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Exceprt from "Nina Foxton" enovella

Write here your dreams, your stories, your experiences of footsie or other situations where a foot had been used to seduce

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Dead Parrot
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Exceprt from "Nina Foxton" enovella

Post by Dead Parrot » Tue Apr 24, 2007 3:03 am

An excerpt from a longer story dealing with Female Domination and BDSM.
Nina Foxton - by Titian Beresford

For this scene there are three characters:
Nina - young pretty female being tutored in the ways of femdom by
Jane - slightly older and more experienced teasing domme. Wife of
Edmund - the poor sod being teased in the story.

Nina is the narrator, and all the action is from her POV.


Edmund is late. Jane is most annoyed with his inconsideration. She whispers a plot of mischievous revenge in my ear. I giggle for I cannot help it.

Edmund enters with apologies. His glance is nervous. Jane has mastery over him. His personality is as helpless to gainsay her as his organ is helpless to resist her coy handlings.

Halfway through the second course Jane's plan unfolds. I can tell by Edmund's blank expression that she had undone his trouser buttons and is manipulaing his tool. Males often go slack­jawed when they are handled and their faces often assume quite witless expressions. It is an amusement to watch their faces while one is rubbing their pricks.

Jane has abandoned his tool for a time. She gives me the signal. She raises her wineglass, makes as if to drink and then set it down again. I have been placed directly across from Edmund for a reason. I smile at Jane's signal and coversation continues as usual.

Beneath the table I slip off one shoe. I curl my silk­ stockinged toes and rub them against the soft pile of the carpet a moment. Then I raise my foot and gently place it in Edmund's lap. I can feel his hard exposed organ against the arched sole of my foot.

His expression is priceless!

Jane and I talk of indoor gardens and flowers. Edmund is in an agonizeing dilemma. The lace tablecloth hides my foot and his cock from the servants and from Jane. He believes I have my stockinged foot in his lap without Jane's leave or knowledge.

He is most smitten with the feel of my silken toes against his penis, yet he fears Jane may resume her handiwork at any moment and thus discover what transpires. Beads of perspiration are isible on his brow as I begin wiggling my toes.

Jane interrupts our discussion of enclosed gardens. "Edmund, dear. Are you feeling ill?"

He composes himself and manages a too­casual smile. "Of course not. I am fine."

Jane's eyes dismiss him and turn back to me and what hanging vines best grace enclosed garden windows. But her lips curl upward ever so slightly in the faintest hint of a triumphant smile.

I work Edmund with my unseen foot. He tries halfheartedly to push my foot away once, but I return to my task a moment later with more vigor.

I shall never understand why a pretty woman's foot is such a talisman holding power over servile males. However, my lack of understanding in no way impedes my amusement with the fact.

Edmund's balls are compressed against my heel and his shaft is flush against the ball of my foot. I have him near spending now. I can feel his prick hot and pulsating even through my stockings. I ask him a question to further addle him.

"Edmund, what is your opinion of corner trellises?" He starts. He was been holding his fork in the same position for half a minute. He is quite transfixed and his knuckles are white.

Jane turns her gaze and waits for his answer as well. Still my foot works him, up and down, urging the eruption from him. "Well speak up! You are being rude to our guest." Edmund stammers and I feel the little twitchings of his penis as it surrenders beneath my toes.

He comes and I feel the warm thickness of it on my silk stockings. I withdraw my foot and Jane pulls back the tablecloth. Edmund trembles. We laugh as his discomfiture and then he knows he has been the butt of our prank. We view his ejaculate thick and white upon his belly and waistcoat.

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Post by llegster » Wed Apr 25, 2007 8:27 pm

Wow!! Now this is a fantasy come true. If they made a video of this I'd give it an award!!

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Re: Exceprt from "Nina Foxton" enovella

Post by Footlover75 » Thu Mar 29, 2018 7:18 am

Oh, somebody please do that o me, minus the stockings. i want to feel a sweaty sole on my cock.

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