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Attire Preference

Post by Baloo_135 »

We often share about what we prefer women to wear during a good ole fashion footsie or teasing session. Whether it be nylons, socks, or barefoot but do you have favorite attire of your own? I'll make it a point to wear slacks or nice dress pants hemmed so when I sit you can see my socks. This is so my lady has an easier time inserting her toes inside my pantleg. I'll also wear the fanciest socks that feel silky. Its a turn on for me feeling her foot (nylon or bare) rub against it. I'm still looking for nice shoes that are comfortable that slip off. She enjoys partipation and will try to remove my shoe under the table. She admitted she loves her calf to be rubbed. Not so much of a kinky turn on for her but more of a relaxing sensation ( she loves massages)

For her she actually likes me in shorts. She wants to feel my junk directly lol. Jeans are no good for me. Rough feeling and she can't lift her foot very far in my leg.

Do you have preferences or don't mind as long as your are getting action?

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Re: Attire Preference

Post by paradigm88 »

I generally prefer to be dressed up, as it's more likely than not that she will be, too. It feels kind of unfair for her to have a dress and tights while I'm just wearing jeans and a shirt. If we're anticipating footsie play, I'll go out of the way to dress up.
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