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Unbelievable airplane behavior (foot fetish; lost shoe)

Write here your dreams, your stories, your experiences of footsie or other situations where a foot had been used to seduce

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Unbelievable airplane behavior (foot fetish; lost shoe)

Post by Feeture Feature » Wed Oct 10, 2018 8:20 pm

“There were two older ladies who were sitting, and every time we would walk by, they would look uncomfortable but wouldn’t say anything. … Only afterwards did we investigate. There was an older man who had some sort of foot fetish or fascination with these two ladies’ feet, so he had crawled in under his seat and you couldn’t see him then. He was just kissing their feet and caressing and tickling their feet. They were so proper but so horrified that they were too embarrassed to talk about it.” —Merav Richter, flight attendant of 23 years.

It’s unsettlingly common to see items of clothing left behind on a flight. “The most random has to be the single and very expensive Christian Louboutin shoe. How the [heck] can you leave behind one shoe? Surely you would notice the limp you’d inevitably have as you disembarked, one foot six inches higher than the other. The female passenger in question, a minor TV ‘star’, had been enjoying the perks of first class and was rather worse for wear as she got off the aircraft at JFK. Blissfully unaware she was missing a shoe, the crew thankfully reunited her with the designer heel before she reached the top of the air-bridge.” —Air writes on confessionsofatrolleydolly.com

From The 15 Craziest Things Flight Attendants Have Seen on the Job
Marissa Laliberte
Flight attendants are always meeting new travelers, so it’s no surprise they’ve gathered some funny, scary, and just plain bizarre stories along the way.

https://www.rd.com/funny-stuff/crazy-fl ... t-stories/

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