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Christmas story for 2018

Write here your dreams, your stories, your experiences of footsie or other situations where a foot had been used to seduce

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Re: Christmas story for 2018

Post by tb600 » Mon Dec 24, 2018 3:21 pm

Nice story

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Re: Christmas story for 2018

Post by kill919 » Tue Dec 25, 2018 8:45 am

I love the story of tired aching feet. This ia a good story.

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Re: Christmas story for 2018

Post by jack14 » Fri Mar 01, 2019 4:43 am

“Giving and Receiving”
Copyright 2018
Celyn Hope was standing barefoot in front of her bathroom mirror blow drying her long blond hair. The slightly damp undersized bath towel was wrapped tightly around her breasts. It clung to the curves of her hips before ending mid thighs; she smiled at her reflection.
Wearing a pair of nude pantyhose and a black bra Celyn sat at her vanity applying her makeup to perfect girl next store look. It was an easy task with her innocent blue eyes and natural smile. Her legs were crossed and her stocking covered toes curled around the polished leg of the vanity. She was stroking the table leg rhythmically enjoying the feeling of her toes sliding up and down the smooth wood. Perhaps she was an oddity of her Millennial generation in that she preferred wearing nude pantyhose to thick tights or bare legs. She liked the way pantyhose added color to her legs, the way pantyhose kept her legs warm during fall and winter and as if she needed another reason to wear hose she liked the way Eric appreciated it. Celyn began to rub the high arch of her foot back and forth against the table leg.
She smugly remembered how she figured out Eric had a nylon foot fetish. It all started when they returned from shopping trip. She had worn her beige knit dress, cream hose, and cream high heeled boots. Her boots were tight and her feet were throbbing.
Celyn dropped her shopping bags and plopped down into a chair swinging her right leg onto the ottoman.
“Hey Babe” she asked, “Would you help me take my boots off”?
Almost immediately she noticed he became inexplicably excited. He quickly grabbed her foot and began tugging on her boot. Celyn felt herself slide down in the chair and he dress riding up on her thighs.
“Whoa, whoa”, she uttered “there’s a zipper”!
Eric frantically grasped the top of her boot just under her knee to feel for a zipper.
Bracing herself in the chair Celyn said “It’s in the middle. The zipper doesn’t go to the top it’s in the middle”.
It took a few moments for Eric to comprehend what Celyn was saying and Celyn saw the tent Eric was pitching. Finally, he unzipped her boot and pulled it off her foot. A sweet sultry aroma permeated the room when her glistening foot was fully exposed. Eric massaged her moist foot and Celyn exhale with a sensual moan. She raised her booted foot onto the ottoman and Eric removed the other boot.
A few days later Celyn attended Thanksgiving dinner with Eric and his family. She planned an experiment. Celyn wore a black leather pants over sheer nude pantyhose, a white silk top, and high heeled oxfords. As they sat down for dinner Celyn sat in the chair just to the left of Eric. After dinner started Celyn shifted in her chair and tucked her left foot under her right knee. It was not a fact that went unnoticed by Eric. Celyn turned and smiled at Eric and began caressing her shoe with her right hand. She noticed Eric’s glance down.
Shelby Eric’s younger sister asked Celyn, “What do you do Celyn”?
Celyn turned towards Shelby but kept sight of Eric out of the corner of her eye. She stuck he index finger into her shoe to rub her arch and took note of Eric’s reaction.
“I’m a dental hygienist” she responded.
“No wonder you have such a beautiful smile”, replied Shelby.
Celyn smiled with embarrassment.
Shelby had a classic Scandinavian face and thick shoulder length red hair. She was an adult but definitely had a kid sister vibe which appealed to Celyn; Celyn bonded with Shelby immediately.
Suddenly Celyn remembered how Eric and her met.
“You know Eric and I met at the dentist office”, Celyn started to talk. “He was walking down the hall with the dentist discussing office renovations and I was scurrying down the hall to get to a patient and my clog slipped off my foot and hit Eric. I was mortified”.
“I said she had nice socks” added Eric.
“Without thinking I put my hand on his shoulder as I slipped my shoe back on”, continued Celyn.
Eric and Celyn looked at each other and Celyn tugged at the heel of her shoe. Eric glanced downward again disappointed that Celyn’s high heel had not budge off her foot. Celyn noticed Eric’s gaze. Her eyes shot to the side as she remembered the past few months.
“He ended up working at the office during the renovations and he always called me socks”, Celyn finished.
“I finally got the nerve to ask her out”, said Eric.
“Yeah you took me ice skating” said Celyn.
Celyn recalled their first date and how Eric helped her with her skates. She began fiddling with the laces on her high heel and noted Eric’s glancing at her shoe.
“Tell me about yourself Shelby”, asked Celyn.
“I’m in college studying prelaw”, Shelby replied.
“She’s going to be the family lawyer”, her father proudly averred.
“Daddy”, replied Shelby in a tone that melts a father’s heart.
Looking at Shelby’s and Eric’s father Celyn untied her shoe. She slid her shoe to the halfway off to the middle of her arch then pulled her shoe back on to her foot leafing the heel of her foot exposed. Now it was time to glance back at Eric. He was ogling her exposed heel.
As Celyn tried to get a subtle glimpse of Eric’s crotch, she saw a dark reinforced toe of a black stocking foot kick Eric’s knee. Eric immediately looked up at his sister. Celyn realized Shelby was trying to save her brother from embarrassment. Celyn pulled her shoe complete on to her foot but left it untied.
Dinner continued until the football game.
Celyn sat next to Eric as they watched the game. She had her legs crossed towards Eric with her untied shoe closest to him. He was enthralled by the game action and Celyn wondered if dangling her shoe would divert his attention.
Shelby sat down in a winged back chair next to Celyn and dragged the tips of her high heels on the carpet popping the heels of her feet out of their shoes. She was dressed in a gray turtle neck and gray wool skirt that ended above knees. Shelby crossed her legs ant let her shoe dangle from her toes. Celyn noticed Shelby’s pronounced shoe dangle and the fact that she had slipped off her high heel on the floor. It lay on its side askew to Shelby’s stocking foot. Eric continued watching the game intently.
“I like your hose” said Celyn.
“They’re Wolfords” answered Shelby as she happily flexed her toes on the floor to show off her stockings.
Shelby dropped her dangling shoe onto the floor and swung foot closer to Celyn so she could inspect her hosiery more closely. Shelby tugged at her toes stretching her stockings to display them to Celyn. Celyn shifted her focus to Shelby’s pedicure.
“Ooh, I like you pedicure”, cooed Celyn.
“It’s hard to see with the stockings”, replied Shelby.
“I have a French Tip too but you have it with the cherry red” said Celyn as she pulled off her untied shoe and uncrossed her legs.
Celyn placed her nude stocking foot on the next to Shelby’s stocking foot to compare feet and pedicures. Shelby’s foot was much bigger Celyn’s foot.
A roar rose up from the television crowd as the running back broke through the line. Eric was staring at Celyn’s shoeless foot. Celyn noticed and Shelby smiled at Celyn.
It was “Black Friday” afternoon. Celyn, Shelby, and Eric were at the end of a shopping trip. They were tired and hungry and the walked in to a restaurant. There was a little wait for the table. Shelby was wearing a pink top and jacket, black yoga pants that accentuated her curves, pink socks and pink crocs. Celyn was wearing a black cashmere sweater, a denim jacket and jeans. She liked the smoothness of wearing pantyhose under jeans; her pantyhose were suntan. Shopping required and her favorite comfortable black ballet flats.
The much taller Shelby leaned against the wall while they waited texting on her phone. Her stocking foot was resting on top of her shod foot. Eric and Celyn were standing by the hostess a proud elegant slim woman of color with mid length relaxed strait black hair. Eric took subtle notice of her red dress, black tights and red heels. Celyn was looking at the table pager she was holding in her hands when she heard a hollow clop. She looked up and saw the height hostess diminish by about 4 inches. The hostess grabbed he podium with both hands and she subtle glanced down at her feet. Celyn glanced at Eric and saw him staring at the hostess foot pushing her shoe around with her stocking foot as she tried to right her shoe so she could step back into it. Celyn kicked her shoe off and rubbed her stocking on top of Eric’s shoe.
“My feet are killing me babe”, she whispered.
Frustrated, the hostess quickly stooped down and picked up her shoe. She lifted her foot and pulled on her shoe knowing that several people were watching. It didn’t phase her in the least and she put her foot down as if nothing had happened.
The table pager started vibrating. Eric took the pager from Celyn and approached the hostess. Celyn stretched her foot out to retrieve her shoe and beckoned to Shelby. Shelby calmly slipped on her shoe and walked towards Celyn and Eric.
All three followed the hostess as she led them to a high-top table.
Shelby complained to Celyn, “I hate high-top tables”.
“Why”, asked Celyn.
“I always drop a shoe and can’t reach it” explained Shelby. “It’s always awkward when we leave”.
At the table Celyn sat next to Eric and Shelby sat across from Eric. Shelby’s rested the arches of both of her feet on the stretcher of the chair and her crocs hung off of her toes. Celyn had her legs crossed towards Eric. To keep her ballet flat on she had to clench her toes. Celyn relaxed her foot and let her shoe dangle. She rested the toes of her other foot on the chair stretcher and the heel of her foot popped out of its shoe.
After the first glass of wine Shelby balancing her crocs on the tips of her toes became bothersome so she relaxed her toes and let them drop onto the floor. Celyn had dropped both shoes on the floor to and sat with her left foot tucked under her right knee. Eric gently caressed Celyn’s foot and began massaging the ball of her foot with his thumb.
“That feels good babe”, Celyn whispered. “Keep doing it”.
The waitress came out with the food and Eric stopped the massaging. Eric and Celyn behaved themselves as the food was laid on the table. After the waitress left Celyn shifted in her chair to sit sidesaddle with both of her stocking feet next to Eric. Eric was now playing with both of Celyn’s feet concentrating on her toes.
Everyone at the table was drinking coffee and sharing a brownie dessert when Eric’s gentle massaging became more forceful. Celyn glanced questioningly at Eric and noticed him staring into the distance. Looking in the same direction Celyn saw the hostess standing with her stocking foot tucked behind her knee. Celyn hastily dropped her feet under the table and Eric was left empty handed.
“I’ve got to put my shoes on”, said Celyn. She stretched her legs out and realized her feet couldn’t reach the floor. Celyn remembered why Shelby hated high-top tables; it was awkward.
Eric franticly glanced around. Celyn had gotten off her chair and was trying to reach her shoe with her outstretched leg. The hostess was clutching her foot and pulling it up behind her back as she rubbed her toes. Eric even noticed Shelby had kicked off her shoes. It was a frustrating embarrassment of riches.
Celyn was on her lunch break at a nearby food court eating a salad alone. She was wearing her purple scrubs and her white lab coat. Her legs were crossed and her clog was dangling from her toes. She was wearing purple socks with white snowflakes.
A slender conservative businesswoman with long auburn hair gathered in a tight bun walk up to Celyn. She was wearing a tweed suit, brown pantyhose, and knee length brown equestrian looking boots. She sat at Celyn’s table. She reached down to unzip her boot. Pushing her boot off with her other foot she crossed he legs careful to position her stocking foot between Celyn’s foot and dangling clog. She pulled her chop sticks out of their paper sleeve at same she pulled Celyn’s clog off her foot with her toes.
Celyn sighed, “What are you doing Maddie”?
“Just having fun”, she replied as she rubbed her foot against Celyn’s foot while taking the plastic cover off her sushi order.
Celyn did not retract her foot nor did she reciprocate the rubbing. “I only experimented with lesbianism for one semester at college. You know I’m not a lesbian”.
“Oh relax”, said Madison, “You and I know this isn’t going anywhere. I’m just stretching my toes”.
“You’re a strange girl Maddie”, said Celyn.
“So what’s new” inquired Madison.
Celyn started rubbing Maddie’s foot with her own. “I got a new boyfriend and I’m pretty sure he’s into stocking feet”.
“Do tell”. Commanded Madison as she reached down to unzip her other boot. “I’m into feet to you know”.
“Like I said, you’re strange”, replied Celyn.
Madison removed her other boot under the table. Celyn recounted how she met Eric, their dates together and spending Thanksgiving with his family.
“I think you’re right”, said Madison as she put her other stocking foot on top of Celyn’s other foot. She noticed that Celyn had slipped her foot partially out of her other clog.
“Are you going to pull my other shoe off”, asked Celyn?
“It’s half off already”, Madison replied as she yanked Celyn’s clog off her foot.
“What is with you and feet”, Celyn asked as she uncrossed her legs and tried to pull her clog back with her stocking feet.
Madison put both of her feet on top of Celyn’s feet. She leaned towards Celyn and whispered, “I can get an orgasm from a foot rub sometimes”.
Celyn was mortified and quickly tucked her feet under her chair as far away from Maddie as possible. “Are you using my feet to get off”, she asked?
Madison smiled and remained silent.
“Foot rapist”, said Celyn with mock ire.
“It doesn’t always happen”, explained Madison “It usually happens when I’ve been wearing uncomfortable shoes and nylons. When my feet are hot and I slip off my shoes the relief feels so good; I’m half way there already. I start rubbing my foot or someone gives me a foot massage and it happens. That’s why I like to look at other women playing with their shoes. I wonder if they are can get an orgasm too. Then I start playing with my shoes. Sometimes I start playing with my shoes to see if another woman watches and starts playing with her shoes. This morning I was in staff a meeting with my boss. There is a holiday party with clients later in the day and she’s wearing a black dress sparkly sheer black hose with the highest black patent stilettos I’ve ever seen my boss wear. She leaned on the table and starts talking sliding her foot in and out of her high heel. I was wearing my boots and I couldn’t take them off in the middle of the meeting even though I so wanted to. When I came to meet you, I saw you were dangling your shoe. So maybe I am a foot rapist but its only because we had a history in college”.
“You know last week I was wearing new boots”, said Celyn “and my feet aching. Eric took my boots off and rubbed my feet it felt very good. Maybe I got a little moist but I didn’t climax”.
“Your loss” said Madison as she put her right foot in Celyn’s lap. “I’ll make it worth your while” she continued wiggling her toes. I just got my bonus I’ll buy you those Louboutin’s you look at every time we come to this mall”.
Celyn grabbed Madison’s foot with both hands, “That would make me a foot whore”.
The two women were walking back to their cars. Celyn was holding the box that contained her Louboutin’s against her chest.
“I don’t know why men have foot fetishes”, said Madison. “I don’t think if you rub their feet, they’ll cum”.
“It looks like Eric is keeping his fetish secret”, said Celyn.
“I can understand that” said Madison “I keep my interest on feet secret because not many people would understand it. What do you know about his fetish”?
“What do you mean” asked Celyn.
“Is he into worship? Does he like the way your feet smell? Does he like bare feet, nylons, or shoes? Does he like foot jobs”? Rattled off Madison
“I don’t know”, replied Celyn. “I think he likes to watch women’s stocking feet.
“Well then what would you like him to do with your feet” asked Madison?
“Hmm”, replied Celyn.
Shelby and Celyn were shopping for Christmas. An immaculately dressed Asian woman stood behind haberdashery counter with one shoe on and one shoe out of sight. Her ecru colored stocking foot was flat on the floor. Shelby was looking over some pocket square on the opposite side of the counter. She was twirling her flat behind her with her bare toes. Her shoe was backwards and Shelby was having trouble trying to slip her foot back into it. She just calmly pinched the upper of her shoe between her toes and lifted her shoe off the floor. Dropping it in front of her she glanced down slipped back in to her shoe.
“My feet are so hot”, said Celyn as she took off her Ugg boots at the food court table.
“That’s because you’re wearing socks with your Ugg boots”, said Shelby as she pointed to Celyn’s red and green Christmas socks.
“The socks are so cute aren’t they”, said Celyn as she wiggled her green toes. “Besides I didn’t think it would be this warm today”.
“Yeah, I’m not event wearing socks today”, said Shelby as her empty flats clopped as they dropped under the table.
As the two prepared to eat their lunch they crossed their legs and Celyn’s socked foot bumped Shelby’s barefoot. Shelby’s cold toes lingered a moment on Celyn’s soft warm foot. Celyn briefly remembered her lunch with Madison.
“Do you want to play footsies”, asked Celyn with a kidding smile.
“No”, quickly replied Shelby. “You want to do that with my brother”.
“What” asked Celyn knowing that her suspicions might be confirmed?
“He’ll be embarrassed that I told you but he has a thing for feet. Especially stocking feet” explained Shelby. “When I was a little girl, he was always stealing my shoes whenever I wore tights. I remember one Easter we went out for ice cream and I was still in my Easter dress and shoes. I kicked my shoes off under the table and was tormenting him with my stocking feet. I put my foot in his crotch and I felt something hard and strange. Remember I was a little girl and he was little boy. I didn’t know what it was but Eric turned beet red. He got mad at me and my parents scolded me. Then he put ice cream in my shoe and my parents scolded him. On the way home in the car I was only wearing one shoe and he kept watching my stocking foot. I kept moving my foot around and he kept following it with his eyes. As he got to puberty, he stopped paying attention to my feet but I noticed he would be looking at his girlfriends feet. He looks at your feet a lot”.
“I know”, said Celyn.
“You can have some fun with that you know”, Shelby said with a sinister smile as if a sister might have revenge over an ice cream incident.
“What exactly does he like about feet”, asked Celyn.
“It’s nothing too kinky”, explained Shelby. “He likes looking. He likes massaging feet and I likes feet massaging him. I’ll let you figure out where he likes to be massaged”.
Celyn, decided she was going to wear the Louboutin’s. She got up from her vanity and walked into her closet and selected her black silk mini dress. Looking at her candy cane pedicure through her nude hose and looking at her dress she debated switching to black hose. She liked her pedicure and was pretty sure her shoes would come off in front of Eric that night. It would be definitely the nude hose. The Louboutin’s were “So Kates”; simple pumps. Celyn briefly wondered who Kate was. Putting her shoes down in front of her full-length mirror, Ceylin stood behind them in her stocking feet. Admiring her dress, she felt it looked perfect. Stepping into her shoes she watched her image grow in height; it made her feel powerful. The last thing she did in front of the mirror was slip her right foot out of its shoe and wiggled her toes.
Eric was ecstatic when he picked up Celyn. She looked so sexy in her black dress, he admired the sheen of her nude hose and those shoes. As they got into their Uber Celyn noticed that the driver was driving in her stocking feet; she was wearing black socks. Eric was sitting behind the driver and probably couldn’t see her feet but Celyn was taking no chances. She immediately slipped off her right shoe and crossed he legs towards Eric. Eric could hardly contain his excitement.
“New shoes, they pinch a bit”. Said Celyn as she stroked Eric’s leg with her instep.
Eric grabbed her foot and said, “I could make it feel better”.
“I’m sure you could but not now”, said Celyn as she uncrossed her legs.
She reached down and pulled off her left shoe and said “I don’t how long the ride is but I might as well be comfortable”.
Celyn, kept her stocking feet on the floorboard between her shoes and made sure her toes were partially hidden under the front seat. She knew Eric’s eyes would be looking down at her feet for the whole trip; she was right.
The restaurant had full length table cloths and a hard wood floor. This was perfect Celyn. She played with her shoes under her chair and mad sure they made the maximum noise. It was driving Eric crazy. He knew Celyn was taking her shoes off but her couldn’t see her feet. During a quiet moment, Celyn rubbed her stocking feet together and Eric could hear the rustle of nylon. Eric started stretching his feet out under the table hoping to find Celyn stocking feet or her shoes. Celyn just kept her stocking feet primly tucked under her chair. Her shoes and feet were well out of reach Eric. She was enjoying the show.
With her feet firmly in her shoes Celyn got up to leave with Eric. Eric looked a bit flustered.
As they walked out of the restaurant Eric asked, “How are your new shoes and your feet”.
“I’m breaking them in and my feet feel great “, lied Celyn with a bright smile. “In fact, instead of calling the Uber now why don’t we do some window shopping on the avenue”.
“We can do some real shopping”, said Eric. “I have some cash. I’ll buy you something for Christmas”.
There was a homeless man at the corner Eric and Celyn were walking towards.
“There is a homeless man”, said Celyn.
“We can walk the other way”, replied Eric in a protective tone.
“No, No, let’s give him some money” Celyn said.
Eric reached into his pocket and pulled out a few coins.
“No let’s give him more. It’s Christmas. Let’s give him twenty dollars” Celyn pleaded with Eric.
“Twenty dollars”, Eric said incredulously?
“Look, look you said you wanted to buy me something for Christmas. I want to walk around and give money to the homeless on Christmas”, said Celyn.
Eric happily gave twenty dollars to the homeless man on the corner and walked to look for another homeless person. Each step Celyn took past the first homeless man hurt more than the one before. Here stockings made her toes slide into the cramped toes of her shoe but she smiled cheerfully the whole time. By the end of their walk they had given away a hundred dollars and they got into an Uber to return to Celyn’s apartment.
In the car Eric asked “How are your feet and your new shoes”.
“Fine”, Celyn cheerily replied.
Celyn kept her shoes on tightly in the car. She knew if she took them off there was no way she could put them on again and she didn’t want to walk up to her apartment in her stocking feet.
At her apartment, Celyn invited Eric in for some coffee. She brought him a cup and sat down from across the table. Finally kicking off her shoes brought her halfway to orgasm; it was such a pleasure.
“Could I convince you to give me a foot rub”, asked Celyn as she put her left foot on Eric’s right knee.
When Eric’s hands touched Celyn’s foot it was ecctasy. She lifted her right foot and pressed against the tent in Eric’s crotch. It was a Merry Christmas for some homeless people and a very, very Merry Christmas for Eric and Celyn.

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