[ENG] What made you like feet?

Write here your dreams, your stories, your experiences of footsie or other situations where a foot had been used to seduce

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Re: [ENG] What made you like feet?

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Baloo_135 wrote: Wed Sep 15, 2021 12:13 am
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I can agree. I didn't understand why I liked nylon feet at that age, only that it gave me a funny feeling. After I was talked to by my mom I realized that it wasn't a normal thing to do and started feeling shame. When we were all watching TV and a footsie scene or a nyloned woman would appear I'd feel super embarrassed and uncomfortable with people around and would feel the stiffness. This continued into school whenever the teacher shoeplayed.

In middle school some of the girls liked playing footsies under the desk. It was their way of flirting buy little did they know how aroused it made me. When it happened I froze and let them do it.

At 14 is when my 1st wet dream occurred. I woke up at 2am drenched in my pants but was is a "high". I felt release and my penis was super sensitive. That's around the time I explored the internet and found this site ( yahoo groups at the time) All I wanted to do was jack off lol. I didn't dare tell any girl about it until 17 when I got with my 1st girlfriend. She was totally down for wearing nylons and teasing. The downside is that she felt the only way I could really get off was with her wearing heels and nylons, which was kinda true because I wasn't fully attracted to her without them.
Interesting. So, do you remember how your mother spoke to you? What she said? Do you think that could have led to you feeling embarrassed about what you were doing? Or feeling?
My Mom was roughly 21 when I was 3. I grabbed her younger sister's pantyhosed foot and placed it on my stiffy. She was a pre teen and screamed and ran and said " Oh My God!" My Mom seen and new I had a thing for feet. She just said " It's not nice to grab feet. And her feet are dirty and smelly anyways."

I think I was more embarrassed on how my aunt reacted. I felt really embarrassed. But after that my mom didn't really speak to me about it. Other than the time she found lots of footporn on the computer. Even then she said " You are under 18, don't go on those sites."

I figured out early liking feet was not common and should keep it to myself. Now I'm having a blast with my wife. It's funny cuz one time my Mom accidentally kicked my Wife's shoe under the table as she was playing footsie with me lol . So, she figured her son ended up getting some nylon foot action anyhow hahah
That is hilarious. That's taking "being a dick" to a whole new level.

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Re: [ENG] What made you like feet?

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I can't point to one specific incident or memory that made me start liking feet per se, but one of my earliest memories of seeing feet and liking them was in Sabbath School (which is regular Sunday School, but on Saturdays - I was raised a Seventh Day Adventist, BTW). Back then, the early '80s, dressing up for Church was still a thing and the girls were almost always in the same kind of outfit (a knee-length or slightly longer skirt or dress with white tights and shiny leather flats or mary-janes. Throughout the lesson, there always was two (maybe three) girls whom would get restless and pop their heels out of their shoes, and after a while started shuffling their feet in and out of them or spinning them wildly under their seats with their toes.

As a five or six Year old at the time, I could never put my finger on what the Sam Hill they were doing, why they were doing it, or why I liked watching them do it. All I know was that I fascinated by it. It wasn't until '83, when I transferred from public school to catholic school for second grade and I started noticing girls in my grade wearing their uniforms and doing the same thing (playing with their shoes and even sometimes taking them off and million about class in their knee sock or tights feet). It was around that time that I began noticing teachers doing it too. Again, I couldn't put my finger on why I liked it, I just knew that I did.
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