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Have you ever been unfaithful to please your fetish ?

Write here your dreams, your stories, your experiences of footsie or other situations where a foot had been used to seduce

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Have you ever been unfaithful to please your fetish ?

Post by chocroll » Sun Dec 16, 2018 7:13 pm

Hello !

i'm 30y old, i like feet since i'm a kid and i never had the luck to find a girl that are into my fantasy, i don't know if it depends of the country, some of my girlfriends had great feet but didn't like this type of fetish, some had not great feet... So i have never been pleased and well i'm getting frustrated because i'm getting older and you know one day i'm gonna be dead like everybody here and i don't want to say to myself hey, if you did that and that when you were younger you could have good memories but you never did anything to make it happen. :(

Actually i have girlfriend, i love her so much, but she is combining both thing : she doesn't have great feet and she hates foot fetish stuff, i think she is the girl of my life but i'm thinking myself damn, if i stay with her i'll never play with some great feet ? it can't be !

so i don't know what to do, i have never been unfaithful, it's something i am very proud of myself, even with distance relationship, never even talked to another girl when i was in couple but since i'm getting older and i'm not lucky about my fetish i was thinking about one bad thing, hiring an escort to please my fetish at least one time.

the thing is, i'm scared to regret about this alot if i do it, i am scared to get addicted to it ? because i say one time but maybe i'll want to come back... but in same time i have some issue to get at 100% in my relationship with my actual girlfriend because of this problem, and she is a nice girl, difficult to find girl like her nowaday and i can't force her to please me about this if she is not confortable with it, and i can't make her feet looks better too ! (well you don't look at girls feet before getting in relationship so, it's all about luck xD). Some girl may have great feet but they are shit girls with no heart etc...

I think it's being unfaithful to hire an escort even if i don't have sex with her, it's still an erotic stuff i should not do with another woman...

I am wondering if anyone of you had this kind of problem ? what to think ? what to do? what to choose ?

i don't think you can't tell me what to choose because it's a personnal thing, but maybe you can help me to think about it differently and find my way...

English is not my first langage so, i hope you understood me !

thank you ! :noworthy:

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Re: Have you ever been unfaithful to please your fetish ?

Post by redig25 » Mon Dec 17, 2018 10:00 am

Man I so understand you. I'm 30 too, had lots of girls, all of them had from normal to sexy feet (I always check them out somehow) some were even shoeplayers, had countless FJs. My current girlfriend tho (very hot feet) is not into this fetish and thinks it is weird and boring, so I rarely get any FJ from her and I don't like to push her to do them to me. I really love her and I think she is the one, but sometimes I really REALLY get frustrated because I would like to have a FJ (my shoe fetish is another story :mrgreen: and I satisfy it in other numerous ways ). After a long time, last week I decided and I got myself a FJ from an escort..it was incredible, her feet were so hot I couldn't resist more than 10minutes. Was a great experience! The point tho is not to make it a habit. Do it once, not twice mate!

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Re: Have you ever been unfaithful to please your fetish ?

Post by chocroll » Mon Dec 17, 2018 10:58 am

Hey thank you for your reply !

it makes me want to ask you some more question

have you ever been unfaithful before ? are you still the same with your gf ? how do you feel about what you did ?

i'm saying to myself it's cheating but in same time, if i don't satisfty my fetish i don't think i will be able to stay with my actual gf, which would be sad because like i said she is a nice girl, maybe i could find a girl who like my fetish but next to that she could be a total asshole and i don't think i would be happier...

Escorts know how it works because its a very common fetish, she won't act like i'm a weirdo like a random girl could.

but i'm just scared if i will be able to be the same with my gf, it's a secret i will have to keep all the time, that's why i'm kinda balanced, i want to go so bad and in same time i'm telling myself i will be an asshole if i do that. :S

Mr. Mike
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Re: Have you ever been unfaithful to please your fetish ?

Post by Mr. Mike » Mon Dec 17, 2018 3:45 pm

Let me give you advice from a 50 year old. It would be a big mistake to marry someone just for the fetish. There is a hell of a lot more to life than a foot fetish. I know at 30 it's a big deal and important to you, but someone you plan on spending your life with needs to be a best friend...not just someone that can give you a FJ. Some of us, like me are lucky to have found both but it's a rare find. If you truly love the one your with, don't let a FJ be the reason for leaving

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Re: Have you ever been unfaithful to please your fetish ?

Post by chocroll » Mon Dec 17, 2018 4:32 pm

i don't plan to leave because i love her so much but i don't know if i can spend all my life without having a FJ that's why i was planning to see an escort, but this solution is wrong too i think, i think there is no solution of happiness for me.

there is three differents ending possible i think if i see an escort :

- the first one i'll be happy and i'll tell to myself ok i did what i wanted i can die happy
- the second one is, i did what i wanted, i like it so much and i want to do it again (which would be bad)
- and the last one, i feel sad that i did that to my gf and i can't look in her eyes anymore

maybe it would be a little bit of the 3, but i can't know.

but i get your point Mr.Mike, just remember that like you said, if you are lucky that you can play with nice feet as much as you want, of course when you are 50, it's nothing and not that important, but what if you never got a footjob at 50, how would you feel ?

if i could give you a comparison, when i was a kid i wanted to see the sea so bad, it looked awesome and i got lucky i moved to a town just next to the sea, i saw it and i was like woah it's awesome and when it was summer i went there everyday, but when i got older i went there less and less, and now i don't go there anymore, i don't care of it and people who live far from the sea keep telling me how lucky i am to live near it and they spend a lot of money to go there just for a week or two, but to me it's nothing.

I think your feeling is the same feeling i have with the sea (maybe you enjoy FJ more than i'm enjoying the sea of course) xD but for you it's not that special, but when you don't experience it, you dream about it everyday. I wish i would not have any fetish, would be awesome !

but thank you, you make me thinking in another way.

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Re: Have you ever been unfaithful to please your fetish ?

Post by paradigm88 » Wed Dec 19, 2018 12:22 pm

I'm in agreement with Mr. Mike. It's like many interests and habits and hobbies; while you and your wife have to be sexually compatible, you need to be compatible for the 90-95% of your time that you're not engaged in something sexual.

That said, you need to have communication on what those needs are, so there's no lack of understanding. A friend of my wife found her husband cheating on her through Facebook. His response was "you haven't lost enough weight so I had to look around." Her weight has always been an issue for him, but he also married a large woman, and expecting her to just lose weight was foolish on his part. But he also needs to tell her what he wants, what turns him on, in order for her to meet those expectations.

Does your girlfriend know feet are a turn-on for you, or have you withheld sharing because you're aware of her feelings? Relationships are about compromise first and foremost. She doesn't have to be a FJ queen, but maybe she could try expanding her horizons in the same way you might expand yours. Surely you've done something with her that she enjoys that you don't. This is a delicate matter, and sex is hardly like going to the movies or theater, but couples often have differing styles and expectations, and finding common ground is key. The most important thing is to talk about it and know the expectations.

I had a former co-worker (who wrote erotic fiction on pen and paper in his late 70s!) who claimed that, on occasion, his wife had hired him an escort. I assume he was into things his wife simply wouldn't do, and that was her way to keep him happy. I'd say that's an extreme; I don't know that most women would be satisfied that it wasn't cheating in some fashion. But again, communication is key, and for each couple those boundaries are different. Some people are into swinging or have open marriages. Most aren't.

It's not worth throwing away a long-term relationship over one sexual difference. But at the same time, if both people truly care about each other, they'll make compromises to ensure the other isn't looking around.

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Dangling Fan
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Re: Have you ever been unfaithful to please your fetish ?

Post by Dangling Fan » Thu Dec 20, 2018 12:01 am

I fully agree with paradigm88. Chocroll, you have to talk about sex and your fetish with your girlfriend or eventually you will cheat on her in the future. If she doesn't show any understanding maybe it's not a good idea to marry her because you will be constantly dissatisfied, frustrated, bored and eventually tired.

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Re: Have you ever been unfaithful to please your fetish ?

Post by chocroll » Thu Dec 20, 2018 10:37 am

Thank you for your replies !

My girlfriend knows it, but she doesn't like that and like i said her feet are not turn me on that much (well i don't ask girls to show me their feet before going on relationship with them, would be weird xD)

She doesn't like foot fetish at all and think it's weird, maybe because she knows that her feet are not that great i don't know ? or maybe she just thinks it's too weird, i don't know if it's weird or not finally, before it's what i though but at the end i feel like lot's of guys have this fetish and a lot doesn't talk about it because they think it's weird. It happened last time a friend i know for long ago just told me something about women's feet and i said to him" hey, if you like feet you can tell me, i like feet too don't have to be shy" and then we talked about this and it was funny :superlol:

back to the subject with my girlfriend, she is a really nice girl, i'm sure if i keep asking her to please my fetish maybe she would do it but first i don't like her to think i'm a weirdo, i don't like "forcing" it doesn't turn me on and like i said, i'm not that attracted to her feet.

but i'm totally agree with you that a relationship is not about sex or fetish and leaving her because feet would be stupid, but i think about my fetish often because i can't realise my fantasy. She's not the type of girl to bring me to an escort that's for sure xD if i told her hey i would like to play with some escort's great feet, can i go ? she would literally kill me i think :superlol:

We are not married yet so i could tell her come on it's like a bachelor party ? LOL

i'm laughting but inside me i'm really frustrated a lot !

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