My Halloween Treat

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My Halloween Treat

Post by zoey »

I went out into Birmingham last night (halloween) with a bunch of girls for a girly night out. After a few drinks in a couple of bars we made our way to a restaurant.
Now to set the scene, we were all dressed in fancy dress, mine was. as you can imagine, a naughty little devil. I wore a a tight little red tshirt, a very short red skirt and red tights with my red high heel shoes. I also had a pair of red horns to finish the overall effect.
There were six of us, all looking bloody hot i must say, and as you can imagine we were all very merry. I sat on the end of he table and at the next table was an obviously married couple, both maybe in their thirties. The man sat facing my chair and his wife had her back to me.
I sat and crossed my legs. and glanced across the table at the man. He was staring at my legs and my feet. which did look fantastic.
now after visiting this site for the past week, a lot of my time is taken up fantasising about footplay, so just for a bit of a joke, i started playing with my shoe, dangling it off my foot to see his reaction. to my amazment he stared straight at my foot, very obviously a foot player. I spent a few more minutes teasing him, rubbing my foot up and down my leg, and slipping my shoe on and off, while he spent an embarressing few minutes blushing and trying to focus on what his wife was tallking about. I loved the thrill of the naughtiness of the situation, which obviously made me tease him more and more. I could tell he was getting seriously turned on by it all.
Eventually the couple finished their meal and left the restaurant, with the husband giving me a wink on the way out.
This left me with two questons.
Are all men closet foot players?
And was the man in question from this site?
My only regret was that after spending all that time turning him on, it was his wife who was going to get the reward for it at the end of the night.

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Post by nyllover »

Well... i may be wrong but...i think any man would have "read" those foot movements in a teasing way, and most probably any man would have looked at you and get excited...but i may be wrong... i always thought that a woman playing with her shoe and feet would always catch up other men's attention, even if they are not into feet..

But i wrong? Guys what do you think? :)

P.S. wish i was him :superlol:
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Post by boxnclox »

Lovely story Zoey.

Thanks and welcome to our group. I cannot wait to read your next story. There's nothing sexier than a woman's feet encased in tights or stockings (black my preference). And with that, teasing her date under a dinner table in a crowded restaurant. Her foot sliding out of her shoe, gently gliding up the pant leg of her date, getting him hot and nervous, not wanting to be caught. She giving sexy looks knowing that she is in control. And the grand finale of her foot sliding between his legs and rubbing the buldge in his pants that she had made. That makes for an incredible rest of the evening for all involved. Hopefully, you have an experience like that for all of us to read and enjoy. Thanks again! =)
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Post by NeedMilf »

Zoey i love you :love:
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Post by zoey »

Again guys a massive thanks for the lovely comments about my story.
and for a reward for all the lovely things you say about me i will post a story at the weekend that will, hopefully have you all rock hard and cuming just reading it. (Please let me know if it does).
I am sure that it will have all that you all fantasise about and more.
As i have told you guys the sexy comments you send me turn me on soooo much it makes me hornier when i cum to write my stories (pun intended). :superhorny:
So get sending in your comments and keep a look out for the next one.
Love you all
Zoey xxxxxxxxx
and a special :kiss: to Needmilf. thank you

ps guys if you want to chat to me privately you can always msg me xx
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