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Footsie Question

Post by mickeyw6666 »

I have a question: In almost every footsie scene in either a movie or a tv show I've noticed that everytime a women plays footsie with a man , the man almost NEVER responds; that is, he NEVER takes HIS shoe and sock off to respond to her . Instead, he seems ALWAYS to have to leave the table for some reason. Has anyone else notice this ? I know that if I were setting at a table with a woman or women and if one of them starts playing footsie with me, BOTH my shoe and sock is coming OFF and I WILL respond!!! :love:

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    Post by nyllover »

    Well.... my opinion is that it just wouldn't be nice to be seen. While i think every kind of public can find sexual a woman's foot, i think a male's foot would be, let's say, not "a pleasure" to look at for most people...that's why they don't show it.

    Personally, i find it "disturbing"...sorry....male feet...just not for me :)
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    Post by Footsiefreak »

    Real life and tv/movies are too separate things of course in real life most of us respond by playing back.But movies are different its the oddness of the siruation when somebodies wife/gf is playing footsie with you with their man right there.Its like Fall Guy or Weekend at Bernies a gangsters wife/gf is playing footsie with you would you respond.For me NO IT AINT WORTH DYING OVER.So iI that situation I would move my chair or go to the bathroom.

    Plenty of scenes we have the guy plays back like Whos Harry Crumb?Even though he missed big time.How Funny Can Sex Be the man played back

    Footsie in my opinion is geared for women to seduce men to show that they are naughty and its just funnier when a guy is sitting there all nervous like the Threes Company scene
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    Post by fetish4footsie »

    Female feet appeal to men so much, so many men with a fetish for womens feet, cant see there being many women with fetish for mens feet.

    A woman seducing a man with her foot under table or wherever can sometimes be appealing to men who dont really have a foot fetish, where as a guy rubbing his ugly foot up an down a girls legs or wherever to me would just be annoying to the woman and take the seduction out of it.

    It doesnt excite women i dont think, and i think they tend to just do it for the mans benefit.
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    Post by Dead Parrot »

    I believe that in most cases on TV and movies, you're dealing with three distinct factors that prevent or discourage reciprocation by the male:

    1) Time. These scenes are usually all to brief, and are merely a set-up for further encounters. Having the man mirror the woman's actions would extend the scene, leaving less time for everything else.

    2) Nonfetish production/audience. Although the fetish for female feet is the most common one, the producers of these TV shows and movies are aiming at the broadest audience possible. The typical scenario in these instances is that the woman is a cocktease and is doing everything possible to seduce the man. That's something everyone understands.

    3) Hotties Only. What do you see most often in TV and movies: as much female flesh as possible. Females are supposed to be soft, curvy, and sedctive. The female's job is to use their bodies to excite and seduce us. Our job, biologically, is to impregnate them. This dynamic works, which is why you almost always see the female as the aggressor and/or seductress. She uses her feet to cocktease, we use ours to walk back to her place (carrying her over our shoulder of course).

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    Post by Footsiefreak »

    In some cases the male character receivng the footsie is supposed to have morals and not mess with anothers woman so acting nervous and wiggling around is just more comedic.
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    Re: Footsie Question

    Post by Baloo_135 »

    Male to female footsie is not as sexy in film. There are some exceptions. The Love Hotel Service scene is freaking hot! I love how the brunette tests the water and runs her nude panthyhose foot up his pantleg. Watching it closely it looks like she was going to put her shoe back on, but his socked foot intercepts. You can see the surprise and enjoyment in her face. Other than that most male footsie scenes seem creepy or comical.

    In real life I found that girls love participation. I don't like to iniate. I love when the women begins the tease. During the footsie they would work around my ankle and pantleg and then try to remove my shoe. If we were barefoot girls tend to wedge their foot under mine and scoot my foot up to wear my toes touch their ankle. Or the toe brushing. Women nudge and brush my toes and want the favor returned.

    One time with my ex she stopped a really good session. We were having dinner with family after church and under the table she was working me. Black nylons and heels of course. She slowly rubbed my ankle and slid my sock down. I was enjoying it. She then attempted to yank my loafer off with both nylon feet. I resisted because I didn't want the waitress or other customers of the restaurant to think I'm a weirdo. I'm fine if people see the girl playing footsie since it's not a huge deal for most people but not the other way.

    I resisted and managed to keep my shoe on. She got a bit upset and pulled both feet back. She gave me a stern look. I heard her feet stomp back into her heels under the table. She crossed her leg and bobbed the top foot up and down as she gave me a disapproved look. She looked at me and her eyes shifted down at the table and back to me as if to say " Well, its a two player game!" I looked around to see if it was safe and took my shoe off. My black dress sock foot grazed the top of her nyloned foot on the ground. When she felt it she gave a huge smile and kicked her heel back off.

    That was an intimate and fun experience. We mimicked each others pattern. I would circle my toes around her ankle bone and await her response. Then she would circle my ankle bone for the same length of time. This repeated to the end of dinner. Good times
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