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family foot fetish

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family foot fetish

Post by trotter155 » Sun Feb 21, 2016 8:04 pm

If you have red any of my stories you know I have shared my fetish with others in my family. What I'm wondering if there are others who have ? If so I would love to share some real experiences. In my stories they are all based on true events but I added some excitement to make them a bit more interesting. If you don't care to share in the forum feel free to e-mail me at Trotter155@yahoo.com

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Post by stlgamer1 » Tue Jan 30, 2018 8:46 pm

My foot fetish was only known to my wife and then one day, my wife decided to tell her mom about my foot site, I had started making money from. So then she goes on her computer and visits my foot site and looks at the feet there from 20 women or so, including her daughter (my wife). She then is all quiet at her computer and then after a few minutes of hearing mouseclicks come out of her room, I hear her say "my feet look better than hers. Look! Her toes are crooked there. " My mother-in-law never asked to be on my site and to this day, sometimes my fetish comes up in conversation with her and my wife, but I have definitely fantasized about my wife's feet and my mother-in-law's feet together.

My wife's one brother, married a woman with big feet and long toes, but she never takes care of them at all. It pains me when women don't take care of their feet. My wife's other brother, married a south Korean woman and she takes perfect care of her feet and I have sometimes seen them, but I wouldn't go for either feet.

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