Randy relatives

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Randy relatives

Post by zoey »

Now boys please dont ever say i dont give you all what you want, because this story has been requested by loads of you, and you know i am here just to please you all xxxxxxxxxxxx

A few years ago my bf and I rented an old cottage in Wales for the weekend with his Dad and his gf. Now unfortunaty the gf, i think due to the fact that she had brown mousey hair and her breasts were as flat as pancakes, took an instant distlike to me. This however did not bother me in the slightest as i always get the upper hand with jealous gfs.
My bfs dad was a very good looking man, maybe mid 40s but very fit for his age, and tbh did keep staring at my chest most of the day. The brown haired gf constantly moaned about me : I always walk around in my bra and knickers, I dont tidy my underwear away, my very large breasts were always on show, and my high heel shoes were always left lying around, these were just a few of the things she moaned about me.
so one evening after listening to her bitching all day, i decided to get even with her. We rented a scary movie and all sat down on the massive couch to watch it, I pretended that i was cold so went into the bedroom and fetched a pile of thick blankets to cover us all in. my bf sat on the one end, i sat next to him, his dad sat next to me and the brown haired gf sat on the other end. We turned all the lights off and sat in the dark. I lay my head on my bfs lap and curled my legs up on the sofa next to his dads legs.
Now during the film, I, as the horny little devil that I am, began to move my feet under the blanket towards my bfs dads lap, as my foot reached his leg i felt him catch his breath, and as i slowly moved my stocking foot over the top of his leg towards his crotch he didnt move a muscle. I couldnt see his face in the dark and nobody could see my feet under the blanket so i continued my journey. Expecting him at any minute to say something or at least move my foot, i was very suprised when i reached his crotch to find that his cock was rock hard and hanging very long down his trouser leg.
Now remember i told you that i had my head on my bfs lap, well whilst i lay there i felt his cock getting hard and bf having no idea that i was playing footsie with his dads extremly long and hard cock under the blanket, decided that he would remove his cock from his trousers so that i could give him a blow job in the dark.
What a dream come true for me, all this attention from both men and brown haired gf had no idea. The biggest turn in was that i had her bfs cock beneath my stockinged feet and it was getting harder and harder as i rubbed my foot up and down it and curled my toes into it. I felt his hand move under the blanket and grabbing my foot pushed it harder and rubbed it faster into his rock hard cock, now almost at bursting point.
At the same time bf was also getting closer to shooting his load as i was sucking his cock for all i was worth.
Suddenly i felt my bfs dad pushing my foot down hard onto his cock as his cum poured out of his cock soaking his trousers and my stocking foot. at the same time bf grabbed my head over his cock as he shot his cum into my mouth.
I went to move my foot away from my bfs dads lap as his cum leaked out of his trousers on to my foot, but he was having none of it and held my foot on his cock still rubbing it up and down while i felt it get hard again.
BF by now had put his cock back into his trousers and moved his hand under the banket so that he could play with my tits, this gave me a better angle to be able to move my foot on to his dads cock who to my amazment took it out of his trousers and held my stocking feet on his cock, he must have loved the feel of my stockings on the bare skin of his cock, as he pushed my stocking foot, already soaking with his cum from earlier, over the head of his cock and rubbed it feeling the wet nylon material against the head of his hard cock. After a few minutes of rubbing my nylon stocking against my bfs dads hard cock i felt the familiar hot damp feeling of his cum covering my toes and squelching in between them.
At this moment we noticed that the movie was finishing so he moved my feet from his cock and put it back into his trousers. I stood up, my feet covered in his cum and turned to his gf and said, 'well i hope you enjoyed the movie as much as me'
She gave me a wierd look as i smiled and made my way delicatly to the bedroom, where randy bf was waiting to give my wet pussy a good seeing to.
I have to admit all the time we were fucking i did get a massive thrill imagining his dads face over mine as he was cuming :)
Hope you all enjoyed this story, please comment or pm me to let me know.
Zoey xxxxxxxxx
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Post by llegster »

Wow - the Dad must have been thinking how very lucky he was
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Post by Vin »

You're such a tease Zoey! You must turn on nearly every man you encounter. And that's not surprising at all!
I wish it were me or, what I'd like more, I wish I could play these kinky foot games with you!
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Post by Mightyleo24 »

what a great story
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Post by dexter »

Good story!!! :D
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Re: Randy relatives

Post by Footlover75 »

Oh my stars! I would give my right arm to have been in your bf’s, father’s seat. I would have ripped your stocking open to expose your soft, baresole and had my dick out of my pants or the first round. What a lucky bugger he was.
What size foot are you? Do you take care of your feet?
Thanks for sharing an amazing story.
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