My Friend, The Shoeplayer: A True Story

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My Friend, The Shoeplayer: A True Story

Post by OceanWaves3947 » Wed Mar 28, 2018 6:17 am

This story takes place mostly less than a year ago. During the second semester of my senior year of high school, there was a girl who liked me, and would often say hi to me in the hallways. I liked her, as well. She was a very friendly person, in addition to being very cute, and having a good personality is one of my biggest attractors when it comes to girls. She is about average height, with light reddish hair and blue eyes, and wears glasses (although she does not always have them on). She would often wear brown Birkenstock sandals with socks, and I once caught her dangling one slightly, ever so slightly, while sitting with her legs crossed in the cafeteria. Another time, I saw her stomping her feet up and down like crazy, and then briefly, oh so briefly, sliding her feet out of her sandals, again, while she was sitting in the cafeteria. One time, when the weather was getting warmer, she wore those same sandals without socks, and dangled one slightly, and also took her toes slightly out of the straps of that same one, while sitting in the cafeteria at lunch.
I should mention that this girl had the distinctive habit of stomping her feet up and down like crazy on the floor immediately before she started to shoeplay and take off her sandals. As a result, I would always get excited when I caught a glimpse of her doing this.

The jackpot came one day when I walked into the cafeteria one morning, and saw that she had slipped her brown Birkenstock sandals, which she was wearing with white socks that had a black marking (like a brand logo or something like that) on them, off far enough to put her toes over the straps that they were formerly under, although the rest of each foot was still in its sandal. But, then, she proceeded to slip her sandals nearly completely off, with the result that the tips of her stocking toes on each foot were contacting the back of each sandal. The very next day, I go to the cafeteria, and this time, she is wearing black socks with those same sandals, and, once again, is taking them off. She proceeded to slip them on, only to take them off again. She played with them like this, slipping them on and off, for a while. Now here’s the moment of truth. I’m bursting with joy thinking about it now. While she was shoeplaying, she noticed me, and said hi to me. She seemed to be happy to see me, because, as I stated already, she likes me, although I doubt that she realized that I was watching her shoeplay. I then took this opportunity to get to know her better. I asked her what her name was; up until this point, I did not know her name. She told me her name, and then I went back to my seat, and continued watching her amazing shoeplay show. Five days later, I went back to the cafeteria, and, whaddaya know? There she was, wearing that same pair of sandals, and they were off yet again. This time, she was, again, wearing the same white socks with the black marking on them that she had worn six days earlier, when I had first found her shoeplaying.

I also saw this girl at the mall once. When she saw me there, she enthusiastically said hi to me with a radiant smile, just as she had done whenever she had seen me in school. I returned the greeting, and then watched as she sat down and proceeded to slightly play with her same brown Birkenstock sandals, which she was wearing, just like she had at school, only, this time, with colorful red socks, shaking her feet around in them and loosening them, but stopping just short of taking them off. She was sitting on a high chair, and her feet could not reach the ground, so perhaps this explains why she did not play with them as intensely, as she may have been afraid of losing them if she did so.

After this girl told me what her name was, I proceeded to look her up on social media, and requested to follow her. Sure enough, she accepted, and then she requested to follow me, which, of course, I immediately accepted. This girl and I are now good friends, although I no longer see her in person, because I have now graduated from high school, and she, being between two and three years younger than me, is still in high school. But I hope to meet her again someday. This is a case where my penchant for shoeplay led to the blossoming of a wonderful friendship for me. If I hadn’t been in the cafeteria watching her shoeplay on that day, and she hadn’t have noticed me there, I wouldn’t have found out her name, and we wouldn’t be able to stay in touch on social media, as we are currently doing now. Hooray for shoeplay.

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