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the wedding reception

Posted: Tue Jun 12, 2012 1:03 am
by kane901
It all started about two years ago. This girl Sarah and I were sleeping together almost every week since we met, even when she got a boyfriend and started a "committed relationship" we continued having sex as often as we could. One night we ended up going to a wedding reception for one of our mutual friends. I was wearing a black suit and tie and brought another one of our friends as a date. I was walking around chatting with everyone when Sarah walked in...

She was wearing a black, mid lenght, strapless dress with black pantyhose and black sling back stelletos. She and her boyfriend sat down at our table, she made it very clear that she wanted to sit across from me and I had a good idea why...

As dinner was served and people kept tapping their glasses with silverware to get the newlyweds to kiss, Sarah took the opportunity to get a little frisky under the table. Quietly sliding her right foot out of her heel and running her pantyhose foot up my leg straight to my crotch. This wasn't the first time she had done this to me in public, nor was this the first time she did it in front of her boyfriend but this was the first time she ever wore nylons of any kind and I was wearing loose fitting dress pants so the sensation was a lot more than i'd ever felt before. Also, the fact her and I hadn't had sex in a few weeks made her more horny than usual. Sarah started off slow enough, wiggling her toes against my cock through my pants while everyone tried conversing with me, she was in a real teasing mood, not adding any pressure unless it was when I opened my mouth to speak so most of the time I stayed silent.

The night went on and she withdrew her foot from my crotch once dinner ended and the dancing began. I continued sitting until my errection could subside while everyone else hit the dance floor. Soon, Sarah's boyfriend went outside to make a phone call and she signalled for me to join her on the dance flooor. Just as I did, the DJ began playing a pretty riskque song for a wedding but people danced none the less. Sarah and I started dirty dancing and pretty soon we were grinding pretty hard and she kept rubbing her pantyhosed crotch on mine. She was so wet and warm but we knew we couldn't do anything about it tonight as she would be going home with her boyfriend.

Soon the song ended and Sarah decided to sit back down as her high heels were bothering her feet. No sonner than we sat down her boyfriend sat down with us and began talking to me about how well he was doing with his new job and all the money he'd be making soon. I then felt Sarah's pantyhose foot crawl right back into my crotch. It didn't take me long to get hard again but this time Sarah was rubbing my dick pretty fast. Being so pent up I felt myself getting close to cumming, Sarah knew it to and started rubbing the head of my cock. Her boyfriend kept talking but I really couldn't hear him anymore. This was pretty serious. Sarah made me cum in my pants before but I was always able to control my face and breathing pretty well and he never noticed but I was afraid this time was going to be different.

Sarah's pantyhosed foot continued to masturbate me under the table as more and more people began to sit down around us. Sarah's eyes were locked on to mine and whenever I would look at her she would either wink at me or give me some other hot looks from across the table which only furthered my climax. I grabbed my drink and tried to take a sip but my hands began shaking, I took a quick peek down in my lap and saw Sarah's black pantyhose foot focusing on my head. I looked at her one last time, my eyes begging her to stop. She smiled, winked and rubbed as fast as she could without moving in her seat.

That last wink put me over the edge and I began cumming in my pants harder than I had ever cum in my life. For a moment I though I was going to loose consciousness. There was no way everyone didn't notice what just happened to me. I finally was able to open my eyes and Sarah's boyfriend was still talking although I still couldn't hear a word he was saying. Sarah was just lightly rubbing over my head where most of the cum had shot into my pants. She would wiggle her toes over the cum spot and I noticed some of it leaked through my pants and on to her pantyhose. She felt it too and just winked at me again. She pulled her foot out of the crotch and put it back in her heel. I couldn't believe how her boyfriend, sitting right next to her, didn't notice his girlfriend give me a footjob under the table.

Then I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket. It was from Sarah. "I hope you enjoyed that as much as I did. Looks like i'm gonna have to wear nylons more often ;)"

Yes, yes she was...

Posted: Tue Aug 21, 2012 6:38 am
by Mightyleo24
great story i really enjoyed that hope you post more

Posted: Sat Nov 03, 2012 11:22 pm
by zoey
That was great Kane901, my kind of story, it great to hear a mans view written in a proper story, made me really wet just reading it,
thanks Zoey x

Posted: Sat Nov 03, 2012 11:47 pm
by llGIBBAll
Awesome story it was a good story to read and the first one i have ever read haha :) do you post pictures of your own feet Zoey ?

Posted: Sun Nov 04, 2012 12:13 am
by zoey
If you enjoyed that story llGIBBAll then please take a look at my stories and let me know what you think,mine are obviously written from a girls point of view but hopefully you will enjoy them just as much. And in answer to your question no i havent yet put a picture on but i promise i will put one on my profile soon xx