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Dating At Erin's Speed: An Unexpected Follow-Up

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Dating At Erin's Speed: An Unexpected Follow-Up

Post by paradigm88 » Thu Aug 09, 2018 12:12 pm

You never really know where a story's going to take you. A while back, I started writing around a character named Lilly, a philanthropic city girl who was learning that life was best lived in stockinged feet. In one of Lilly's stories, we met her boyfriend's cousin Erin, a cute redhead with similar footwear habits. Erin was supposed to just be another girl for Lilly to associate with, but it turned out Erin had her own stories to tell, too. And so I dove into a look at how a cute cousin and a few pairs of uncomfortable shoes crafted Erin's habits in her college days.

I thought maybe I'd go back to Lilly's next adventures after that. But instead, Erin had more to share.

I've been working on this one longer than I'd admit. I don't know if it's Erin's last story, or if I'll go right back to Lilly, or if I'll indulge in another character instead. But for now, let's go on a date with Erin.


“You’re really going through with this?”

Erin Sullivan read her cousin’s last text message as she lingered outside the door of the hotel. “How bad can it be?” her thumbs pressed into the glass of her iPhone.

Ryan’s response came quickly. “I don’t know. I never tried it.”

Erin sighed. Of course Ryan had never tried speed dating. Dating had never been a problem for Ryan. In fact, Ryan’s current girlfriend was a big part of why Erin was single once again.

Erin walked into the hotel, looking ahead at the signboard that directed speed dating visitors to the outside patio. She stopped in the lobby for a moment. “I tried to dress down, haha,” she texted Ryan. One of her ill-fated ex-boyfriends had lamented once that she was too high-maintenance, so she decided not to wear one of her pretty designer dresses. Those could wait for later.

But Erin had come straight from the office, so she was anything but dressed down. She was wearing a pale mint-green blouse, with the mid-length sleeves set off by ruffles over her shoulders. It was a top that looked best without a sweater or a blazer, and this day had been warm enough to get away without either. She had paired the mint blouse with a charcoal-gray wrapped tweed skirt that flared out into a playful ruffle just below her knees. A pair of black four-inch peep-toe pumps completed the ensemble. It was a serious look with a hint of whimsy, and it left no suggestion that Erin had spent a ton of money on the outfit.

“You’re wearing Wolfords, though,” Ryan responded.

Ryan knew his cousin too well. Erin smiled at her cousin’s reply, and at the shimmer of her stockinged legs, a shimmer that no lotion could replicate. “Duh,” Erin typed back. “A girl has standards.”

“Good thing I’m not there, then,” Ryan replied, adding a smiley face to his message.

Ryan was probably right. Erin’s older cousin had a hand in crafting his little cousin’s sense of style some years ago. And while Erin had always bent it to her needs and tastes, Ryan’s guidance was always at the core. If not for Ryan, Erin would not be wearing designer tights that cost as much as her top and her pumps together.

“It’s time,” Erin texted back. “I’ll let you know how it goes.”

“Good luck, cuz,” Ryan’s answer flickered before Erin slipped her phone into her purse.

Erin pushed open the tall glass door to the hotel’s patio, took a deep breath, and stepped outside.

Speed dating had been Ryan’s suggestion, but the breakup was Erin’s idea. Erin had dated Brady for a few months. Brady was tall and good-looking and eight years Erin’s senior. He had a good job, a nice car, and a family place on Martha’s Vineyard. But after a few weeks of fun dates and good sex, Brady had settled into a different routine. He was boring, self-centered, and obsessed with image. He acted as if somehow, his family’s money required higher standards.

Erin was already at a crossroads when the two arrived at Erin’s family Easter gathering. Cousin Ryan was there with his new girlfriend, Lilly. Unlike the people their family usually dated, Lilly was not wealthy herself, but she was classy, humble, and kind. She fit in well, and she was definitely a good match for Ryan. Erin and Brady met up another time with Ryan and Lilly not long after Easter. In Lilly, Erin saw so many of the reasons why she had become disillusioned with Brady.

And so Erin broke up with Brady. Brady’s reaction was one of inconvenience, as if finding a new lover were a business transaction. Erin was pretty sure Brady had checked his emails while she was spilling her heart out. Either way, she was single again. But few of her social circles overlapped with a pool of prospective boyfriends.

Instead, Erin found herself on the lushly-decorated hotel patio, signing in for something she only vaguely understood. The gist of it was simple: she and the other speed daters would get five minutes to chat, one-on-one, before moving on to the next person. If they both clicked, and both reported that they clicked, they would get each other’s contact information. If it were only one-sided or a complete dud, neither would hear from the other again.

It couldn’t be any worse than the bar pickup attempts she was used to fending off.

Most of the other speed daters were getting a drink beforehand, so Erin went to the outside bar and ordered a beer. As she sipped her beer, she took note of the other speed daters, or at least who she assumed were speed daters. The event had been targeted to young professionals, but Erin thought most of the men looked to be in their thirties, with a couple she was certain were closer to forty. One of the younger men had rolled up his shirtsleeves, revealing vibrant tattoos inked on his forearms. He had to be some kind of graphic designer or creative type. Erin felt nervous.

At last, the host called the speed daters together. Erin stood with the other women, sizing up the competition as she half-listened to the host explaining the rules. Most of the women looked a bit older than she did; a few looked younger. One or two looked like they had come straight from college. Most were professionally dressed, but a couple had styled a nice blouse with jeans and pumps. And there was at least one woman who looked like she was trying way too hard.

As Erin stood there, she felt a familiar ache in her right foot, at the base of her little toe. Erin’s right pump had been bothering her earlier in the day, too. Usually, she just tried to ignore it. But after lunch, she had kicked off her one shoe and sat on her foot in her desk chair. Now, the pain from the narrow shoe was back. Erin wiggled her heel loose from her pump and slipped her foot back, just enough to curl her toes a few times before stuffing her foot back into her shoe. She only had an hour, and it would mostly be sitting.

At last, the group split up, with each woman taking a seat at a table to start. The men would rotate from table to table. Erin sat at her table and poured a cup of water, wishing it were beer or wine or something better, but she figured they didn’t want people making drunken fools of themselves in a date setting.

Erin’s first speed date walked over and took a seat. It was the inked artist type she had seen earlier. “Hey, I’m Jesse,” he said, extending a hand.

“I’m Erin,” Erin said as she shook his hand. “That’s a lot of ink.”

“Yeah,” Jesse said with pride. “I hate having to cover it up all the time.”

Erin studied the artwork more intensely. It looked to be scenes from a videogame, or maybe a movie. “What do you do for work?” she asked.

“Oh, I’m an artist,” Jesse said. “Well, I work for an advertising firm, anyway.”

Jesse went on, and Erin felt disinterested. He was nice, but not really her type. Five minutes breezed past. As Jesse asked, “Do you have any tats?” a bell rang.

“No, I’m not really into tattoos,” Erin answered, as another voice called out “Five minutes is up, time to switch!”

“Nice meeting you, anyway,” Jesse said. “Good luck.”

“Thanks,” Erin said. “You too.”

Jesse got up from his chair and moved to another table, as another man came over. Erin had noticed him earlier, too. The hint of gray in his temples and goatee suggested he was at the older end of the young-professional set.

“Hi,” Erin said, smiling.

“Hi, I’m Dan,” the older man said.

Dan looked old, older than Brady even, and Erin was unsure of how to bring up the topic. “You don’t look like the speed-dating type,” Erin said, wondering how he would take it.

“I’ve never done this before,” Dan said. “But I got divorced a year ago, and it’s time to get back on the horse.”

Erin felt a little regret. “I’m sorry,” she said. “I just got out of a relationship myself.”

“How long were you married?” Dan asked.

“Oh, we weren’t,” Erin said. “It was only a few months. But we just didn’t work.”

Dan smiled. “Well, now it’s your chance to date a real man for a change,” he said.

Erin cringed at the pickup line. Yeah, plenty of dating commentary was pre-packaged, but some of it was so transparent. “Oh, I’m pretty sure he was a ‘real’ man,” Erin said, trying to keep her conversation light.

“That’s what all the younger women say before they’ve been with an older man,” Dan countered.

Two prospects in, and Erin’s speed-dating experience had already gone to awkward. As Dan extolled the virtues of dating an “older” man, Erin tried to look politely interested, or at least polite. If she had wanted to be hit on by a forty-year-old, she could have just joined an online dating site. At least she wouldn’t have had to wear uncomfortable shoes, she thought.

As Dan got up and left the table at the next bell, Erin sighed a quiet sigh of relief. She looked down at the ground under her table and quickly slipped her right foot from her pump, stretching her toes and curling them tight a few times. There was a tablecloth draped over the front of her little table, so no one could see her stockinged foot, and she considered just sitting on her foot like she had done at work. But if she had to put her shoe on, it would be a project. Besides, she had another date coming to the table. Erin stuffed her foot back into her pump and crossed her ankles under the table as she extended her hand.

After Jesse and Dan, Jeremy was a welcome prospect. Jeremy was thirty and, at least in the first few seconds, he didn’t confess to having ex-wives or kids or a criminal history or a daddy fetish. Erin found conversation easy with him, even if she didn’t feel swept away by his personality. As they talked, Erin felt a tiny cramp in her right ankle, so she uncrossed her ankles and stretched her right leg out, rotating her foot. As she did, she felt her shoe brush against Jeremy’s leg.

The contact took Erin back a month or so, to her double-date with her cousin Ryan and his girlfriend Lilly. Easter had left Erin reconsidering her romance, and the double-date started off in the same fashion, with Brady glued to his cell phone during dinner. At least Ryan and Lilly were conversational as always. While they were waiting for dessert, Brady wordlessly left the table for the bathroom. Erin looked at Lilly, who looked back with sympathy in her eyes.

Erin stretched her legs out under the table, trying to relieve a cramp in her ankles. She would have taken her shoes off if they weren’t buckled T-strap pumps, and if Brady wouldn’t have complained when he found his girlfriend shoeless at the dinner table. As Erin rotated her feet, though, she felt something soft brush against the exposed side of her foot. It was the distinct, wonderful feeling of nylon against nylon.

Curious, Erin peeked under the table. Diagonally across from Erin, Ryan sat with his legs stretched out comfortably. Next to Erin, Lilly sat with her long black-stockinged legs stretched out as well. Lilly’s left foot was tucked into Ryan’s right pantleg. Her right foot, pointed like a ballerina’s, rubbed Ryan’s other leg. The three-inch heels Lilly had been wearing were empty, toppled on their sides under the table. Erin’s eyes met Lilly’s. “They’re brand new shoes, and I’ve been wearing them all day,” Lilly whispered.

Erin understood. Watching Lilly rubbing her nylon feet over Ryan made her recall her own game of footsie with her cousin years ago. Erin’s shoes were new too, but it was less the discomfort and more the thrill of teasing her date under the table with her shoes off. Even after Ryan and Erin had set hard boundaries to their relationship, Erin had never been above playing footsie with her cousin. Watching Lilly’s little feet at work, she felt envious.

“Sorry,” Jeremy said, breaking Erin’s reverie.

“What?” Erin asked.

“I think I bumped your foot under the table,” Jeremy explained.

Erin felt warmth in her cheeks, and the sensation of trousers against the top of her foot. In fact, Erin had done the bumping. But apparently Jeremy was not into it. “Oh, no worries,” Erin said, returning her feet to her side of the table.

The awkwardness of the moment aside, Jeremy was nice enough, Erin thought as he got up to head to the next table. If only he had been more receptive to Erin’s unconscious footsie. Erin arched her feet, sliding them from her shoes long enough to curl her toes before stuffing her feet back inside. Thinking about her dates with Ryan had been enough to make her shoes just a bit more uncomfortable.

Marty was next at Erin’s table, and he seemed a lot like Jeremy, nice and straitlaced but maybe a bit boring. Straitlaced and boring still beat the first few prospects, though, Erin thought. As they talked, Erin slowly slid her right foot forward, hoping to find one of Marty’s feet in range. At last, she felt her shoe nudge something, and in response it moved back. Erin stretched her foot out a few more inches, again feeling her shoe nudge another shoe, but again it moved.

“Is that your foot?” Marty asked.

“My foot?” Erin replied, trying to sound innocent.

“Under the table,” Marty said. “I think you bumped my foot.”

“Oh, sorry,” Erin said. “I didn’t realize. I was just stretching. Long day.”

Strike two, Erin thought as she returned her right foot to her side of the table. Unfulfilled, she slipped off her pump and rubbed her stockinged foot on her shod left foot as they talked out the last minute or two of their time.

For the next few dates, Erin dipped her toe deeper into the footsie waters. If she felt encouraged, she would slide her right foot under the table until she found her speed date’s shoe. If he recoiled, she would try again. If he recoiled again, he wasn’t interested. Erin hoped at least one would play along with her. But instead, either they were unfazed by Erin’s flirting, or they were taken aback by it. One asked point blank if Erin were trying to play footsie. Naturally, she denied it.

And so went the evening. With only a couple dates left on the roster, Erin felt a bit let down by her experience. There had been a couple guys who were nice enough, but only a couple intrigued her enough to warrant a real one-on-one date. And there were others who were waving big red flags. The last guy had left before the bell rang, apparently feeling nothing. Erin was disappointed, maybe a bit confused. And to make matters worse, her toes still hurt and her feet felt warm. She arched her right foot and popped her heel from her pump, the warm summer air feeling like a relief on her moist sole.

One more dating prospect sat down across the table from Erin. “You look like you’ve had enough,” he said.

“I do?” Erin asked. She had been trying to hide her disappointment and discomfort. She forced her shoe back on under the table.

“It’s okay,” the guy said. He was close to Erin’s age, maybe closer to Ryan’s, but it was hard to tell. “This whole thing is new to me.”

“It’s my first time,” Erin said.

“Me, too,” the guy said. “I’m Luke, by the way.”

“Erin,” Erin said, shaking Luke’s hand. “Do you think you’ll try this again?”

“Maybe,” Luke said. “I mean, I haven’t met anyone weird. Just no one I click with.”

“Then you’re doing better than me,” Erin said, laughing.

At last, Erin felt a bit of a connection. Luke was polite and open and more interesting than the other men she had been talking to. As they talked, she relaxed, and began absentmindedly rubbing her right shoe against something under the table. At first she thought it was the base of the table, but then she realized the table had four legs. And then she realized what she was rubbing her foot against. It was Luke’s own outstretched foot. And, unlike the others, he hadn’t flinched or moved away or questioned it.

Erin slid her right foot along Luke’s foot, feeling the heel of his shoe catch in the instep of hers. Rocking her foot back on her tall heel, she hooked her foot behind his ankle, the toe of her shoe sliding under his pantleg. Erin could feel Luke’s ribbed dress socks through her nylons. She rubbed up and down gently, desperately wanting to slip her shoe off.

“So here’s a random dating question,” Luke said.

“Shoot,” Erin said.

“So you’re sitting with this pretty girl and it seems like you really click,” Luke said. “And as you’re talking, you can feel something rubbing against your shoe.”

Erin froze. She tried to look composed, but she felt like she had been caught. “Like under the table?” she asked innocently.

“Yeah,” Luke said. “I mean, it could be anything, but you’re pretty sure it’s her foot.”

“Maybe her legs are tired and she needed to stretch,” Erin said.

“Maybe,” Luke said. “I wondered if maybe she wanted to play footsie.”

“Maybe,” Erin said. “She probably wondered if you’d be into it.” She rubbed her foot against Luke’s ankle again.

“Who wouldn’t be?” Luke asked.

“Maybe she found a few guys who weren’t,” Erin said. She slid her left foot forward under the table as she rubbed the top of her right foot against the back of Luke’s ankle.

“Maybe it was because she was still wearing her shoe while she was doing it,” Luke added.

Erin sighed playfully. “Well, maybe she really wanted to take her shoe off, but she didn’t,” she said.

“Would she like some help taking her shoe off?”

“Well, yeah,” Erin said, leaning into the table. Suddenly she felt Luke slide his foot against hers, his shoe catching the top edge of the heel of her pump. Gently but firmly, Luke slid Erin’s shoe down her stockinged heel. Erin felt helpless as her shoe floated off of her toes and clattered noisily on the brick patio. She gasped in surprise. She was impressed, and as she curled her unencumbered toes, she felt very turned on.

“How was that?” Luke asked.

Erin relaxed her leg, her foot falling to rest on Luke’s foot on the ground. She felt the smooth leather of his dress shoe against her sole, and felt laces under her toes as she kneaded against his foot. “She is impressed,” Erin said, smiling as she popped her heel free of her left shoe under the table and slipped her left foot from her shoe.

“I thought your legs were just tired and you needed to stretch.”

“Well, that too,” Erin said, caressing Luke’s shoe with her silky foot, then curling her toes against his ankle. “I was sitting on my leg all afternoon because my foot was sore.”

“Sitting on your leg?” Luke asked. Erin could tell he was feeling around for her other foot with his free leg as she rubbed her foot on his left ankle.

“We do it all the time,” Erin said. “No one questions a girl who’s sitting on her foot. And it’s an easy way to hide taking off an uncomfortable shoe.” Erin was slipping her left foot in and out of her shoe, the edge of her pump tickling her soles and toes as she did so.

“Aren’t they all uncomfortable?” Luke asked.

“Mmm,” Erin said, nodding. She had tucked her right foot into Luke’s pantleg, rubbing her sole against his dress sock. “You can always get away with taking one shoe off. But you have to explain both.”

Erin was still pumping her left foot in and out of her shoe when something nudged her shoe. On the in stroke, Erin let her toes glide over the edge of her own shoe, finding Luke’s alongside hers. She traced the stitching of Luke’s dress shoe and rubbed her toes on his right ankle.

“Do you do this at work often?” Luke asked.

“Footsie?” Erin asked for clarification as she kneaded her toes against Luke’s ankles and calves.

“No, taking your shoes off,” Luke said.

Erin laughed. “Mmm, yeah,” she said. “It’s a terrible habit but taking your heels off and walking around your office in tights is like the second best feeling in the world.”

“What’s the first?” Luke asked.

Erin let a sly smile cross her lips as she hooked her stockinged toes through the loop of Luke’s right shoelace. “Taking your heels off under the table and playing footsie with a handsome guy, of course,” she said, tugging the shoelace until it came loose.

The bell had rung a minute or two ago, and both Erin and Luke had ignored the organizer thanking the remaining speed daters for coming. They continued talking, as Erin contentedly rubbed her nylon-clad feet over Luke’s feet and ankles. She loved the variety of textures, from the smooth leather of his shoes to his ribbed dress socks to his soft dress slacks. And Luke played along too, catching the toe of one shoe under her sole and rubbing her arch, and gently guiding her feet away from her shoes when she got near. Erin hadn’t played footsie like this in ages, and she was loving it.

But there was one thing. One thing that even Ryan had never compromised on in their scandalous footsie games.

“Luke?” Erin asked in a near-whisper as she rubbed her soles against Luke’s ankles.

“Yeah?” Luke replied, matching Erin’s quiet tone.

“If I asked you to, would you take your shoes off with me?” Erin kneaded her toes into Luke’s socks.

Luke thought about his answer. Erin kept kneading her toes, trying to will Luke into saying yes.

“I’m not really a shoes-off guy,” Luke said. “Especially not on this patio.”

“Oh,” Erin said, a bit disappointed. Though as she slid her toes down to the smooth sides of Luke’s dress shoes, she knew she had little desire to rest her silky feet on the abrasive bricks below.

“So maybe we should go somewhere with a little less brick, and a little more privacy.”

Erin smiled. “I’d love that,” she said.

Luke smiled back. “Me, too,” he replied.

The two sat, leaning in toward each other across the table, Erin still rubbing her feet on Luke’s shoes. She couldn’t wait to feel Luke’s socked feet against her own stockinged feet.

“I should hit the restroom first,” Luke said. “And I have to close out my tab at the bar.”

“I need to find my shoes,” Erin said, sweeping one of her feet under the table, trying to find her pumps.

“Should we meet in the lobby?” Luke asked.

“Sure,” Erin said, her toes finally finding one of the black peep-toe pumps Luke had gently nudged to the edge of the table. Erin slipped her foot into her shoe as she searched for the other.

At last, both shoes found, Erin wandered out to the hotel lobby as Luke settled up his bar tab. The speed dating people were long gone, and most of the hotel’s guests seemed occupied by evening plans, as Erin was the only one in the lobby. Her heels clicked on the tile floor, echoing through the lobby. Erin paused as she passed by a mirrored glass panel on the wall, critiquing her reflection as she stared back. She felt confident and excited.

Luke would be a few minutes, so Erin stopped at a pillar, leaning against it as she reached for the phone tucked in her purse. Almost reflexively, Erin reached her right leg out to the side and slipped her shoe off. Erin stretched her right foot out and looked down at her pretty stockinged toes, her painted toenails barely visible through the tan tights wrapping her feet. The toe seam of her tights was twisted ever slightly, but Erin resisted the urge to adjust it. She was just going to mess it up in a few minutes anyway.

Erin planted her silken toes on the tile floor, arching her foot to match her left pump, as she woke her cell phone. She flicked through a few emails before noticing she had a single text message awaiting. It was from Ryan. “How did it go?” he had asked twenty minutes ago.

Erin looked up and saw Luke through the glass doors of the lobby, heading her way. “I’ll tell you more later,” her thumbs keyed into her phone. Crossing her shoeless right foot over her left ankle, she looked up at Luke, wiggled her toes, and smiled.


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Re: Dating At Erin's Speed: An Unexpected Follow-Up

Post by JordanXavier » Sat Aug 11, 2018 2:57 pm

nice bro.

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