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wife sore feet from new flats

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wife sore feet from new flats

Post by Joedexter » Tue Feb 20, 2018 3:28 pm

My wife Lauren isnt a materialistic girl at all. She owns less than 10 pairs of shoes. All of Lauren's shoes she owns are ballet flats and wedge pumps for her fulltime job as a receptionist at a doctors office. She had only one pair of grey sneakers that she wore for her other job. Lauren wasn't a shoeplayer at all, never complained about her feet at all, and never let anyone touch her feet at all. She never got pedicures or painted her toenails at all. This was disappointing for myself, being a huge foot guy. My luck changed on a hot summer day in July. Lauren and myself had obtained second jobs. We were looking to start a family and wanted to upgrade our ranch house to a colonial. Lauren got a second job as a teller at a grocery store, standing and counting cash drawers. She only worked a couple hours each weekend day. After she got home from her shift one weekend, Lauren and myself went out in the yard to do yardwork for the house to go on the market. It was a hot summer day, and by the time we were done it was late. We were both exhausted and tired. Laurens sneakers were dirty and muddy from all the yardwork that she left them outside and mentioned she would clean them off in the morning before her shift at the grocery store. We headed to bed, as we both needed to be up early. I had to bring Lauren to work since her car was in the shop. Overnight being a hot summer day we had bad thunderstorms and rain that soaked and destroyed Laurens sneakers. There was no way she could wear them to work. Realizing her dilemma and being in a rush to get to work on time Lauren slipped on a pair of her new gold ballet flats that I bought for her a few days prior. They were cheap $5 payless flats. We were out at the mall and Lauren really liked them but hesitated on wanting to buy them since we were saving every penny we could for a new house. I told her it would be an early birthday present. She smiled and said "thank you hun." On our way to drop Lauren off I asked her if she would be ok breaking in her new flats. she replied " ill be fine, plus I only have a short shift today ( 3 hours). Those words would come back to bite her big time. I told Lauren I would be back to pick her up when her shift ended. Upon my return waiting for Lauren in the parking lot, she called me and told me she was working late as one of the other tellers had called in. Really wanting the extra money Lauren didn't hesitate on working late. Her now 3 hour shift was going to turn into a 9 hour shift. I decided instead of going home right away to go in and do our weekly grocery shopping. Lauren met me at the cash register on my way out and said she had a 20 minute break. she helped me put the groceries in the car and then we chatted in the car for a few minutes. as soon as Lauren sat down in the car she moaned out a " whew it feels good to sit down for a few minutes, we have been non stop all morning" I was hoping that she would complain about her feet or maybe wiggle her toes out of her shoes for a few minutes, but no luck. I did notice though that Laurens feet had red marks, and a blister forming along the sides of her flats. I knew those shoes were starting to bother her. Lauren soon had to go back to work. I offered to Lauren to come back later on and bring her lunch and maybe hear anything about her feet at all.She smiled and said thank you, that is so sweet. I returned in the afternoon and texted lauren that I was in the parking lot. Watching Lauren walk through the parking lot, I noticed her walking with a slight limp. She also looked down at her shoes twice, probably crying to herself about being in those uncomfortable shoes. We had lunch and I was extremely disappointed that Lauren hadn't even mentioned anything about her feet or any shoeplay at all. Laurens feet looked like they had even worse marks from her new shoes. We still had some time left before Lauren had to go back to work, that we went and got gas a mile up the road. On my way back into the car after going inside to pay and pumping gas, I got in and noticed laurens feet resting on top of her flats wiggling her toes. I was speechless. Her feet were blistered and red from being in those flats all day ecspecially in the hot weather. I got in and immediately could smell the aroma of her feet from her new flats. as I started the car She started to slip her feet halfway back into her shoes, and stated " sorry I had to take my shoes off for a few minutes my feet are freaking killing me from being in these new shoes." " they hurt so bad" I noticed she had put her shoes back on probably embarrassed about the smell of her feet I told her she could keep her shoes off til we got back to the store. she then reluctantly slipped them back off and wiggled her toes and rested her feet on top of her flats. When we got back to the store she slipped her shoes back on not before moaning an ouch or too. When Laurens shift was over she again walked through the parking lot with an even worse limp biting her teeth and looking down at her feet several times. As soon as she got into the car she kicked her shoes off and said " my feet are on fire" " this is has been the worst day ever In these shoes". As I was driving it was so hard for me to focus on the road, watching my wife in the passenger seat with her sore feet barefoot on top of her shoes. When we got into the driveway Lauren took one look at her shoes and said "I don't want to put these shoes back on, but it is too hot for me to walk barefoot on the pavement" Every step Lauren took she either moaned an "ooh or an ahh" or "my poor feet". As soon as the door opened Laurens shoes were off. She then went and changed into an old t shirt and baggy sweatpants and fell asleep from the summer heat and working all day long. An hour later Lauren was awoken by her sister caling Lauren and asked what time we were going to stop by for cake for our nephews birthday party. That they were waiting for us. Lauren had written down the wrong day on the calendar. Lauren stated we will be right there. Lauren didn't even change out of her t shirt or sweatpants it was only family and no one cared. Lauren then looked down at her feet and then looked at her shoes that were near the door and let out a small cry. "There is no way I can put my feet back in these shoes, they hurt so bad". Realizing she didn't have any other choice she grimaced as she slipped her toes back in her flats. She had to crush the backs of her flats because the backs of her feet were so sore from the rubbing of her new flats. the party was pretty quick and on the way home Lauren immediately slipped her shoes off. When we got in the driveway Lauren moaned im not putting these shoes back on, and walked barefoot into the house. She was exhausted from a long day, that she passed out on the couch. I took advantage of her tiredness and got an ice pack and lotion and started to massage her feet. It was the first time ever that she let me touch her feet. She moaned out a " That feels so good". Ever since that day Lauren is always begging me for a foot massage when she gets home, and is more apt to shoeplay now.

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