What triggered your foot fetish?

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Re: What triggered your foot fetish?

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I used to go under my parents' bed to read magazines and stuff. That sounds weird but I thought of it as a fort, it even had a lamp. One day I walked in to find a pair of sandals besides the bed. My sister, who's two years younger, was stealing my idea. Like something out of a slapstick movie, I poked my head in to see what she was up to... and she started rubbing her feet in my face, not realizing it was me!
I froze in position, not sure how to reveal myself, as she made herself more comfortable. She was the princessy type, even used foot cream, and now she was using my face like a fluffy pillow or a tennis ball, something to pamper her feet with.
Eventually, she started wondering what the hell was going on and fiddled around with the lamp, at which point I realized I was about to get discovered. She turned on the light and took her feet of my face. I was terrified what her reaction was going to be and expected something like, "Oh my god, was that your face the whole time? Why didn't you say anything?!" I envisioned her slapping my face and storming out.
Instead, she burst into laughter. A hearty and triumphant laugh, with a mix of pity. She was laughing at the irony. Earlier that day, I had proudly shown her this 'fort' like I was the king of the place. Now, metaphorically speaking, she was the new princess in town -sitting back, sandals off, and me lying beneath her, practically kissing her feet. She got a kick out of that.
I pretended to be annoyed and started tickling her feet as payback.

A week later, I found her again in the same place. This time she saw me as soon as I walked in. I jokingly pulled her out by the ankles as if to say, "Hey, that's my spot!" She smirked and put her bare feet on my lap, as if to say that it's her's now. I was stunned at her confidence, she wasn't normally so bold, but I guess she must have been thinking, "Well, I already rubbed them on his face, he won't mind if I do this!"

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