Mature woman that had a feet focused youtube channel

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Mature woman that had a feet focused youtube channel

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This is a scenario I’ve come across where idk how long ago, maybe a year and a half or a year ago I used to watch this channel of a mature lady who had some pretty good feet content. I stopped watching probably just forgetting about it or moving on to other stuff, then just recently I remembered about it and I can’t find her videos whatsoever. Maybe her channel is deleted or her videos privated? I have no remembrance of her channel name, just what she posted, here’s some details

She had short-mid black hair, wore glasses in most or some of her videos. Middle aged to more mature white woman.
She made one specific video that I loved, which was an (asmr?) substitute teacher roleplay, she was wearing some red dress with some detail on it and I think black heels that she took off mid-video.
She I think made babysitter / Mom roleplay videos too?? Not too sure about that one.
She also made changing room haul videos, like “Come with me” type stuff. Think she mostly went to Target.
She did show and tell videos too or something like that and book reading / coffee sipping videos where she would sit on the floor and have her pantyhose’d feet sticking at the camera, she also did heel try on’s and shows or whatever. That’s about as much detail as I remember but it’s still a lot… hoping someone has an answer or a clue!

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Re: Mature woman that had a feet focused youtube channel

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