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PPV Marietta (Comercial)

Post here all the celebrity pictures and videos that you want. Please, DO NOT post pornographic material or material totally out of topic from our forum: we want to see feet, nylons, high heels..

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PPV Marietta (Comercial)

Post by christo » Fri May 22, 2020 3:16 pm

Ft. Unknown
Year: 1992
Quality: SD
Scene: 5/5

A couple argue who must return the video to the video store as they commercials speaks of how Pay Per View is better as you don't have to return the video. Woman kicks her shoes off and relaxes her pantyhose clad legs and feet on the table. Lots of toe wiggling.

I believe this originally came from here. So props to the original poster.

https://video.lewd.host/videos/watch/ba ... 632c326123

Home for celebrity pantyhose feet!

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