My 'wet' dream.

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My 'wet' dream.

Post by zoey »

I had the most erotic dream last night and would like to share it with you all.
I was sitting at a table at a dinner party. I had no idea who's house it was or who's party it was, i didnt even recognise any of the people who were at the dinner party with me.
I was of course dressed to kill, in a very sexy short skirt, with nylons and high black shoes.
There were mostly men at the table, but there where a few women as well.
I sat opposit two men, one was about 18, good looking with dark hair, the other man was in his forties, slightly turning grey but very distinguished looking.
Neither of these men looked at me at all, they were both talking to their partners on either side of them, in fact I was being totally ignored by everyone in the room.
Suddenly i felt a foot just skimming across my left foot, I looked up but neither of the men opposite me looked in my direction.
Thinking that i had imagined it i continued to sit in silence. Then i felt it again, this time there was no mistaking the definate feel of a shoe rubbing the inside of my calf, and gently running higher up the inside of my leg. I could barely keep myself from making a noise as the feeling of a stranger, and one who i could not even tell who it was, was the most erotic feeling that i had ever felt. It was obviously one of the men opposite me, but niether of them had even glanced in my direction and obviously neither of thier girlfriends had any idea of what was going on.
I was getting very turned on by this stranger so i moved my foot and began sliding it up the other leg of my unknown player. I slid it gently up and down the inside of his leg and then moved it higher so that i could feel the bulge in his trousers. I took my shoe off and placed my stocking foot inside his trouser leg and began stroking my foot up and down his bare leg. His other foot was still sliding up and down my leg, now however he had removed his shoe and his foot was under my skirt and getting closer to the top of my thigh.
I moved my stockinged foot back to the top of his leg and placed my foot back on his hard cock, which now felt way harder with my stockinged foot than than when i first felt it with my shoe on, i continued to rub his cock through his trousers and curling my toes up and digging them into the massive bulge there.
All this time i still had no idea who my sex playmate was as both men opposite me still refused to look me in the eye. I was by now in a frantic state of arousel as my invisable assailant had reached my wet panties with his foot and was rubbing my pussy through my panties to make me even wetter and more turned on than ever.
I continued to rub his cock now quite frantically through his trousers, determined to discover whose cock it was, when i suddenly felt the bottom of my foot getting wet where he had an orgasm and my foot was soaking up all his cum through my stockings.
I looked across the table for recognition but still not a flicker from either of the two men, even though one of them had his toes inside my wet panties and had just cum on my stockinged foot. I gave a small cry out as i came against his toes and suddenly everyone in the room went silent and all eyes stared at me.
My footsie friend then removed his foot and at once the people continued their conversations, ignoring me once again.

As it was a dream i am never gonna find out whos foot was playing under the table, but as dreams go it was certainly one of the best. Hope you all agree. xxx

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Post by NeedMilf »

It was me ^^
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Post by kane901 »

It was me ;)
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Post by zoey »

Well thank you guys you did a wonderful job on me !!!!!!!!!!
Wow two of you playing footsie with me at the same time, I would never get up from the table again lol
I shall go to sleep tonight dreaming of both of you
Please please please do it to me again tonight

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