Steffy Gets A New Job

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Steffy Gets A New Job

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At last, after over a year and a half of constant distractions in my personal life, here it is: my brand new Two Stephanies Story. Much like my Foot Crush story, it incorporates a hodgepodge of ideas that I've had floating around the old noodle for quite a while and had attempted to put in standalone stories to no avail. Without further ado, here is:


Understanding right from the outset that their love for hosiery and shoeplay was too big to keep amongst themselves, Stevie and Steffy agreed to occasionally go out with other women whom share their pantyhose predilections. Between running the bookstore and teaching her class, Stevie didn't have as much time and opportunity as Steffy to take advantage of this arrangement. Steffy had a handful of pantyhose girlfriends, but arguably the most notable of Steffy's trysts was with her new boss, Gabby Melendez. This is the story of their liason.

Despite only being 29 years old, Gabriella Melendez, Gabby for short, has for three years been the manager of The Alphabet City Branch of South Ridge Saving Bank--the first Hispanic and youngest woman in the bank's seven-decade history to hold the post. Starting out as a teller at the bank eight years ago, Gabby quickly ascended the ranks by virtue of her exceptional rapport with customers, impeccable cash-handling skills and fluency in four languages (English, Spanish, Italian and German). It didn't hurt that she was also extremely attractive; she had long dark brown hair, hazel eyes, a buttermilk complexion and fabulously flawless feet and legs which she always kept cloaked in top-brand hosiery like Wolford, Falke and Cecilia De Rafael.

Much like Steffy, Gabby loved to show off her sexy legs and feet on the job by wearing a suit, a dress or at least a skirt (never pants) and by slipping in and out of her three or four-inch heel pumps whenever or wherever possible. On days she was feeling extremely coquettish, she would ditch her pumps at her desk first thing in the morning and pad around the bank in pantyhose feet all day, only putting them back on when she would go out to lunch or when an important person--like a regional manager or board member--happened to be visiting the branch. Even then, she would twirl, tip, dip, drop and dangle her pumps almost non-stop.

Gabby got a massive sexual thrill from knowing that guys both young and old were almost always trying to sneak a gander if not brazenly leer at her sexy legs and feet. She regularly flirted with some of these guys, but only went out with one occasionally. Her favorite thing to do on dates was to slip off her shoes and tease him under the table by gliding her stocking feet up and down his legs, or if she really liked him, giving him a footjob. Outside of these few and far between dates, Gabby had kept her man-friends at an arm's length, claiming she was married to her job.

In reality, although she wasn't lesbian, the becoming Boricua secretly had a fetish for other women's feet. Like a jaguar using the shadows of trees and shrubs to stalk its prey, Gabby used her own shoeplay as the perfect camouflage by simply mimicking the motions other woman made. As manager over the years, she had gradually hired women whom also happened to be fervent shoeplayers. Because she played with her shoes as much as if not more than they did, Gabby was able to get her foot fix this way for years with noone of her subordinates being the wiser. Until Steffy came along, that is.


As much as Steffy liked her file clerk job, Steffy hated having to keep her shoes on so much while on duty. It wasn't that working without shoes was completely verboten, but that she had to be a little more mindful of when and where she did it. Working with her shoes off at her desk or stepping out of them in the file room or break room was okay, but having them off elsewhere was a huge no-no. When Steffy went to someone else's desk to pick up or drop off a file, and didn't think Louise or one of the other higher-ups were around, she would briefly kick off her pumps while engaging in a little small talk. When the bosses were indeed around or she thought they were coming, she would play it safe and just dip out of her heels. This wasn't a completely foolproof tactic; Louise caught Steffy with her shoes off a few times, but only reminded her in a nice yet firm way to keep her shoes on when she was far away from her desk. As much as she loathed the rule, Steffy deemed it a palatable price to pay for working at a job where she could afford to not only take care of her bills, but also expand her hosiery collection.

However, as the months wore on, Steffy was starting to crave something a little meatier--a job that was more closely related to her degree in Accounting. She had begun lobbying Louise for a job in the accounting department, or anything else dealing with finance. Sadly, Louise told her that nothing like that appeared to be opening up any time soon, especially at the entry-level. With it becoming more and more likely that she was going to stay a file clerk awhile longer than expected, Steffy went ahead and placed her updated resume on a bunch of different job search websites.

A couple weeks later, she got a bite--a call for an interview for a teller position at South Ridge Savings Bank. Because the job paid $1.75 more an hour than what she was currently getting and the branch the job was available at just so happened to be located a short three-block walk away from her building, Steffy called the bank back, scheduled the interview for the next morning. Since Gabby was out of office in meetings all day, her second-in-command Lila Bagwell had conducted the interview. Lila was so impressed with Steffy that she offered her the job right then and there.

As excited as Steffy was to move on, it was tough saying goodbye to her friends Lisa and Maggie, especially the exhilirating shoeplay and shoe-loss shenanigans they often got into around the office. On her last Friday afternoon on the job, the two treated her to a buffet lunch at a Chinese restaurant.


Having been a teller once herself, Gabby liked to train new tellers personally by spending them the first week with them--teaching them the ropes, giving them pointers on handling transactions dealing with customers, etc. After a quick introduction and shaking of hands when Steffy arrived, Gabby escorted her to a window so they could get down to business. All morning, the women stood side-by-side taking care of customers, but after a time Gabby had stepped back to let Steffy handle a few items on her own--only ocassionally stepping back in to take care of the more complicated ones.

Within the first hour of working with Steffy, Gabby noticed that her new hire was quite the skilled shoe-dipper. Steffy would pull back one foot and flex her toes until her heel popped out of her pump; she then either would use her toes to push the shoe around on the floor or lift her foot completely out of the shoe and hold it a few inches of the ground while she wiggled her toes and rotated her ankle in mid-air. Next, she would glide her toes slowly up and down the back of her other calf a few times before sticking them back into her shoe, pushing it around the floor some more and putting it back on. After that, she would pop her heel out of her other pump, push the foot forward, and then pull it completely out of the shoe--tipping it backwards or sideways. Once again, she elevated her stocking foot and slowly rubbed it up and down her other leg, stuck her toes back into the shoe and twirled it around a bit before putting the shoe completely back on and starting the whole process all over again.

Confident she would get away with checking out yet another girl's feet, Gabby resorted to her go-to move: copycatting. Little did Gabby know that the younger Stephanie had a knack for spotting a fellow retifist. When she noticed Gabby perfectly copying her dipping and twirling, Steffy decided to up the ante by engaging in more standing shoeplay, and sure enough Gabby successfully kept in step.
"Well, well, looks like we have a pro," Steffy thought to herself.

Steffy knew that just because Gabby clearly had a shoeplay fetish, it didn't mean she was gay. She had caught many heterosexual women checking out her feet before and knew that if straight girls didn't get their fix by just looking, they often would get it by playing with their own shoes. Once the flow of customers slowed down, Steffy decided to make a bolder move just to be sure of what she was dealing with.

"Ms. Melendez, is it okay if I take off my shoes?" She asked while stepping out of both of her pumps and pushing them to the side with her right foot. "My feet have been bothering me all morning, and I know how places like this have rules about employees keeping their shoes on." She added, running her right foot up and down her left leg again.

Gabby was surprised by this. It wasn't the first time a new teller kicked her shoes off in front of her, but it was the first time one had asked for permission to do so. "Well, pretty feet and polite? I'm gonna love working with this one." Gabby thought as she looked at Steffy's leg-rubbing. "Oh no, not a problem. In fact, I'm gonna take off mine too." Gabby replied with a coy titter while stepping out of her heels. "I know how uncomfortable standing in one place wearing heels can be. I sometimes spend the whole day here at the bank with my shoes off. I'd be a hypocrite if I forced the rest of you girls to keep yours on."

"Oh, thank you. That is such a relief." Steffy remarked. "I wish more bosses thought that way."

"The only thing I ask is that you wear stockings, or at least socks. I have no problem with you being barefoot, but since you'll have to leave your window from time to time, local public health laws require, and I quote, 'some kind of foot covering.'" She explained while pushing her right pump around on the floor with her left foot.

"Oh, that won't be an issue," Steffy said, deliberately moving her foot up and down her leg slower to make a more audible "fiss" sound with each stroke, "I always wear stockings."

I always wear stockings (fiss-fiss)...I always wear stockings (fiss-fiss)...always wear stockings (fiss-fiss)...wear stockings (fiss-fiss)... stockings (fiss-fiss)...

As the sound of Steffy's voice and leg-rubbing echoed in the back of Gabby's mind on a seemingly endless loop, she realized that Steffy had been flirting with her the whole time. After years of using her shoeplay to flirt with guys, it actually felt nice being the one flirted on for a change. Just then, she was snapped out of her transe by another customer coming up to the teller window.

The women continued to engage in shoeplay and shoe removal as they worked together the rest of the morning, each trying to see which woman would make a play for the other first. When lunchtime rolled around, Gabby decided to raise the stakes even higher.

"Hey, how would you like to join me for lunch?" Gabby said as both women put their shoes back on.

"Really?" Steffy asked.

"You pick the place, I'll pay."

"Well, that's very generous of you, Miss Melendez."

"It's just my way of saying, 'Welcome to the team.' And please, call me Gabby."

"You know, there is one place I've wanted to eat at since I came up here from Jersey, but have never had the chance to go to." Steffy said, excitedly holding up her index finger.


"I still don't believe it," Gabby said to Steffy later as she pulled into the restaurant parking lot. "You've lived up here for how many years?"


"And you've never eaten at Bill Gray's?"

"Oh, that's nothing." Steffy replied as Gabby found a parking space. "My girlfriend had moved up here from West Virginia almost 25 years ago, and hasn't either."

Gabby's jaw almost dropped in her lap, stunned by how Steffy admitted so casually that she had a girlfriend after flirting with her so heavily all morning long. Maybe Steffy wasn't flirting with her after all, she pondered. Maybe it was all in her head. Maybe Steffy wasn't into women's feet at all, and her shoeplay was just shoeplay. Maybe she was simply projecting her own attraction to women's feet onto Steffy to justify being so turned on by her.

Snapping out of her trance again, Gabby resolved to ignore her growing attraction to Steffy, and then said, "Well then, you are in for a real treat," as the women unbuckled their seatbelts.

They hopped out of her black 2015 Chevy Malibu, entered the restaurant and each ordered a burger, fries and drink. Gabby paid, and the cashier handed them a censor that would light up and vibrate when their food was ready. Steffy and Gabby then got their drinks and found a table to sit at. While nursing their sodas and waiting for their food, Gabby asked Steffy all sorts of things about her life back in New Jersey--silly stuff, like if there were mobsters around there like on The Sopranos, if she ever met Chris Christie in person, if she was a Jets or Giants fan, etc. As they talked, both were much engaged in shoeplay--putting on a really good show for a couple of guys a couple tables over, whom took turns getting up and passing the women's table for more napkins or a refill of their drinks--and of course to sneak in a little rubbernecking.

Finally, the censor vibrated and the women quickly scrambled to put back on their pumps, not realizing they slipped on each other's right shoes. As they walked back up to the counter to grab their trays, they wondered why the cashier--and a few of the customers they passed on the way there and back--seemed to be stifling snickers or pointing and whispering amongst themselves. It wasn't until Gabby sat down wearing one black pump and one navy pump that Steffy realized what was so funny, and started guffawing hysterically as she sat down.

"What, what's so funny?" Gabby asked as Steffy slipped off Gabby's black shoe.

"Look at your feet." Steffy told her.

Gabby looked under her seat, and immediately turned three shades of red before giggling herself and saying, "How did we manage to do that?"

"No idea," Steffy replied, "but hey, same shoe size! Killer." she added and winked as Gabby slipped off Steffy's navy pump.

Both women laughed as they blindly felt around for their errant pumps under the table. Before successfully making the swap, their stocking feet brushed against each other a few times. Each time, both let the touch linger longer than necessary, savoring the nylon-clad caress. Instead of putting her right shoe back on, Steffy decided to start teasing again; she popped the heel of her left shoe and proceeded to noisily shuffle and spin around both pumps under her seat on the hard floor.

Although Gabby resisted the urge to peek under the table at Steffy's feet, there was no more denying it now; her attraction to Steffy Morgan was 100 percent real. "But, what would be the point of confessing?" She thought to herself, looking over at Steffy, whom kept looking up at her and then back down her own plate again as they ate. "I mean, she already said she has a girlfriend. Ay, Que Malo! It figures, my first girl crush and not only is she an employee, but she also turns out to be taken." The whole time she was thinking this, she started to absently play with her own shoes again.

"Gotcha, Bitch!" Steffy thought to herself, staring at a conflicted Gabby staring at her, relishing the thought of being in her new boss's head.


With their meal finished, the women put their shoes back on, put away their trays and left the restaurant. As they returned to Gabby's car, Steffy decided that her boss has suffered enough and let her know she knew. But, not without one more tease just for kicks. When Gabby unlocked the passenger door, she asked her, "Hey, is it okay if I push back my seat? I need to stretch out my legs a little."

Not quite knowing what Steffy was up to, and still too deep in thought about what to do about her sudden epiphany to care, Gabby shrugged her shoulders and said, "What the hay? Go for it."

"Oh, thank you so much." Steffy said, and pushed back the seat as far as it would go before hopping in the car. "I didn't want to say anything, but my knees were a little cramped on the drive over here." She lied, stretching out her feet once she sat down and buckled up.

Steffy slipped out her shoes, planted her left foot flat on the floor, stuck the toes of her right foot into her empty left shoe before crossing her right leg over left knee, letting the pump dangle. Gabby was so mesmerized by Steffy's dangling that she almost backed into a another car. The only reason she didn't was because the driver of the other car honked his horn, causing her to alertly slam on the brakes. Steffy took advantage of the quick jostle to drop her precariously teetering shoe.

"That was clo..." Gabby remarked, but paused mid-sentence when she noticed Steffy wiggling the toes of her right nude-stockinged foot. Gabby cleared her throat, waited for the coast to be completely clear before pulling out of the parking space as Steffy hooked her toes to reclaim the dropped shoe without uncrossing her legs.

Throughout the whole ride back, Steffy was fully aware the whole time that Gabby was watching her out the corner of her eye, despite maintaining the bulk of her concentration on the road. She continued to tease her by dangling her shoe, purposely letting it drop and wiggled her stocking toes when Gabby had to stop, and then reclaiming it when she started to drive again. When Gabby finally pulled into the bank parking lot, Steffy made note of her peeping.

"Before we go back inside," Steffy said as both unbuckled their seatbelts, "there's something I've been wanting to ask you all day."

"Shoot." Gabby asked.

"Do you like feet?" Steffy asked, letting her dangling shoe drop one last time and wiggling her toes. Too overwhelmed to deny it anymore and completely under Steffy's spell, Gabby could do nothing but nod her head. "Do you like my feet?"

"They are, literally, the prettiest feet I have ever seen." Gabby blurted without thinking. Catching herself, she rapidly declared, "Listen, I am not gay, but I have not been able to keep my eyes off your feet, and I am soooo sorry. I have been so unprofessional, but Ay Dios Mio, your feet are so sexy. I have never seen a girl play with her shoes like you do, and when your feet touched mine under the table in the restaurant, I..."

"Gabby, relax." Steffy interrupted by reaching over and putting her finger on her mortified boss's lips. "You don't have to explain a thing. I've been onto you from the minute you shook my hand this morning. I'm surprised you made it this long without fessing up." She said and laughed as she uncrossed her legs and kneeled sideways in the passenger seat, so she could move in even closer. Gabby gulped audibly, and Steffy laughed, then said. "Don't worry, your secret is safe with me, but my silence comes with a cost. I'm not going to ask for hush money, or anything like that."

"Then, what do you want?"

"I just want you to kick your shoes off and play footsies with me when we get back in there. I've always fantasized about playing footsies at work." Steffy said and licked the top row of her teeth.

"Oh, My God, me too!" Gabby said as slipped off her shoes and moved closer to Steffy, before catching herself again and asking, "Wait, won't your girlfriend be mad you're cheating on her?"

"Not at all." Steffy said as she traced the contours of Gabby's lips with her finger. "She and I have a very open relationship. It keeps things interesting."

"But, I like men." Gabby protested, but leaned in even closer.

"So does my girlfriend, she's bi." Steffy countered and gave Gabby a light peck on the lips. Seeing the growing consternation on Gabby's face, Steffy said, "Look the last thing I want to do is try to convert you, or blackmail you into doing something you're not a hundred percent on board with. Having a thing for girls' feet doesn't mean you're gay, it just means you have a thing for girls' feet. If you're straight, you're straight."

"That's just it, I don't know anymore!" Gabby shouted, her voice cracking as she held back tears. "I don't know if I'm bi or if I'm gay, or if I just like feet. Watching you play with your shoes is the sexiest thing I have ever seen, but at the same time I...Ay Mami, what have you done to me? I want you so bad right now!" Gabby cried out and kissed Steffy hard on the lips, letting the tears finally roll down her cheeks. Steffy wrapped her arms tightly around her. When Steffy let her go, Gabby wiped her tears and asked, "So how open of a relationship are we talking?" The two women laughed and kissed each other again before putting their shoes back on and finally heading back inside the bank.

For the rest of the afternoon, they once again stood side-by-side and engaged in shoeplay. This time, however, when Steffy thought noone was looking, she would slip off her right shoe and instead of brushing the back of her own left leg, she brushed the back of Gabby's right leg a few times before putting the shoe back on. Gabby would then slip off her shoe and rub the sole of her right stocking foot over the top of Steffy's right foot.

From that day forward, Gabby identified herself as pansexual, understanding she got the same rush from teasing men with shoeplay that she got from teasing Steffy with it--and from Steffy teasing her with hers. The difference was while she could go out and openly date guys, she had to be more discreet with Steffy (not because she was a woman, but because she was an employee).


Although Steffy had pretty much had all her duties down pat by the second day, Gabby purposely continued to shadow her the rest of the week so the two could pick up their secret game of footsies where they left off. When training week was over, Gabby and Steffy continued their flirtationship by using any and every opportunity to steal a moment to be near one another, but at the same time be subtle enough to not draw attention to themselves.

When things were slow, Steffy would go to Gabby's office and stand in the doorway to chat for a brief moment while doing a little dipping and leg-rubbing. On the rare occurrence Gabby wasn't busy, she would come out of her office to check on the tellers. If she didn't already have her shoes off, she would dip out of her pumps while visiting each teller, but made sure to kick them off and do some leg-rubbing while she came to Steffy's window. On Wednesday mornings, Gabby held a weekly staff meeting one hour before opening; there she would make sure Steffy was sitting close to her so both could surreptitiously slip off their shoes and again play footsies with each other from start to finish.

Occasionally, Steffy and Gabby got together off the clock to indulge their pantyhose cravings--and even brought Stevie in on the fun. Gabby's favorite activity with the two Stephanies was a monthly Pantyhose Slumber Party. On the second Saturday of the month the trio would meet at Stevie's place. There they spent the night taking turns making out and worshipping each other's pantyhose clad feet and legs all while wearing nothing but robes, satin negligees and pantyhose. The night would end with the three women snuggling together in Stevie's king size bed with their arms and stocking legs draped around one another.

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Re: Steffy Gets A New Job

Post by paradigm88 »

Nice work! I've been working on a couple new stories since my last and just haven't had the chance to put honest energy in them, so I appreciate what you're going through. Keep it up!
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Re: Steffy Gets A New Job

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KILLER story, man. I do wonder, though ... I tried to go back and examine some of your past work, and the files seem to be there, but without any content. What's going on there?
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Re: Steffy Gets A New Job

Post by JackFrawst »

Really? Hmm, that's odd. It had been so long that since I had posted, that I had to dig up my old stories from here and copy them to my phone last month. I was able to open and copy them with no problem, so I don't know what to tell you. If it's an issue on the website's end, hopefully it will be fixed soon.
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