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Shoeless Stevie

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Shoeless Stevie

Post by JackFrawst » Thu Jan 18, 2018 12:05 am

Happy 2018, Folks!

Here finally is a quick follow-up to The Two Stephanies Saga. If you read real closely, you’ll find an Easter egg that links this story to “Foot Crush.â€Â￾ I haven’t quite figured out exactly how just yet, but I’m thinking about further intertwining Foot Crush and The Two Stephanies into same universe and expanding it, so stay tuned…

In addition to running her bookstore, Stevie taught a course in Business Writing every Wednesday night from 6:15-9:30pm at Excelsior University. She split the class time up evenly: conducting a lecture in a classroom during the first 90 minutes, and then after a 15-minute break convening a computer lab across the hall where students could freely work on assignments she had given them for the next 90 minutes.
The classroom was a lecture hall that had seven rows of eight seats with an aisle down the middleâ€â€￾splitting the room into 14 sets of four seats together. All students had to enter at the bottom by Stevie’s desk and walk up steps of the middle aisle to get to their seat. The room was sloped like a theater but fairly steep so each person had a good view of the front of the room. Because Stevie’s class size usually averaged somewhere between 20-25 students, there was plenty of room for them to spread out and sit where they liked. The computer lab, located directly across the hall from the classroom, was a simple roomâ€â€￾longer than wide with a wide aisle down the middle and six foldout tables arranged on each side. Each table held two computers, which usually left enough for everyone but sometimes someone had to share.
During her lectures, Stevie stood behind a podium and engaged in the same top shelf shoeplay that she often did behind the counter at her store. While firmly clutching the sides of the podium, she would slip all but her toes out of a pump and push the shoe around on the floor before putting it back on and doing the same thing with her other shoe. Other times, she would elevate a foot, shake and wiggle it until the pump drops on the floor, flex her nyloned toes in mid-air for a few tics, and then run her stocking foot up and down her other leg for a few more seconds before again putting the shoe back on and doing the same thing with her other foot. Although her pupils couldn’t see her feet or legs behind the podium as she did all this, they could hear the clacks, clops and scrapes her shoes made on the linoleum. After about 15 minutes of virtually nonstop dipping, Stevie would kick off both pumps and remain shoeless until break-timeâ€â€￾only occasionally slipping her toes in and out of one of the pumps to push it around on the floor some more. Again, students couldn’t see her stocking feet behind the podium, but the sudden three to four-inch decrease in her height was a dead giveaway. During the computer lab, Stevie would immediately ditch her pumps behind her desk in the front of the room, and then walk around in her stocking feet as she chatted with the students and helped them with their projects.
Once in awhile, she would spot a male student or two staring at her and purposefully tease them with some of her trademark leg-rubbing. One night before class, as she made her way through the main foyer, Stevie saw one of these male students talking on his cellphone with his back was turned to her and overheard him calling her “Shoeless Stevie.â€Â￾ The nickname made her blush because she recalled back when she was a fourth grader how some of the boys would stare at Ms. Newberg’s feet and legs. It was right then that she recalled it was also around this time she started noticing other women’s feet, and realized that she had become No Shoes Newberg!
No Shoes Newberg’s real first name was Kristy. Kristy was a bubbly young 20-something with shoulder-length red hair and blue eyes fresh out of college. She looked and dressed rather plainlyâ€â€￾usually in a sweater and a short skirt with hose and low-heeled shoes. Like most young ladies in the mid-80s, Kristy had a thing for pantyhose and tights in a wide palette of vivid hues, and often would match up the hose with her skirt or sweater. She wasn’t a teacher, she was the school’s librarian and coffee break proctor. After setting things up in the library, Kristy would visit each classroom for 15 minutes while the teachers went on their coffee breaks and watch the kids every morning from 9:30 until 11:00 or so. What piqued the boys’â€â€￾and eventually Stevie’s interestâ€â€￾was that when she came in the room, she would sit at the teacher’s desk and play with her shoes for the entire visit. After lunch, she would return to the library, ditch her shoes at her desk and work there for the rest of the afternoon, hence the cognomen.
There was something graceful about how graceful and at ease Kristy looked as she padded about library without shoes that made Stevie started playing with her shoes and dressing in skirts and hose all the time like she did. Before the school year was over, Stevie noticed those same boys eyeballing her the same way they did Kristy and that she had started to like looking at other girls and women who shoeplayed tooâ€â€￾habits which have stuck with her to this very day. She surmised that it was Steffy’s keen eye for color-coordinating her hosiery with her outfits that attracted her to her, that the dark purple tights and matching plaid shirt and jean shorts she wore in the elevator reminded her of Kristy. It seemed fitting that she would not only become a No Shoes Newberg, but also date one.
Stevie wasn’t the only one who played with or took off their shoes during her class. Among the 16 female pupils she taught this semester, many were also avid dippers and danglers. One in particular caught Stevie’s eye: 34-year-old Quon Lee Phong. Quon Lee was short and slender with long straight black hair that she usually kept in a ponytail or a bun. She worked as a Manager in the Fragrance Department at Zadorozny’s where all female staff were required to always wear a black blazer and skirt with a white or light-colored blouse, hose and black dress shoes. Because she didn’t have time to change when her shift ended, Quon Lee always came to class still wearing her uniform. She routinely would take a seat on the edge of the middle aisle, promptly slip off one shoe, cross her other leg over her knee and immediately begin to dangle her other pump off the end of her hose-clad toes. A few times during a lecture, Quon Lee would drop her shoe into the aisle. Not wanting to cause a disruption, she would let the shoe lie there for a couple of minutes before stretching out her foot to recover it with her toes and reaching down to place it securely on her foot. About a minute or two later, the shoe would slip off her heel and start to dangle again.
Once break started, Quon Lee would deliberately let her shoe drop once more, and then would get up and carry her pumps and other belongings over to the computer room. After setting her things near her favorite seat in the front row, she would head to the vending machines down the hall still in her stocking feet for a candy bar and/or soda. Once she finished her snack, Quon Lee would return to the computer room and briefly put her shoes back on. As soon as the lab commenced, however, she would pop her heels out of them and engage in all sorts of under-chair shoeplay: shuffling them backward and forward; spinning them in circles; tipping them sideways; sharing one shoe with both feet; or simply taking both shoes off and resting her feet on top of them. As fun as Quon Lee’s weekly graceful displays of foot action was to watch every week, Stevie had an extremely attractive girlfriend whose shoeplay she enjoyed everyday, a real No Shoes Newberg.
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