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Flying The Nylon-Friendly Skies

Discussions, comments, stories, experiences, polls, anything regarding foot fetish.

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Flying The Nylon-Friendly Skies

Post by paradigm88 » Tue Aug 21, 2018 4:16 am

Spent a little time in the past two weeks on airplanes. You know, God bless 'em for old-school old-fashioned wardrobe requirements.

I can't say anything grabbed my attention en route to our destination. Just the usual assortment of women in dark hose. Our return trip, however, we were booked in first class, and we had the bonus of traveling with some rescue animals bound for a shelter, so we had a distraction in our few rows.

One flight attendant, probably in her late thirties or maybe early, early 40s, stopped to visit the cats, taking advantage of a free seat to sit down. When she did, we got a momentary heelpop as her tights-clad heels popped from her Danskos. Alas, her heels were more of a shootie/bootie, so no shoeplay there.

On the next leg of the flight, one of the attendants in our area swapped from her shooties into soft-looking flats. At times I had to guess from a distance if she was still wearing flats or if she had taken them off in the galley, but I'd wager it was the flats. Getting off the plane there was a bit of a delay, and two younger FAs lined up just on the edge of first class waiting for our group. One was wearing classic heels with tights, and dipped one foot before sitting down. Sadly her carry-on bag blocked her feet from view, but either her heel was super-loose-fitting or she slipped her foot out to leave her shoe empty on the floor. It was hard to tell.

Add that to the other near-misses, and the fact that even in a temperate environment, the FAs, gate agents and pretty much everyone else was in black/navy hose or tights. Man, if only I were traveling solo.

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Re: Flying The Nylon-Friendly Skies

Post by Chips22 » Sun Feb 03, 2019 4:30 pm

I had a date with a flight attendant earlier this week but due to the crappy weather in Chicago her flight was canceled!! I was so mad..I was at work thinking about legs and heels all day..she apologized a bunch of times saying it was outta her control..she said she would fly in on her time off and said she would be glad to take off her uniform..I was like oh no sista (she’s a black woman) leave the uniform on..she laughed but u know I was serious lol

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Re: Flying The Nylon-Friendly Skies

Post by dipsdangles123 » Mon Feb 04, 2019 2:44 am

How old are you chips?

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