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An old Halloween story.

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An old Halloween story.

Post by joshjack » Wed Oct 31, 2018 1:35 am

Recently I was able to recover some long lost stories from an old hard drive. This is one of my favorite stories originally posted 13 years ago on Halloween. Some of you may have read it before but sime of you may have not. I hope everyone enjoys today.

Copyright 2005
The young woman in blood red high heel sling backs and black stockings looked into the
infinite blackness deaths face. She smiled and tilted her head. Coldness filled the room
as death move forward. Twirling the end of her jet black hair, the woman crossed her
legs. Running her pale hand down the seam of her stocking she pushed the heel strap of
her shoe off of her foot. A few flicks of her toes ant the pump was dangling precariously
as if it were twisting in the wind. Death was so very, very near but there was no fear.

“You’re flirting with death” spoke the Grim Reaper.

“Flirting with death”, exclaimed the surprised woman as she brought her hand to her

“Yes, I can tell by your dangling shoe” said the Reaper. “That’s a sure sign of flirting.”

“My dangling shoe” questioned the woman?

“Yes” answered the Reaper.

“Well Mr. Reaper” the woman started to explain, “Did it ever occur to you that my toes
could be cramped or my foot could be hot.”

“Your foot is hot” said the Reaper.

“Hot as hell” replied the woman as she let her shoe fall to the floor. “Besides now I can’t
be flirting because I’m not dangling my shoe.”

The woman put her stocking foot in between the opening of Grim Reaper’s robe.

“What does the Grim Reaper wear under his robe anyway” inquired the woman as she
ran her stocking foot up the inside of the Reaper’s thigh. “Not much at all!”

“Wow” said the Grim Reaper as he pulled down his hood! “I’m Gil.”

“I’m the women in red” said the woman.

“Can I get you anything to drink”, Gil asked the woman.

“Sure. I’d like a Zombie”, she answered.

Gil could contain his excitement. He was going to have a drink with the most beautiful
and sexy woman at the party. Quickly he went to the bar and got the Zombie and he
made back to the woman who was rubbing her stocking foot lovingly.

“So woman in red what is your name” asked Gil.

“Call me Angel”, the woman answered as she took a long drink of her Zombie leaving
her blood red lipstick prints on the glass.

“I work in the Sales department Angel, where do you work” Gil inquired?

“I’m just crashing” replied Angel.

“What do you think of this company’s Halloween costume party” queried Gil.

Angel looked around and finished her Zombie. “Pretty lame” she said. “I think I’m going
to get going”

Angel reached down for her shoe but Gil picked it up and put it in a pocket inside his

“Hey” said Angel, “What are you doing?”

“Look, I don’t know you but you just finished a Zombie in about 2 seconds” Gil
explained, “and somebody who does that should not drive. I’m saving your life Angel”

“You think stealing my shoe will keep me here” Angel said in amazement. “You need
my keys stupid.”

Angel tossed her keys to Gil. He caught them with surprise.

“Get me another Zombie big boy” commanded Angel as she pressed her stocking foot
against Gil’s crotch.

Shocked in amazement Gil immediately complied. He could refuse this beautiful
woman. She had such inviting eyes.

Gil returned with the drink and Angel snatched it out of his hands. It was gone quicker
that the first. Tossing the glass carelessly behind her she thrust her stocking foot into
Gil’s crotch again.

“Another, slave”, said Angel.

Gil was compelled to comply.

Angel took the third drink but drank it with dainty sips. Gil still hadn’t finished his first
beer. As Angel nursed her third Zombie she began rubbing Gil’s robe with her stocking

“You have my keys” said Angel “Can I have my shoe back?”

“Sure” said Gil.

Angel pointed her toes and extended her shoeless foot.

“Would you slip it on for me” she requested in a voice that would melt an iceberg.

Gil got down on one knee and reached into his robe for Angel’s shoe.

“Could her kiss my foot before you put on my shoe” Angel asked in a sweet pouting little
girls voice.

“Eh OK” agreed Gil as he kissed her foot.

Angel pressed her toes into Gil’s nose. “Do you like the way my toes smell” asked

“Intoxicating” said Gil as he burrowed his nose between her stocking sheathed toes and
inhaled deeply.

“You can lick my toes if you like”, suggested Angel.

Gil blindly obeyed as he was under Angels spell. Anything Angel asked he would do.
Angel quickly gulped down the rest of her drink.

“Put my shoe on now” she ordered!

Gil complied.

With her shoe firmly on her Angel stood up quickly and was as steady as a rock. She
took the Grim Reaper’s sickle and his opposite arm.

“Let’s drive my car” she said.

Angel had an exquisite blood red convertible sports car. The car was parked under a
street lamp and glistened in the dark light with its top down. In Gil’s wildest dreams he
could not own the car that Angel had. He knew cars but didn’t exactly know the make of
Angel’s car. It had foreign looking vanity plates. “CERBERUS he read. Her name is
Angel Cerberus he thought. Gil just needed a phone number and an address.

“You can drive stick right Mr. Reaper” Angel confirmed.

“You bet” Gil said excitedly.

As Gil buckled his seat belt he noticed Angel was pushing down the heel straps of her
shoes. “My feet are so hot” she said as she slid her exquisite stocking feet half out of
their shoes.

“Aren’t you going to put on your seat belt” asked Gil.

Angel just pulled the Grim Reaper’s hood over his head again. “Do you think a woman
riding with the Grim Reaper worries about a safety belt, Drive” she ordered!

The Grim Reaper turned the key and it sounded like twelve cylinders came to life. He
put it in gear hit the gas and heard a roar as a smooth as a silk stocking. The car
accelerated quickly. Angel’s long black hair billowed in the wind. She crossed her right
leg over her left knee and her blood red shoe dangled on her big toe. Styx played on the
radio. The Reaper put the car in second gear and they were both thrown back in their
seats. Angel’s shoe fell off of her foot.

“Faster” she said “Faster”.

The car handled like it was on rails the faster it went the easier it was to control. The
Grim Reaper was confident behind the wheel. Another gear and they were thrown back
in their seats again. Angel curled her toes wildly and put her head back against the seat.
She opened her mouth as if to drink the wind.

Still another gear, the Grim Reaper was in firm control now. His hood hung over his
head inexplicably as if it caught none of the violent wind surrounding the couple. Angel
uncrossed her legs and began pushed her stocking foot on the floorboard as if she were
pushing the accelerator.

“Faster, Faster “she commanded “Take me away Reaper, Take me away”

Angel kept pressing her stocking toes into the floorboard. The Grim Reaper glanced at
her. She looked so beautiful just wearing one shoe.

The straight road stretched on infinitely in the darkness and the Grim Reaper threw the
car into the final gear. There so much more acceleration! Angel rested her shod left foot
on the center console. She put her stocking foot against the dash. She was in ecstasy.
The Grim Reaper continued to drive in to the darkness with ever increasing speed. Angel
put both of her hands in her lap and inhaled deeply with her eyes closed. Ecstasy turned
to peace. The rush of the wind was gone. There was serene silence. The Grim Reaper
eased off of the gas ever so slightly.

The peace was shattered. Angel felt the car slowing and he kicked her left shoe off not
knowing that it fell behind the brake pedal.

“Faster” she demanded and he pushed her left stocking on top of the Grim Reaper’s foot
ramming the gas pedal to the floor.

“Keep you foot on the gas” she screamed as she climbed up to sit on top of the seat back.
Her left stocking foot was now in the Grim Reaper’s lap and toes of her right stocking
foot were curled over the top of the windshield. Angel raised her hands and screamed
wildly in the wind. It seemed that only her curled toes that kept for flying out of the car.

Angel lifted her stocking foot from the Grim Reaper’s lap and undid his safety belt with
her big toe. With the belt undone she worked her foot in to the Reaper’s pants and
rubbed and stroked the Reaper’s manhood.

The car accelerated more wit each stroke of Angel’s foot. She stroked faster and harder
and every needle on the dash board was pegged. The peace was coming back to Angel.
She uncurled her toes and pulled her right foot off of the windshield. Her right foot was
now resting on the stick shift.

Gently caressing the stick shift with her beautiful stocking toes Angel push the car out of
gear. The engine revved and roared violently. Instantly a curve appeared in the road.
The Grim Reaper and no power to the wheels so he slammed on the brake pedal which
did not move because of Angel’s shoe.

The car ran off the road.

The Grim Reaper lay dead at the Angel of Death’s stocking feet. The Angel of Death
always had her fun on All Hallows Eve.


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