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[FAQ] Emule

You can find here all the help you need. Practical guides to help you in making things like send a video or downloading it from Rapidshare, download videos from Youtube and so on... And if you have a problem, write about it here. Post here also all the requests regarding the forum: reposts, peculiar photos you want, videos and so on

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[FAQ] Emule

Post by nyllover » Tue Apr 05, 2005 11:31 pm

This FAQ is taken from the official Emule website

1. Download and Installation
Get eMule from the Official site. You can choose between a package with installer or just the executable in a zip file. Extract the zip file to any location you want and start it from there

If you use Windows98 you may receive the error message oleacc.dll not found. This dll is part of the MS System Updates for Win98.

2. Preferences
After eMule has started go to Preferences. The following will only describe some important settings. If you want more details on the settings read the entire FAQ.


Associate eMule with the eDonkey web link format
This is essential to let Emule understand what to do when you click on the "Download from Emule" link.
So press the Imagebutton. If this button is greyed out, eMule is already associated. Remember that Emule must be already running when you click those special links.

The Connection tab is by far the most important Preferences dialogue. Please take the time to thoroughly read this explanation
For a quick setup you can also use the Wizard. It will give you good values to start with.

Operating System
It is recommended to use a newer operating system like Windows 200 or XP as they handle multiple connections far better than Windows 9x/ME

Concurrent Downloads
This setting will affect the max allowed number of Sources per file and not the number of files you can download. If you have many files in the transfer list, the lower the max number of sources per file should be. Choose how many files you probably will have in your list.
Do not add too many files to your Downloads list. The Found Sources value in the Statistic tab should not be higher than ~3000. Too many sources will only clog your connection with permanent source asking. When you expand a download in the Transfer tab and see many (Too many connections) in front of sources, you have too many sources for your connection type to handle. Reduce your Hard Limit value.

Connection Type
Choose your connection from the list. It is important to choose the correct speed for your connection. If it is not listed choose Custom and enter the values in the True Bandwidth boxes. Mind the difference between kiloBits/s [kb/s] and kiloBytes/s [kB/s]. One Byte equals 8 Bits.

Press Apply and you are done with the Connection setup.

In the Directories Preferences you can specify the folder where completed files are stored (Incoming Files) and the path to the unfinished files (Temporary Files).
Marked folders in Shared Directories are released to the network. If you want to share multiple subdirectories use the CTRL key and check the parent folder.

If you are switching from eDonkey2000 to eMule simply point to the same Incoming and Temporary folders you used in eDonkey2000. The files will be automatically added after eMule is restarted.

3. Servers
Servers are needed to permit you accessing the network. On the first start it is important to get a recent server list.
The easiest way to update your server list is to use the Update server.met from URL box in eMule. See here for more details on updating server lists.

There are many websites who provide good server.met files but for a quick start copy this URL:

Code: Select all

to your clipboard and paste it in the update box then press the Update-button. Thanks to Maurice for providing this server list service.
How many servers have been added to your list is displayed in the Servers tab in the Log window.

4. Connecting to a Server
When you have updated the server list press the ImageConnect Button in the upper left corner.
Once successfully connected to a server, the status bar on bottom end of eMule should look like this:

Image: denotes a high ID. Everything is fine.
Image: if you get this icon on every connection attempt you have low ID and should read about ID, Firewalls, and Routers in the official site.

That's all you need to do to start downloading files!

The message below this will explain you some more detailed informations needed only if you want to help me in sharing the videos with others. In fact don't forget that when you download a video from Emule, other people can download it from you as well, spreading more and more the availability of it!
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Post by nyllover » Tue Apr 05, 2005 11:32 pm

Helpful informations to better share files

1. <a href="#uno">Image Slot amico Image Friend slot</a>
2. <a href="#due">Image Indirizzo IP e Porta Image IP Address and Port</a>
3. <a href="#tre">Image Come aggiungere link Image How to add links</a>

<a name="uno">1. Image Slot amico Image Friend slot

Per avere dei vantaggi dalla creazione di questo "gruppo" Emule è opportuno utilizzare tra di noi l'opzione "slot amico". Questa opzione permette di scambiare piu' rapidamente i file con uno o piu' utenti Emule (dipende dalla versione di Emule). Ecco come fare.
Prima di tutto è necessario aggiungere l'utente alla lista degli amici. Per fare questo ci sono due opzioni:
- (metodo preferibile): Se l'utente è visualizzato da qualche parte (in coda o tra l'elenco delle fonti di un file) è sufficiente cliccare con il destro e selezionare "aggiungi agli amici"
- Altrimenti andare nella sezione "messaggi" di Emule, cliccare con il destro sulla colonna a sinistra ("Amici") e selezionare "aggiungi amico". A questo punto riempire i campi indirizzo IP e porta utilizzata con i dati dell'amico.
Una volta che l'amico è nella lista, basta cliccare con il tasto destro del mouse su di lui e selezionare "assegna slot amico".

To gain some advantages by the creation of this Emule "group" we should use the "friendly slot" option of Emule. This allow one or more people to download files faster from you. Here's how to do it.
First of all you need to add the user to the friends list. There are two ways to do it:
- (best method): if the user is already in the list of people who are downloadin from you or of the sources of a file, simply right click on it and select "add to friends"
- If not, go in the messages part of Emule, right click on the column on the left ("Friends") and select "Add a friend". Fill in the IP address and the port of the friend.
Now that you have a new friend on the list, right click on it and select "estabilish friend slot".

<a name="due">2. Image Indirizzo IP e Porta Image IP Address and Port

Per permettere agli altri di aggiungerti tra la lista dei loro amici, devi fornire il tuo indirizzo IP e la porta utilizzata. Queste informazioni è possibile che cambino ogni volta che ti ricolleghi ad internet ma, per fortuna, una volta che sei stato aggiunto alla lista, Emule penserà da solo a ritrovarti.
Per ottenere queste informazioni, vai nel pannello "Server" di Emule e cerca il riepilogo delle tue informazioni personali (dipende dalla versione di Emule). Dovresti trovare, appunto, l'indirizzo IP e la porta nella parte riepilogativa della rete eD2k.
In alternativa, vai a questo indirizzo per ottenere il tuo indirizzo IP. Poi vai nella configurazione di Emule, nella parte "Connessione" e leggi il numero che stà scritto sotto TCP (di solito è 4662).

To let other people add you as a friend, you need to tell them your IP Address and Port number. This information can change each time you connect to the internet but, luckly, once you are on their list, Emule will be able to find you anyway.
To get these information, go in the "Server" panel of Emule and look for something called "My info" or something like that (depends on the Emule version). There, look for the eD2k Network, and you'll see your IP:port.
Alternatively, go to this page to get your IP address. Then go in the Emule preferences, under "Connection" and look for the number written below TCP (normally is 4662).

<a name="tre">3. Image Come aggiungere link Image How to add links

Per aggiungere un link cliccabile in un post procedete in questo modo:
- In Emule cliccate con il tasto destro sul file in questione e selezionate "Copia Ed2k link negli appunti".
- Qui nel post scrivete quanto segue:

Code: Select all

- Incollate di seguito il link Emule e aggiungete quanto segue:

Code: Select all

- Fatto! Invece di inviare subito il messaggio cliccate su Anteprima così da verificare se tutto è corretto.

Le versioni recenti di Emule consentono di fare questo in modo ancora piu' semplice. Invece di selezionare "Copia Ed2k link negli appunti", selezionate "Copia Ed2k link negli appunti (HTML)". In questo modo non dovrete fare altro che incollare nel messaggio quanto ottenuto!

Controllate che la casella "Disabilita HTML in questo messaggio" NON sia selezionata!

To add a clickable link in a post on the forum, follow these instructions:
- In Emule right click on the file you want and select "Copy Ed2k Link to clipboard".
- Here in the post write this:

Code: Select all

- Then paste the link and add this:

Code: Select all

- Done! Instead of immediatly send the message, click on Preview to check that everything is correct.

Recente versions of Emule let you do all this in a much much more simple way. All you have to do is right click on a file, select "Copy Ed2k link to clipboard (HTML)" and paste everything in the message! Emule will add all that code (a href and all that)!

Check that the "disable HTML in this post" is NOT selected!

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