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True Stories - Life as an Artists Model

Write here your dreams, your stories, your experiences of footsie or other situations where a foot had been used to seduce

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True Stories - Life as an Artists Model

Post by IrishGuy » Mon Oct 17, 2016 1:49 pm

I'm 27 y/o and I've worked as a life model since I was at art school, about 8 years now. I love doing it, it's a great way to meet people and it's both fun and challenging. I've amassed a lot of experience over the years and reckon, as a conservative estimate, I've spent about 10,000 hours nude in the company of artists. Part of what I do requires a lot of discipline and a lot of self control, normally this is not an issue, like I say - I've had a lot of experience. That said, there is something which can give my sessions/jobs a bit of an erotic kick sometimes, that is when something happens to awaken my foot fetish. Over the years there's been a few incidents in which I've found it very difficult (sometimes impossible!) to pose without getting aroused - as you might imagine this is an absolute no-go, especially in schools/colleges. I figure you guys might want to hear a couple of stories...

One of the classes I used to do was at an art school, always with another model, and a tutor who decided for the last pose each week one of the students should be allowed to stage the models as he/she saw fit. There was always a bit of excitements with this, as the other model was always female, usually I was on with a girl called Anna who was a couple fo years older than me and really attractive (they always wanted 1 male/1 female), and some of the students set us up in quite close/almost sexual positions. Now like I've said, an erection is frowned upon, sometimes this was quite challenging, but none more so than one time it was the turn of one of the male student in the class (who clearly had foot fetish himself). He got me to sit on the floor with my legs apart, then positioned a stool in between them and got Anna to sit on it, he got Anna to place her right foot on my shoulder, much to amusement of the class and Anna herself, then asked me to turn and pretend to kiss it! Not only that, he positioned her left foot on my inner thigh, asking Anna if she was comfortable with this (not asking me!), to which she adjusted slightly to get balance and ended up with the side of her foot and big toe literally resting against my penis. Right away I got flustered, but I couldn't say anything, the pose was set - and it was a 20 minute pose! There I sat, eyes fixated on Anna's beautiful right foot as it rested on my shoulder, staring intently at her nails to which clear polish had been applied. At the same time her left foot nestled in my groin, my heart raced. I tried as best I could to keep my cool and focus on the pose and I last a couple of minutes - then Anna moved her left foot ever so slightly, its something we do as life models to avoid cramps - try and pull/stretch your toes back the way then clench them. She did this with her left foot, getting a bit of my sack as she flexed, the resulting movement thrust my penis down further to where her toes were. Now I had two of her toes pressing against my penis, I glanced at her and she smiled. Right there and then I started to get hard, and Anna could feel it, she tried to press her foot down against my building erection to spare my blushes but this just made things worse. For about 10 minutes my penis throbbed away, pressed on by Anna's beautifully soft foot. Somehow the tutor didn't realise - I'm not sure if any of the students did. Eventually the tutor said "2 minutes left" I knew I had to get control of myself, soon I'd be standing up in front of the class. I grimaced and called on every techinque I'd ever developed to quash the stirrings, somehow managing to soften to just a semi state - this I could cope with, and race of quickly behid the screen to get my robe, thats what I did. behind the screen Anna grabbed me and hugged me - giggling! I told her I was sorry, it had never happened before but she didn't care, she thought it was funny, and kinda sexy by her own admission. I scored with her that night - it was a good day!

Another time I was brought in for a bodypainting project, it was end of term and one of the students requested a model that she could paint on for her piece. I'd done bodypainting before and it is a fun experience, so much more engaging with the artist. It could be quite sexy as well as there is obviously continued touching, it is a bit more of a challenge to stay professional than just posing. Anyway, this particular girl, Lara from Prortugal was super hot - really good looking, I totally fancied her - I'd noticed her in classes before. She was a gothy type, dyed black hair, fishnet top on with her black bra showing through, black mini-skirt and white and black stripey tights. Not exactly the look I was into but she was hot. I spent an afternoon with her totally naked as she used me as her canvass, painting and drawing intently on my body. We chatted as she went along, this was good as I managed to kep my mind off the fact I was naked, as the hours passed I was completely comfortable with her and had managed to stave off any thought of erections, even as she dabbed at my penis with a sponge to paint it! I had become a map of Europe pre-crusade times. Her work was very good, I admired myself in the mirrors - she had done a great job. Then came the bit I wasn't expecting, she told me she wanted to put footprints over me. I assumed she meant paint them on, but no, she actually wanted to use her own feet to press them onto me. I couldn't say no could I? She dried the paint in on my body then casually lifted up her skirt and took her tights off, as she did commenting that she wished she hadn't worn tights today, knowing she'd be doing this. She got me to lay down on my front then dipping her feet in a tray full of paint proceeded to make 5 footprints up my legs, ass and back as if she'd been walking over me. When she pressed her paint covered foot into my ass I swear I almost came, I'd started to get hard just watching her take her tights off. She asked me to stand as she dried the paint in on my back. Then she asked me to lay face up, I was semi hard/getting harder, and she noticed, I apologiesd. Sadly she didn't want to go while I was in that state, she asked if I wanted break, I said I'd be fine in a minute and paced around the room, somehow managing to get myself back to a flaccid state. Then I lay down and she started again, her right foot on my ankle and shin, her left foot on my knee and thigh, then after another steep in the paint her right foot right into my penis, balls and pubic region, pressing in hard to leave an imprint. It seemed longer than the others, and now I knew why she couldn't do it with me being fullly erect. She finished off on my chest and face but I was already on my way again, the press into my genitals had stirred me once more, as I sttod up I was at half mast and she noticed, this time though she didn't care just went about me drying in the paint. I thought I deserved this few moments of being hard in fron of her, after all, I'd spent the whole day with her nude and completely soft - she must have known I wasn't a total pervert. The teacher and head of year came in to appraise her work (me) once she had finished, thankfully by that time I'd returned to normal. Didn't manage to score with Lara sadly, shame too, was a great afternoon.

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Re: True Stories - Life as an Artists Model

Post by Footlover75 » Sat Mar 24, 2018 3:30 am

Awesome story! I could not have done that, especially the hot Portuguese goth pressing her paint covered foot onto my penis. WOW.

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