Foot Fetish - What/Who/With?

Post a message here if you know a GENERAL FOOT FETISH scene that you would like to see here in the forum (These scenes won't go on the website, as they would be too much off topic there, but they are fine here, in the forum).
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Foot Fetish - What/Who/With?

Post by Nicolesweetfeet »

Hey guys,
I would like know your preferences about foot fetish.
Nail polish or natural? Smooth/clean/dirty soles?
Do you personally focus on the toes/the sole/ or the feet in general?
Socks, Nylon, edibles, objects, cream?
What are your triggers?
Do you have some phantasies that you would really like to realise?

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Re: Foot Fetish - What/Who/With?

Post by notalwaysright10000 »

Do your market research elsewhere.

Nyllover, please seriously consider disallowing new accounts from creating posts until they have at least some established comment history. This forum is mostly spam these days.
Uh, OK, what should I write here...
Sweet and to the point:
My strong preference is for seated, both-feet shoeplay. Dangling, and shoeplay with open-toed shoes or mules, I'm afraid don't do as much for me.
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Re: Foot Fetish - What/Who/With?

Post by nyllover »

I'm afraid that wouldn't help, since they would just add these messages as a comment.

And btw.. "most spam" please is an exaggeration. Thanks.
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Re: Foot Fetish - What/Who/With?

Post by llama »

I have noticed an influx of "women" to the forum as of late...far more than ever before asking questions and looking to sell content.
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