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Crystal The Virgin

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Crystal The Virgin

Post by Xzzzy » Sun Aug 18, 2019 7:31 pm

The last story I wrote here was about a girl (Vicki) who was the “older woman” ideal when I was twelve years old. Today’s story is about just the opposite. Even though Vicki and Crystal were the same age, I aged about thirteen years. Sigh……eighteen year old girls. I get older…they stay the same age.

Crystal was also a girl I knew at church…a different church from years later. At twenty five, I was in the young adults group, and like every June, the graduating high school seniors came up and joined our group, and Crystal had only turned 18 in May. She was pretty in an understated, intellectual way. Kind of quiet and somehow mousy, but that was mostly due to a sheltered upbringing. She usually wore her long, curly, sandy blond hair in an up-do or ponytail, had black framed glasses, and wore modest, but very body hugging dresses. And that body was b*a*n*g*i*n. Crystal looked like she played tennis and swam every day, but because she was so quiet, most of the guys in the group didn’t really notice her. I, however, did.

I got to know Crystal quite well over the summer, and one thing she was pretty vocal about among people she knew was that she had never been with a man, and was saving herself for her husband. Which I really respected until that day in late September. I was sitting across the aisle from Crystal in church (she was sitting alone). I remember it like it was yesterday. She had her hair up in a high ponytail that morning, and was wearing a very clingy, knee length light blue dress with sheer tan hose, and thick heeled loafers with a prominent buckle. Delightfully, Crystal was a bit of shoe-player, and was usually the first at a party to be barefoot…but because I’d met her in the summer, I’d never seen her in nylons, and the view was fantastic. For the first twenty minutes of the service, she had one leg crossed over the other, bobbing her foot up and down, rotating her ankle, and then…..a minor breakthrough! Crystal reached down, and pulled the heel of her left shoe maybe halfway off, the result being a minor dangle. I thought this was an excellent start and was looking forward to the rest of fall and winter, but then something unexpected happened. Crystal uncrossed her legs, shuffled her feet for a couple of seconds, and then recrossed her legs…….shoeless. Perfect legs wrapped in flawless nylon ending in the cutest stocking feet I’d seen in years. It was glorious. There wasn’t a hint of anxiety or self-consciousness about it. Her shoes hurt…so she took them off. And that was how it stayed for the next forty five minutes, and at some point during that time I looked at those luscious virgin legs, and said to myself “I have to have that cherry.” I hope I didn’t say that out loud.

That night, at a fall kickoff bonfire, I asked Crystal out. She was a bit taken aback, since she was shy and quiet and I was almost twenty five and had a house, but she said she’d love to. We made plans to go to an Ethiopian restaurant on Friday and then watch a movie at my place. She wasn’t familiar with the restaurant, so she asked how she should dress. I said “it’s not a job interview, but what you’d wear to church would be fine.” Friday night came quickly, and Crystal didn’t disappoint. She wore a gray sweater-dress (knee length) with tan hose and white kitten heels. Her large volume of hair was done in the style I found most appealing (hard to describe). Dinner was pretty uneventful, considering it was Ethiopian, but she brought up out of the blue that she hated wearing shoes, and that "one thing about hanging out with me is that you're gonna see my feet a lot. Church, movie theatres, parties, my house, YOUR house, etc."

I asked if there was a particular movie she wanted to see. She said something with Tom Cruise in it, so I think I got Jerry Maguire, but it may have been Rain Man. That detail is lost to history. Anyway, we walked into my living room, and I said I was going to use the bathroom, but to have a seat and I’d be right back. About 90 seconds later, I was back, and Crystal was on the leather couch, her slender, athletic, nylon wrapped legs propped up on the Army surplus trunk I used as a coffee table. On the side of the trunk opposite the couch were Crystal's white low-heeled pumps, which she'd kicked off in the brief time I was gone. I realized at that moment that somehow, all through the summer, I don’t think I’d ever seen the soles of Crystal’s feet, and here they were, sheathed in sheer tan nylon. I said something about getting comfortable pretty quick. Crystal giggled, and wiggled the toes on both feet, as I joined her on the couch. I quickly untied and took off my own shoes, and propped my feet next to her perfect, barely legal ones, her toes with a fresh candy apple red pedicure.

We watched the movie, and my arm was around her for about two thirds of it, and we played a lot of gentle, tentative footsie. When the credits rolled, I suggested that it had been a long week and that she had to experience one of my expert foot massages…and she totally went for it, swinging around on the couch and laying her legs across my lap with a smile. My hands started caressing and kneading those teenage hosed feet, and Crystal was clearly into it…mostly silent, with the occasional small moan. The foot rub was where I had intended to make my move, cause once you have your hands on a girl’s feet, if you can’t escalate from there, you have no game at all. And somehow, for whatever reason, I decided I couldn’t do it. She might fall short on her vow, but not in my house. Not tonight.

The massage lasted about twenty minutes...mostly in thick silence, and when it was over, I told Crystal I had to be getting her home or else her father would have my head. She playfully purred "I don't waannnna put my shoes on yet..." I gently kissed the tip of each of her big toes, and swung her legs to the ground. I drove Crystal home, and kissed her forehead and said goodnight. We never went on a date again, because I knew my chivalry would very likely not hold out again in a similar situation. But we stayed friends, and there weren't many feet I saw more over the next couple of years. Four years later, I ended up singing at Crystal’s wedding, where as far as I know, she was still a virgin.
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Re: Crystal The Virgin

Post by paradigm88 » Mon Aug 19, 2019 2:29 am

Glad you have these stories to repost. This one tugged at me because, to an extent, I know that feeling...wanting to advance but feeling like you can't do it for some reason. For me it was a lack of confidence and a concern that I'd be stepping too far and perhaps too fast.

Instead, I wonder if I'd made an earlier move, maybe we wouldn't be married now but perhaps I'd have learned something.

I love the stories you've drawn from the religious community, too. The supposed good girls, you often find, have a side that needs to be teased and tempted, too.

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Re: Crystal The Virgin

Post by nyllover » Mon Aug 19, 2019 5:27 pm

Thank you SO much for making this great effort in posting them again :hug:
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Re: Crystal The Virgin

Post by DTC1977 » Mon Nov 11, 2019 12:40 pm

A virgin at the altar?

A rarity indeed!

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