Some Teachers' Shoeplay I Have Witnessed

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Some Teachers' Shoeplay I Have Witnessed

Post by OceanWaves3947 » Tue Jan 02, 2018 9:42 pm

This thread, too, belongs in Dreams, Stories, And Reality, but I'm still unable to post new threads in that section, for some reason, so I'm posting it here.

I have had many experiences with shoeplaying teachers over the years. I'll try to recount them all here, or, at least, all that I can recall off of the top of my head currently.

The earliest I can remember isn't shoeplay per se, but I'll still include it. In Seventh Grade, I had a student teacher in my Social Studies class who was young and had about mid-back-length, somewhat wavy brown hair. She often wore high heels, and would change out of them into some other pair of shoes underneath her desk, which she would sit at while using her laptop computer. Her heels were therefore often left under her desk during class, making that class a little bit more interesting for me. I remember one day, after school, I sneaked past my Social Studies classroom to catch another peek at her shoes under her desk, but she was there, and I think she just barely caught me looking, but I immediately turned away and left the moment I saw that she had seen me.

In Eighth Grade, I had several teachers who shoeplayed. It was a great academic year. Oh, where to start, where to start? My Health teacher first semester was a mature woman who sometimes wore flip-flops, and kicked them off completely underneath her desk while sitting at it. Meanwhile, my American History teacher was a mature, but reasonably young, blonde-haired woman who often wore flats, and I occasionally saw her heelpopping out of them, or dangling them while seated with her feet not reaching the ground, exposing her soles. My Health teacher second semester was a young blonde-haired woman who could practically pass for a teenager herself, and who many of the boys considered to be attractive. One day, as she stood teaching at the front of the classroom, she dipped out of one of her flats that she wore sans socks, and perched her bare foot on her other foot that still had the shoe on. Then, she took her foot down and put it on the carpeted floor. She remained in this posture, with one flat off, for quite a while, possibly even until the end of the class period, before eventually putting it back on. My Math teacher was a twenty-five-year-old, slightly chubby woman with brown hair who often wore flip-flops, and dipped out of them, taking her toes out of the thong and straps in the front, while standing at the front of the class and teaching. I also spied her taking her black stocking feet out of her black shoes while sitting at her desk one day. The irony is that this same teacher once reprimanded a boy for taking one of his shoes off in class. In Math class, we had an assistant teacher who came in, and she very often dipped out of her flip-flops, as well, taking her foot out of one and perching it atop the other, still-flip-flopped foot. Meanwhile, one of my other teachers was an Afghan woman with black hair, around twenty-six or twenty-seven years old at the time, who often wore flip-flops along with a dress, and would dip out of them while standing in front of the class teaching. I would spot her toes, which were the only part of her foot visible because the rest was covered by the dress, disappear, leaving an empty thong and straps in their place, and I could just barely make out the faint outlines of one foot perched atop another through the dress. One day, she did wear pants with her flip-flops, though, allowing me to see her dipping in all its majesty, with her feet fully visible as she took each foot out of its flip-flop and perched it atop the other foot, that still had the flip-flop on.

High school presented a smorgasborg of shoeplaying teachers. The first or second day of high school, I saw a female teacher sit down at her desk and immediately remove her flats and sit barefoot. (The same day, I saw a gorgeous blonde girl wearing a dress and flip-flops slip her flip-flops off, exposing her bare soles, as viewed from the back, in the same room as aforesaid teacher). The second semester of freshman year, my Spanish teacher was a petite twenty-five-year-old with brown hair and glasses. She frequently dipped. One time, she dipped out of black clogs worn with greenish socks. She dipped out of flats, worn both sockless, and, sometimes, with nylons. When she dipped sockless, her bare heels were black, as if they had dirt on them. One time, she sat on a desk at the front of the classroom and let her flats, worn with nylons, fall off of her feet, after first dangling them off of both of her feet whilst seated.

Come Sophomore year of high school, my math teacher was a blonde in her thirties who was a veritable shoeplay queen. Being in her class was one of the few times in my life about which I can truly report that I got bored of a certain shoeplayer -- namely, her -- because they shoeplayed so often that it became a bland fact about them. Whether wearing flats, flip-flops, heels, boat shoes, you name it -- this lady would habitually be standing up there in front of the board, dipping away. There are a few notable instances involving her that I can remember. One time, I came to her desk to ask for help with math, and I saw that she was completely barefoot, having kicked off her boat shoes that she wore sockless. Another time, I was sitting in class, and she was sitting at her desk, cracking jokes about how noisy and hard-to-control the class is (this teacher had a great sense of humor, and was very kind to her students, which only made her all the more cute in my eyes), and then, with an audible sigh, she slipped both of her boat shoes off, exposing her bare, sockless feet, and putting them on the carpet. I had her again for math my Junior year, and I remember one time when she dipped out of boat shoes, this time worn with black socks, fiddling around with the shoe with her toes, while standing at the front of the class and teaching. Then, at the beginning of Senior year, although I no longer had her, I saw her dipping out of platform flip-flops and putting her bare sole on the door, as she was standing against it to hold it open for her students who were filing into the classroom. My Spanish teacher first semester of Sophomore year was a young, beautiful woman with shoulder-length brown hair, and there was one instance where she dipped out of low-heeled sandals that she wore sockless, with unpainted toenails, while standing and teaching at the front of the classroom. My English teacher second semester of Sophomore year was an overweight young brown-haired woman who often took her flats, worn sans socks, off, as well as dipped out of them.

In Junior year of high school, my Spanish teacher was a young woman with reddish-brown, or auburn, hair and glasses who often wore flats sockless. One time, she heelpopped out of them whilst seated and helping a student, exposing her soles, which were surprisingly reddish, as viewed from behind. Another time, she heelpopped out of low-heels or pumps, exposing her heels, again, sockless, while seated behind her desk and working with students. Finally, the big jackpot came; while I was seated next to her at her desk once, as she helped me with my work, I saw her take her black flats, worn sans socks, off. She had started by heelpopping, and, once the heels were out, slid her feet out until they were completely out of the shoes, exposing the entire top of her foot, including her painted toenails. I would often spot this same teacher dangling and heelpopping out of her flats, even after she was no longer my teacher. Second semester of Junior year, my Spanish teacher was a short, stout older woman with shorter hair, and I spied her dipping out of her flats while standing at the front of the classroom once.

In Senior year, I had a Composition teacher who was a young woman with reddish-brown, or auburn, hair. She was quite skinny. On the first or second day of class or so, she was wearing flats sockless, and I spotted her dipping out of one of them, and perching her now-bare foot, with painted toenails, on top of her other foot, with the flat still on it, before sliding her foot back into her shoe.

Not to mention that, throughout all four years of high school, my Homeroom teacher often took her Birkenstock sandals and flip-flops off while sitting at her desk at the front of the classroom as she read aloud the announcements to us at the beginning of the day during Homeroom.

In college, the only experience I have had so far is that of a staff member (who, like that flip-flop-dipper in Eighth Grade, was Afghan in ethnicity) who was a young woman with black hair who wore glasses, heelpopping out of her black shoe worn with thin, translucent black stockings while standing at an event to mark the beginning of college, and, later, dangling one of another pair of black shoes that she wore sans socks while seated next to me with her legs crossed, in a private meeting between us regarding my academic future at college, and associated academic rigamarole.

Of course, I have witnessed far more instances of shoeplaying teachers in my life, but, so far, these are all of the more notable ones. It would be impracticable to list every single instance of a shoeplaying teacher that I have witnessed in my entire life, even all that I can remember, let alone in a single post on a single thread. But, hopefully, I'll be able to share some more of these experiences, both past ones that I was not able to make note of here, and any future ones, if (when) they occur, to this forum.

All in all, teachers' shoeplay has greatly enlivened and enriched my life, and I hope to witness much more to come.
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Post by Footsiefreak » Wed Jan 03, 2018 5:17 pm

My Spanish Teacher was a babe with some of the best legs I have ever seen. She always wore these beige/ tan suede pumps is why I have a fetish for women in suede shoes. When she dipped it was an event because she wasn't a normal shoeplayer. When a student would ask what a zapato (shoe) is she would take off her shoe and hold it in her hand. Her best dipping shows were when these one inch brown peep toe shoes and she only wore these on Fridays. But she always wore hose of course it the 80s

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