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My Best Shoeplay Experiences So Far (True Stories)

Write here your dreams, your stories, your experiences of footsie or other situations where a foot had been used to seduce

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My Best Shoeplay Experiences So Far (True Stories)

Post by OceanWaves3947 » Wed Mar 28, 2018 6:12 am

I am going to relate my favorite, or most memorable, shoeplay encounters in this post. These are the incidents of shoeplay I have witnessed that I remember most strongly, am most fond of, and whose memory I relish the most. Without further ado, here it goes:

More than five but not quite six, years ago, I was at church in the summer, and there was a young girl, perhaps in her late teens or early twenties or so, with her boyfriend. Both were wearing flip-flops, but the difference was that, while the guy just kept his on, the girl would not stop dipping. She would take her foot out of her flip-flop and put her bare sole on top of her opposite foot, which still had the flip-flop on. It was very cute. I don’t quite remember the girl’s exact appearance, but she was likely short to average height, with light, reddish hair, and maybe freckles.

Two years after the above incident, I was at the mall (the same one that I would later be busted at for candidly recording shoeplay), and there was a gorgeous young woman, perhaps in her early to mid twenties or so, standing at the counter of the jewelry store with a young boy, perhaps her son, whom she repeatedly picked up, shook around in the air, and kissed. She was wearing flip-flops with thick straps (my favorite kind to see women and girls wear, as they tend to make the feet more hot, sweaty, and smelly, as I know from personal experience), and was dipping out of them. I remember wishing that I could come closer to watch her dipping more clearly, but was afraid of being perceived as creepy, so chose not to. I don’t remember her exact appearance, either, but she had dark reddish to brownish hair. I saw her mostly from the back, so I cannot remember her facial features, if I ever saw her face.

Two years after this incident (notice a pattern here?), I was standing in line at an ice cream store/restaurant at an outdoor mall/shopping plaza, and there was a young girl, again, maybe late teens to early twenties, with reddish-brown hair that looked like it had been perhaps partially dyed, standing in line in front of me. She was wearing thin rubbery flip-flops, the typical drug store variety, and had taken one flip-flop off and placed her bare foot on top of it. This was unprecedented for me; I had seen this particular maneuver be done while someone is seated, but this was the first time, if memory serves me right, that I remember ever seeing a chick dip by taking her shoe off completely and then placing her foot on top of her now-empty shoe.

I’ll write some more encounters if I can remember any. For now, I think this makes a good opener to the saga of my shoeplay-filled life.

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