not to her husband’s leg, but Jack’s leg. I could not take my eyes off what this woman was doing with her pantyhosed toes. She searched aggressively for an opening up his pant leg while Jack was trying to move his leg. He tried to maintain his composure in front of his boss; however, once her foot made it up his pant leg, it was too late. He continued trying to focus on his boss, he really did. Mrs. Layton, however, made it all the way up to his knee and thigh. I am watching this with an erection as hard as a diamond as Mrs. Layton has a young, unsuspecting Jack nervous and squirming seduced by her sexy pantyhosed feet. All this is in front of her husband who doesn’t have a clue.
I love the entire anatomy of a woman – everything. Yet, I felt weird growing up with this thing for women’s hosed feet. However, as I got older, I have learned to just accept this foot fetish. I have looked at this forum and seen all the great videos, clips, and conversations take place. I hope I find my place here. What I do ask is that we take time out to appreciate what Mrs. Layton did for a lot of us. I will look at a lot of movies and videos of beautiful women using their feet to seduce men, but Mrs. Layton’s seduction of Jack will always be the start of it all.

Cynthia Harris - 1934 - 2021
Rest in Power

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Re: Cynthia Harris - Happy Trails to Our Legend, (Mrs. Layton)

Post by Footsiefreak »

I am so saddened to hear about this. Yes my story is pretty much the same. I saw the promo for it and got my first ever boner at 6. I made sure I owned the tv which we had to fight over to watch the whole thing.

Mrs Layton was a dream she looked like a typical conservative housewife but she was a sexual freak and did it while her husband was right there. Also her red hair made her even hotter.

To this day I at least have a dream about her 40 some years later at least once every two weeks. It's like she will always be a part of me.

I have literally watched that scene over a thousand times and know the dialogue by heart

I always wanted to meet her just to ask questions about the scene.

Thank you Cynthia Harris and may you rest in peace.

Nyllover can we make the a sticky thread ? We should honor her by giving her one. She has affected all of our lives .
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Re: Cynthia Harris - Happy Trails to Our Legend, (Mrs. Layton)

Post by nyllover »

Agreed...she basically is the one that started it all for most of us. Although in my case I actually discovered the scene after opening the first Yahoo Group, I know very well how we've been all "attached" to this scene. We need to thank her forever ❤
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Re: Cynthia Harris - Happy Trails to Our Legend, (Mrs. Layton)

Post by assy »

Although I am not into footsies feel free to relieve your memories with the full episode below (ignore the wrong count, this is the correct one): ... 577715497/
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