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Future Mother in Law (Fiction)

Write here your dreams, your stories, your experiences of footsie or other situations where a foot had been used to seduce

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Future Mother in Law (Fiction)

Post by Mike195 » Wed Jun 12, 2013 8:23 pm

Hey Guys, I know it's been so long since I've posted, a lot of things have happened in my life, and just haven't had the time to write a good story for you all. I've been recently engaged (Yaaay), and been working more at work and possibly moving out to a new place within the next year so woo for me, ok enough of the pleasantries, lets get to the good stuff.

Matt and Julie are a recently engaged couple of about 25 years of age. They have been together for a couple of years, and very happy. They met in High School as friends, and suddenly became more attracted to one another. Julie in Matt's eyes, was perfect. She was about 5'5" slim, but had a round plump behind, brown hair, light olive skin tone and a naturally beautiful face. What Matt enjoyed most tho, was the Size 8 feet that she had. Her second toe was longer than her big toe and her soles were as smooth as silk. Julie was perfectly fine with Matt's foot fetish. She loved the attention that he gave to her feet and she loved the feeling it gave him while playing with her feet. But that is a story for another time.

Today, Matt and Julie were going to go out with Julie's parents to celebrate the recent engagement. Matt decided to wear a nice dress shirt and slacks, and Julie decided she wanted to wear a nice form fitting red dress with tan stockings, and some closed toe slip mules. Matt was pretty nervous, but not for the simple reason of having to sit down with the love of your life's parents, in fact, Matt has known them for a long time so there should be no reason to be nervous... Until she greeted them at the door of their house. Matt was stunned to see Debra, Julie's Mom in a almost tight fitting black dress while wearing black pantyhose and open toed stilettos. Matt was stunned, mainly cause he's never seen Julie's Mom like this, and secondly cause Debra was pretty much a carbon copy of Julie. The only exceptions were that Debra's chest was a little larger, which was slightly perked up by the dress. She was a little taller than Julie, and a little more fit. You see, Debra was in her late 40's, but she could pass for Mid 20's.. the total definition of MILF, and Matt was hooked. He took one look up and down at her almost stopping to see her size 7’s in those stockings, just wanting them to be taking him to the promised land. “Matt, Matt, you ok honey?â€￾, asked Julie who was able to snap him out of his sudden shock of Debra. “Oh yea, I’m fine, haha. Sorry, you just took me by surpriseâ€￾. What Matt failed to realize was that Debra had caught him bad. He was so entranced that he failed to notice Debra grow a small smirk on her face as she knew that the stockings enticed him. As we were about to leave, we were informed that Julie’s Dad wouldn’t be able to come due to a last minute business call. On one hand, it was kind of a bummer, but on the other, it meant that Matt got to spend time with 2 gorgeous women at a restaurant.

When they arrived they were seated in a booth near the back of the restaurant as the waiter came over and offered drinks, Matt, Julie, and Debra all started making small talk. “So, what has everyone been up to?â€￾ asks Debra. Julie started to tell a story about a customer at her job who keeps constantly harassing her and pissing her off. As Matt was paying attention he felt something hit his ankle. Now the table itself was a little small so it wasn’t uncommon for legs to get tangled up quickly so he thought nothing of it. As Julie Finished her story, Matt started to explain what how he was saving money to replace his old car by doing odd jobs and side work on top of his current job. “So I had to go over to this guy’s house to fix something on his computer, really nasty virus. He was an elderly gentleman so I figured I’d only charge him about $30 which is fine with me…â€￾ He paused slightly when he felt the pressure of his ankle again. Blushing slightly he looked up to see both Julie and Debra listening to him intently, patiently waiting for the next sentence. Matt tried to regain his composure as the pressure started traveling higher up his leg under the table. He quickly tried to finish his story and gave a slight look to Julie, assuming that she was playing with him a little trying to keep him on his toes with her foot.. so to speak. Julie shot him a look and smiled, as Debra was paying attention almost oblivious to the looks Matt and Julie were giving each other. The Pressure traveled higher to his thigh and Matt was starting to get a little nervous, as he could feel his erection travel down his right thigh due to the design of the pants and the direction his dick happened to be facing. He was getting worried. The waiter arrived again and asked everyone what they wanted for dinner. Julie ordered a Chicken Alfredo, while Debra ordered a traditional Linguine and Meatballs.. in which Julie innocently quipped.. “Mom, you order that all the timeâ€￾. Debra replied, “I know I can’t help it tho, I love meatballs, ahhaâ€￾. As they shared in their chuckle, the innocent comment just made Matt even more crazy as the foot that kept fondling his thigh was now inching ever closer to his expanding dick. Now Matt wasn’t the largest man in the world, but he knew that it was big enough to know that her foot was about to reach it. Now Matt wanted a chicken parmesean, an easy order. “Yea.. I’ll have the Chicken Parmaaaaasean..â€￾ as he was just about to finish the foot that was fondling him was now stroking his dick through the thin dress pants he was wearing, causing him to fluster, now than ever he was feeling it.. he looked over at Julie and saw her chuckle slightly than Debra, “are you ok dear?â€￾ Matt said, “Yes.. yes I’m fine, just a lump in my throatâ€￾. This constant teasing and soft stroking continued throughout dinner with once in a while the foot would use it’s entire length up and down stopping at the head of his dick and curl her toes around it, keeping Matt on the edge and making him want to jump the table and fuck the living daylights out of Julie. As dinner was ending Matt looked like he almost ran a marathon, just claiming that it was too hot in the restaurant, and Julie and Debra were just talking. Matt blaimed the good food for being so quiet, when in reality he didn’t want to let out an occasional moan due to this expert fondling. “Where did Julie learn to do thisâ€￾? he thought, This has happened to him before with her but not to this extent, and she looked so innocent doing it.

As dinner neared it’s end, that’s when things started to heat up. Julie’s foot that was teasing him now moved further up to his crotch area, and started to fondle his balls with her toes slightly, causing him to jitter around a little and again garnering the attention of both women. “It’s ok, I’m fine, just a small itchâ€￾, he instantly thought that was the worst excuse ever, cause he had an itch alright.. not the normal kind though. As it was time for dessert both women looked up with delight, while Matt almost feinted wanting this torment to end. Matt ordered a slice of Cheesecake for himself and Julie, and Debra ordered some Vanilla Ice Cream. “I love dessert, It’s almost my favorite part of the mealâ€￾!, Debra said, and Julie agreed. Almost as if on cue Julie’s foot started to work at the zipper of Matt’s Pants, causing them to lower each time allowing her toes to slowly enter his pants. Matt was sweating bullets now, he knew that if she made full contact, he wouldn’t last 2 minutes. He was so worked up by now he couldn’t stand it. Then he felt something else, something moving his dick, it was a second foot!.. “Matt Honey, are you ok? You look a little flustered.â€￾ Julie was just rubbing it in now, Matt thought, “hmm.. I’m gonna take you so hard when we get backâ€￾. The second foot was trying to push his dick up, and out, through the zipper hole of his pants, and Matt was powerless to do anything, he couldn’t get up, and couldn’t say anything really. He had to let it happen, he couldn’t even look down to see what was going on, otherwise Debra would get suspicious. Besides, even he knew that at this point, he wanted it, he needed it. Dessert arrived as Matt tried to take a bite of his cheesecake he jolted slightly dropping the fork back onto the plate as Julie’s feet had accomplished her goal. He was out in the open, and therefore, doomed. He tried to keep his composure but both feet now gripped his cock like a Rod to Magnets and literally started moving her ankles back and forth in a jerking motion, the feeling was unbelievable, almost bringing Matt into a state of shock, but tried to keep a straight face for Debra’s Sake. Debra had finished her Ice Cream completely unaware of what was going on and Matt saw the last piece of cheesecake on plate. Julie innocently asked, “do you want to finish it?â€￾, Matt, clearly seeing the double entendre that was meant there, simply accepted his fate and replied, “No it’s ok, you can finish it, I’m fullâ€￾. Debra responded with, “A good man always lets his wife finish it, he’s definitely a keeper Julieâ€￾!, They all laughed and Julie’s feet now moved faster and almost caught Matt off guard, and suddenly he felt it, through the laughter he was able to cover up the massive torrent of cum that flew from his dick onto the waiting toes and arches of Julie’s Stockinged feet, wave after wave of pleasure shot through him and Debra was none the wiser. As his orgasm was coming down he was coming back to reality as Julie’s feet kept gently massaging his slowly softening cock, it felt great, almost as if he was riding high, until the waiter accidentally spilled what little of his drink left all over his crotch. In a way this was a blessing as he could cover up his accident with the napkin and soda, on the other hand, it caused Julie’s feet to leave rather quickly as they may have gotten wet.. Matt quickly zipped up as the check arrived. Matt looked at Julie with a sense of wonder, amazement, and passion. He truly truly loved her, and this was one of the most erotic experiences he’s ever had. They get up to leave and start to leave the restaurant. However, Matt notices something strange, as once again he starts to check out Debra’s dark pantyhose he notices a small shine to them, that wasn’t there earlier. He looks up at Debra, as she is giving him the slyest smile ever given to a man from a woman. It clicked!.. “HOLY SHIT, He just got a foot job from his future Mother in Lawâ€￾. As they were leaving, Debra says.. “You know, I’m glad you and Julie are getting married, I just hope you’re ready to enter our family, we can be a bit crazy and spontaneous at times.â€￾ Laughing, Julie agreed. Debra shot a sexy sultry look at Matt and winked as Matt could not fathom what just happened, he almost got hard again. Matt thinks this may be the beginning of a beautiful marriage.

Ok, I know it's a lil long winded, but I thought a little detail was needed.. Let me know what you guys think. Love ya all.


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Post by Vin » Wed Jun 12, 2013 9:05 pm

One of the best fictions ever on this forum. Keep it up, bro!
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Re: Future Mother in Law (Fiction)

Post by Footlover75 » Sat Mar 24, 2018 7:55 am

Great story Mike, thanks for sharing. :)

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