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Post by hiker »

Halloween is great for the single guys!

Back in my single days, I used to LOVE going out to the bars on Halloween. All the girls would dress up as sexy nurses, sexy cat costumes, sexy maids, etc. It was like a license to dress extremely provocatively for a day. The best part is that most of them used to wear stockings (with the garters showing) with their outfits, with extremely high heels. SPECTACULAR!

I used to love chatting them up to talk about their costumes... and hooking up was AWESOME. It was a rare opportunity to hook up with a girl dressed in that manner.

AHHHHH..... the good old days!

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Post by Footsiefreak »

I am sure there are some ladies wearing hose with their outfits tonight!
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Post by zoey »

I went out with my girlfriends last night, all dressed up as a sexy devil in my halloween costume and i was definatly wearing my 'pantyhose' under my little red skirt.
If you want to know more i will post a story about it all tonight, see you later guys ;)
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