Another day in the jungle

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Another day in the jungle

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So I was back at work again yesterday looking for a couple new marks and I thought to myself “should I go to the university library today or wait till Friday 🤔🤔” was decent stocking weather..a chill 68 degrees outside..I was like it would be nice to catch some young college girls in nylons or fishnets..I was actually able to get one last Friday with a plaid skirt and white thigh high stockings with I told someone on here..i like shoes on or long as there’s stockings and a skirt I’ll take the video lol..anyway I get to the library and it was flooded with students..I was slightly intimidated because they all had something to do and I’m just walking around like a creep lol..I felt some eyes on me but I started thinking they’re probably just looking as anyone else would just look up if they saw someone lol..but I did a couple laps and got outta there..Tuesday’s I’m thinking are too busy..early in the week nothing to do really let’s hang in the library and bullshit..that’s what they’re all thinking pretty much lol..the place I was at is a division one school so it’s not small..lots of ppl come here

Second run was at the airport..I figured I could catch a FA in the lobby on a delay but it was pretty empty..all the arriving flights landed and the next was at 7:30 which was 40 mins from the time I was there so I said fuck that lol but guess what smh..and this is what I’ve been trying to catch too..a FA on the escalator all by herself playing with her shoe (black patent leather flats) in opaque tights..I was like son of a bitch!!! I can never catch them going up the escalator!! Fuck!!

Side notes 📝 - I went to a couple other places but nothing significant happened..I’m gonna head to the bar Friday night..that’s usually a decent return for me..there’s a staircase that goes to the second level where they have arcades and pinball machines..I’ve got a few up skirts of girls going up the stairs..although I appreciate feet..the main thing I like is legs and heels

Send me a PM if you want to see the candid videos I have
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