Footplay suprise

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Footplay suprise

Post by zoey »

Now i always think that the best type of sex is the type that takes you by suprise, don't you?
and the same goes for footplay.......Let me explain.
I have told you guys the story about how i first met my ex, and for now we will know him as Dan.
Well me and Dan got together after we met on a train, and through footplay. We got on great and went out a few times and chatted about how he loved the idea of playing footsie under the table out of view of everybody but still with the danger of someone being able to see.
So on our third date I had the idea that tonight was the night, we were going to go to a restaurant and although i was a bit aprehensive as i had never done it before i was going to suprise him by teasing him to an orgasm under the table. I was really turned on by the thought of doing this to him.
I dressed to kill with a very revealing red blouse, and a black mini skirt. Underneath i wore black bra and a tiny black thong, suspenders and black stockings, and of course red killer heels.
At the restaurant we sat at a secluded table in the corner, i sat with my back to the wall and Dan sat facing me.
We had our starter and after a couple of glasses of wine to calm my nerves i stretched my shoe clad foot out under the table and found Dan's foot, he looked at me and grinned like a naughty schoolboy, I started to rub the sole of my shoe up and down his trouser leg, i then moved my shoe so that i pushed his trouser leg up and my foot was now inside his trousers on his leg. I rubbed my shoe up and down his leg for a few moments until i was sure that he was obviously enjoying it. Then, to his dismay I removed my foot from his leg, I slipped my shoe off and placed it back on his leg, then i slid it up the top of his leg all the way to the bulge that was forming in his lap. Just at that moment the waiter came and i went to move my foot from his hard cock, but Dan was having none of it and his hand grabbed my foot and held it tight, pushing my toes into his hard cock. he held my foot on his rock hard cock. making me rub it and push it into the bulge which was getting harder all the time. i held my breath while the water moved our plates and left the menus for us. I'm still not convinced that he did not know what was going on. After he left us for a few minutes Dan released my foot and in embarresment i pulled it away and put it on the floor.
The waiter then reapeared and began to discuss our deserts, when to my horror i felt Dan's shoeless foot creep up the inside of my leg and pushed my legs apart. i was too stunned to argue so i opened my legs for him, as soon as i did his foot slid up the inside of my thigh to my, now extreamly wet pussy. He then very skillfully pushed my thong to one side with his toes and started rubbing them along my now even wetter pussy. When he actually pushed his toe inside my now throbbing pussy, i thought i was going to scream. i bit my lip to stop it and stared at him as he so calmly ordered our deserts. The waiter looked at me as i held back a scream and i tried to move myself out of the way but as i had my back to the wall i was well and truly wedged in. Dan continued to 'fuck' me with his toes until i could hold back no longer and an orgasm like i had never known ripped through my body. Dan then grinned like a cheshire cat and calmly removed his foot. He then declined the deserts and asked for the bill.
i was still shaking from the amazing foot sex that had taken place that i just followed him out of the restaurant silently.
That night we had the most amazing sex i had ever known, all because of footplay that definatly took me by suprise.
That was the night that I learned that if I want explosive sex all night then footplay is definatly the way to start it.

Hope you enjoyed this story as much as i have enjoyed sharing it with you and i hope that you are now all rock hard. I look forward to your comments.

Zoey xxxxxxx :superhorny:

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Post by boxnclox »

Brilliant Zoey! Absolutely brilliant. You certainly have a gift. You have turned on men from all over the world with your story, myself included.And I totally agree with you that footplay will lead to sex. My past experiences have also proved that to be true. I had one date where she slid her black stocking foot between my legs and glided it right to left on the growing buldge of my dress pants until I started to leak on her foot. The little devil held her sexy big toe on my hard head, to keep me from exploding. On the way home, I fingered her from drivers seat till she passed out, then made amazing love to her. Thank you :shockedstar: :superhorny: :love: :love:

P.S. Would love to see the black stocking feet that caused your night of passion :love:
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Post by NeedMilf »

Mmm Zoey want to have a diner with you :shockedstar:
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