Crush's perfect soles, photos attached.

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Crush's perfect soles, photos attached.

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I am a 24 year old guy who has a foot fetish. During my 3 years of college i had a crush on a classmate of mine who was tall had a great figure and long legs. Ahe usually wears flats and pumps and rarely reveals her feet in the beginning which made me want to see it more. By the time of the end of my second year, we went on a class trip together so during the trip one night, i finally saw her flexing her beautiful soles up on the table while smoking a cigarette with one of our friends, the lighting was quite bad but i clearly saw it.
Another incident was during my 3rd year of college also on another class trip. I was out swimming in the pool of the hotel we were staying and she came with my other classmates and laid down on the what you call beach seats, flexing her soles. It was also during the night and was quite dark but i saw the perfect arches.
Now here comes the final incident, we were done with college and about 5-6 months later she came to visit me in my room. What made me excited qas that i had a great chance to observe those perfect soles and mannn she didn't disappoint! I was sitting on my chair and she laying on the bed her feet facing me and flexing her soles, well i don't know if she did it unconsciously or intentionally but hell the excitement i felt at that time for being able to see those perfect soles in all its glory after waiting for so long.
Coming back to present, we still keep in touch and she's currently at her home town but if she ever visits me i will update the story.
College trip 1
College trip 1
IMG_20180216_220029__01.jpg (1.44 MiB) Viewed 412 times
IMG_20191010_194421__02__01.jpg (1.89 MiB) Viewed 412 times
College trip 2
College trip 2
IMG_20181001_191618__01__01__01.jpg (894.98 KiB) Viewed 412 times
At my room
At my room
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Re: Crush's perfect soles, photos attached.

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