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YouTube FYI

Post by tobydole »

If anyone is having issues sorting YouTube searches by upload date, they disabled it to help circumvent people uploading the New Zealand shooting video. It's only temporary.


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Re: YouTube FYI

Post by notalwaysright10000 »

I noticed this, but the YouTube reps, as always, are replete to the point of bursting with shit. The New Zealand shooting is just a convenient pretext to continue their long and gradual process of removing as much user control as possible.

YouTube, as its name suggests, began as a platform for personal vlogs, but there is no real money in this because advertisers want their ads consolidated in as few heavily trafficked areas as possible rather than thinly dispersed across countess smaller, individually less trafficked areas. Every single change they have made has been a spotlessly transparent attempt to remove user control in tiny incremental steps, and passive-aggressively drive away as many small content creators as possible.

Youtube basically wants to compete with and supplant Netflix and Hulu, and is doing everything it possibly can to get people to buy what they've been getting for "free," and will seize upon any pretext they can to inch as close as possible toward the old barriers to entry and corporate control over content that existed in old media like TV, radio, and newspapers.

I knew perfectly well this was going to happen the very first day Youtube went up in 2005, as did absolutely everyone who knows anything at all about corporate incentive structures.
I'm only amazed (and grimly grateful) that it's taking so long.
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