Old LAH Story that I just came accross

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Old LAH Story that I just came accross

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I was clearing out an old drive and came across this. I don't know who wrote it, but it was a good story...Good enough to keep anyway! Hope you enjoy story this as much as I have.

My name is Jennifer and I am just a few weeks away from becoming an elementary school teacher. You may already know this, but in order to get your teaching certificate, you have to log in a certain number of hours as a student teacher. Well, I have to tell somebody about what happened to me last January while I was student teaching, and this website seems like the perfect place. My roommate has this boyfriend who does nothing but lie around our apartment all day, eating our food, watching television and playing on the internet. Last night I was reviewing the history list on our web browser for the L'eggs main page when I came across this website and a million other foot fetish websites. I haven't tattled to my roommate about it yet, because I am so happy I found this place. You will find out why in a minute.

It all started last January when I was assigned to Edison High School as a student teacher. I was supposed to help teach an English class, which I thought would be so boring. The teacher I was assisting was a very pretty brunette woman named Connie Martin. I think she told me she was thirty-five, but she was in such excellent shape I would have guessed that she was in her twenties. She was such a dream to work for too, and all the kids loved her. Connie is one of those bubbly, "rah! rah!" types that likes to give hugs and make you feel good about being you.

On my first day, Connie explained the school's dress code to me and the other guidelines I needed to know. The first thing she told me was that the school had a pantyhose rule. She said that no matter what, when we wear skirts our legs must be covered in tights or pantyhose. Then she told me that the school is a tough place for pantyhose, and that runs are part of the job. She suggested that I bring a few extra pairs of hose with me the next day so that I could leave them in her desk for emergencies. No sooner did Connie finish telling me this when I bumped my leg against an open drawer in her desk and put a run in a brand new pair of nylons. We both laughed at the irony, and she reached in a drawer and pulled out a pair of nude Hanes Absolutely Ultrasheers for me.

When I arrived at the faculty ladies restroom, I stripped off my ruined pantyhose and tossed them in the waste basket. When I shimmied into Connie's pantyhose, I was amazed at the difference, at how luxurious they made my legs feel. I had never worn shiny pantyhose before, and they really looked sexy. When I walked back to Connie's class I noticed more than one pair of eyes devouring my legs with relish. It was such a turn on knowing these high school boys thought I was sexy.

Later that morning, I sat in a spare desk off to the side and took notes while observing the class. The first thing I noticed was that the room was full of cute boys. I couldn't believe how sweet and innocent they all looked and the slut in me wanted to tease them to distraction! I also noticed that Connie likes to sit on the edge of her desk with her legs crossed while she reads from her teacher's edition. She was wearing a long black skirt with a high slit, which she kept drawing up over her knee as it continually slipped down. She was also wearing these cute, square heeled pumps that did not want to stay on her feet, so she was constantly wiggling them back on her stocking toes to keep them from falling to the floor. Connie managed this balancing act through out all her classes that day, and I must say that I was impressed. During sixth period, I noticed that one of the students in the front row was equally impressed. He was engrossed, staring at Connie's feet the entire period. I guessed that he had a short attention span and was easily distracted by the balancing pump, but later I figured out the real reason he was staring.

The next day Connie and I arrived in the class room at the same time. I was surprised to see that there was already a student in class, sitting at his desk with a book. I had brought a couple of packages of nude pantyhose with me and a couple of packages of black. Ya know, the basics. Connie and I said hello to each other, which involved a big hug, and Connie took the packages of pantyhose from me, reading the labels as she walked towards her desk. "My, what sensible pantyhose, Jennifer," Connie commented with a smile. "L'eggs Sheer Energy with reinforced toes. Oh, and a pair of Silken Mist. I must introduce you to my friends at Hanes and Victoria's Secret." "I absolutely loved those Absolutely Ultrasheers you lent me yesterday," I replied, absolutely regretting the fact that I said 'absolutely' twice in one sentence. "Those are so fun, aren't they?" Connie said, cocking her head to the side with a smile. "Mmm hmm," I replied, "they kinda make me feel sexy." "Oh, definitely," Connie agreed as she placed my pantyhose in a drawer with hers. The lone student in class was hanging on our every word. At the time, I thought this was very odd. It wasn't until later that I found out how much you guys love our pantyhose!

After Connie had finished putting away my spare nylons, we sat down side by side in a pair of chairs and started to take off our boots. We were both still wearing our coats because the temperature in the school had not gotten warm yet. Connie crossed her legs and slid the zipper of her tall, black leather boot all the way down the inside of her leg to her ankle. The sound of the zipper was loud in the empty class room, and the boy at his desk looked up at us. His eyes were fixed on Connie as she gently slipped her heel out of her left boot and then paused to get something out of her bag. It certainly seemed strange to me that this boy was so fascinated by Connie taking her boots off, especially since her long coat was covering most of her legs. Nonetheless, his eyes seemed to pop right out of his little head when she tugged her toes free of the boot and began wiggling them in her shiny nude nylons. His gaze remained fixed until she finally slipped both feet into her pumps.

I was so fascinated by the little student that I hadn't even started pulling my own boots off. My toes were starting to feel a little toasty, and I couldn't wait to get out of my boots. I peered out of my peripheral vision at the student as I crossed my right leg over left and reached for the heel of my boot. He was staring at me! I made like I had just realized I needed something important from my pocket and fished around for my check book for a few seconds before I continued. The student went back to his book. I stared at the open check book for a moment and then placed it on my knee. Slowly, I unzipped my boot, trying hard not to make a sound. Out of the corner of my eye I saw his face pop up from behind his book. I drew the zipper down below my ankle and tugged the boot off my foot slowly. When the cool air hit my sweaty toes I gave a little shiver. I wiggled my toes in order to increase their room within the reinforced toe of my sheer black pantyhose and then slipped on my pump. The boy was staring at me with his chin resting on his fist. It looked like he was enjoying himself immensely. He was definitely staring at my foot, and it suddenly dawned on me that he must have a foot fetish! I couldn't believe I was turning this little guy on so much . . . he looked like he was going to burst. I would have thought it felt creepy to have some guy after my feet, but instead it felt so sexy!

Connie got up and went to the ladies room to freshen up, leaving the two of us alone in the room. I was starting to feel a little naughty, after all the boy looked like an athlete and was cute as a button. Of course I would never flirt with a student, even if he was only a few years younger than me, but perhaps I could indulge him just a little bit. I called over to him, "excuse me, could you help me with the zipper on my other boot? It is always getting stuck and I could use a pair of strong hands to help me out." His face lit up and he was around his desk and at my feet like a shot. I crossed my left leg over my right leg and smiled at him. "You want me to unzip it?" he asked, tentatively. "Mmm hmm, I cooed, trying to look like I was busy balancing my check book. His fingers fumbled as he grabbed for the tiny zipper at the side of my knee. After a few seconds, he began tugging it down my leg, slowly. His eyes got bigger and bigger until finally, the zipper reached its end, below my silky ankle. I lifted my foot slightly, offering it to him. He knelt down and gently took the boot in both hands and eased it off my foot.

As my toes slipped free, I noticed that he was discreetly inhaling the aroma from inside my boot while his eyes were glued to my stocking toes. I continued to appear busy with my check book, and wriggled my toes with a sexy sigh. "My other pump is in that black bag," I said, attempting to sound nonchalant. He quickly dug into my bag and drew out my other black pump, caressing it absent mindedly with one hand. His face was a mask, but I could see his eyes were glowing hot with desire. I flexed my toes towards the ceiling as I continued to study my check book and snuck a peek at him as he slowly reached for my foot. I felt his warm hand cradle the heel of my foot as he studied it a moment before continuing. I wriggled my toes, which were mere inches from his face, and dropped my check book. As the check book fell, I turned and made a half hearted grab for it. At the same time, I let my toes brush across his cheek. His face was bright red! "Oh, I am so sorry, sweetheart, did I kick you with my sweaty toes?" I asked. "Oh, it was nothing," he stammered, his eyes darting between my smiling face and my stocking foot. "Go ahead, slip my shoe on for me," I whispered. His eyes got big again as he held my foot in his hand. "Go ahead, sweetie," I whispered again. I felt like Cinderella as he gently slipped my pump over my toes and slipped my heel inside it. "Thank you so much" I gushed. "That was very nice. Now go take your seat." As he got up and made left for his seat, I noticed that he was attempting to hide an erection that had formed. It made me giggle but I don't think he noticed.

When Connie came back, I saw the boy's eyes immediately drawn to her feet. Her left heel slipped out of her pump slightly with each step she took and the boy's eyes followed her stride all the way to the coat rack where she was hanging up her things. I don't know why, but I felt a little jealous. With a slight shrug, I went over to the coat rack and hung up my coat and scarf and placed my boots next to Connie's. Connie asked me to go down the hall and make some copies for her while she retrieved her coffee mug from the teacher's lounge. When I returned, I didn't go straight in. I peeked through the wire glass window in the class room door and saw the that boy was by the coat rack. I couldn't believe it, he had one of my boots in one hand and one of Connie's boots in his lap. He held the inside of my boot up to his face and then plunged his nose inside. His gorgeous eyes closed as he took a deep breath. I felt a little tingle knowing that he was getting off over my feet again. Then he held Connie's boot up and buried his nose inside it. He sat there breathing in and out for several seconds, and his hand crept down to his penis and stayed there. He inhaled the scent of Connie's feet for a while longer before he carefully placed our boots back under the rack and took his seat.

Oooh, it made me so jealous! Well, Connie was sexy alright, but I was much younger and prettier. I walked through the class room door wondering how he could he prefer her to me? Then I thought, perhaps Connie's feet smell better than mine. I was determined to find out.

At lunch time, Connie asked me to join her and some of her friends in the teacher's lounge. I told her I would join her in a minute, and she gave me one of her big smiles. After Connie left, I went over to the coat rack and picked up one of my boots. Hesitantly, I raised it to my nose and took a little sniff. The aroma was actually pleasant. It smelled a little like leather and nylon, and a little like me. Then I picked up one of Connie's boots and debated whether to take a sniff. Even more tentatively, I raised it to my nose and breathed in the scent. It was much better than mine. I smelled leather, Connie's perfume and some lovely musk. I took another breath and knew for certain that Connie's boots smelled better than mine.

I went to my purse and pulled out my bottle of Issy Miyake perfume and sprayed a little in my boots. Then I slipped my shoes off and sprayed a light mist over my stocking feet. I slipped my pumps back on and took a whiff from one of my boots. Ugh! I sprayed too much perfume in them, it was all you could smell.

I don't know what came over me, but I grabbed one of Connie's boots again and held it up to my face. I deeply inhaled the scent with a faint smile on my face just as the school Principal walked in. I was mortified! "Miss Swallows, what on earth are you doing?" he asked incredulously. "Um, well . . . I was just, ya know . . ." I blathered, wishing that a hole would open up in the ground and swallow me up. With a slight whisper, he asked, "were you just sniffing the inside of Ms. Martin's boot?" "Well yes, but . . ." He cut me off before I could finish. "You were?" "Well, I don't know what to say. Am I fired?" I asked meekly. "Meet me in my office before seventh period. And do not delay." With that, he turned and walked back into the hallway.

With a little pout I left the class room and went to the teacher's lounge. When I arrived at the lounge, I saw Connie sitting with her legs crossed at a table with a gorgeous woman in her early forties and a younger man I knew from the day before, named Ted. Connie introduced me to the woman. Her name was Laura Weiss.

Laura was sitting with one of her legs folded beneath her so that the sole of her stocking foot was peeking out from beneath her thigh. Laura's left shoe, a pink sling back pump, was lying carelessly beneath her chair. I sat down and noticed that Ted was alternatively staring at Laura's and Connie's feet. "What is it with this school?" I thought.

At first, Ted was slyly looking out from below his newspaper at Connie's extended foot. As usual, her black suede pump was dangling precariously from her stocking toes. Then I noticed Ted's gaze shift to Laura's foot. Laura was wearing suntan hose with reinforced toes. Her toes were painted with a pretty pink polish that shined through the toe reinforcement of her pantyhose. Every once in a while Laura would stretch her toes and then wiggle them beneath the nylon, exciting Ted visibly.

Ted was definitely more interested in Laura's foot than Connie's. How weird. Connie's shiny sheer nylons were so much sexier than Laura's plain old reinforced toe pantyhose. I wondered what it was about one girl's feet that made them more special. I guess if the boot sniffing boy was any barometer, Ted would find my feet the least attractive of all.

Ted feigned a yawn and stretched back to take a look at Connie's delicate foot then huddled back to his newspaper and set his gaze on Laura's toes as she spread them wide and idly adjusted the toe seam of her nylons with her fingers. Laura and Connie seemed oblivious.

After we started eating, Laura began telling a story about one of her students. No one seemed particularly interested except Connie, who could make anyone feel special. My feet were killing me, so I slipped my shoes off under the table and ate my lunch. Ted was sitting directly across from me and dropped his banana on the floor. I wondered if he was trying to get a look at my feet and a devilish smile curled my lips.

I crossed my legs slowly and let my foot drift towards his end of the table. As I extended my foot, I spread my toes like Laura was doing, since Ted appeared to find that very sexy. Ted was down there for a while, but I realized with dismay that I could not tell if he was staring at my feet. Then I felt it. A trace of warm air seemed to envelop my toes, then disappeared and reappeared intermittently. Ted was sniffing my foot! A delicious chill ran down my spine as I soaked in his attention.

After a few more seconds, Ted regained his seat and I kept my eyes down on my lunch. Out of my peripheral vision I could see that he was studying me. My heart felt light and happy, so I tossed him a quick smile and returned to my lunch. perhaps I had sexy feet after all!

Back in the classroom, Connie continued to teach class and play with her shoes. Throughout the whole sixth period I saw that the other little foot boy was devoting his attention to Ms. Martin's feet and spending little attention on the lesson. Connie stood at the chalk board dipping her stocking toes in and out of her suede pumps as she talked. Then she perched on the corner of her desk and crossed her legs with a whisper of nylon. After a brief second, her heel slipped out of her pump and it slid ever so slowly down her foot until it finally came to rest at the tips of her flexed toes.

Connie's little admirer followed the pump back and forth with his eyes as she swung it to and fro. "Miss Swallows," Connie called to me, "would you please retrieve the hand outs?" I walked up to the front of the class and knelt down in front of the file cabinet next to Connie's desk.

As I knelt, a smile crossed my face and I let my heels pop out of my pumps as far as they could go. I glanced over my shoulder and saw with satisfaction that the boy was now staring at my heels! He caught my gaze and looked away. I stood up with the hand outs and walked them over to Connie.

Connie smiled at me and said, “thank you, Miss Swallows." I smiled back and winked at the boy in the front row, his face turned beet red. When I sat back down at my little desk, I crossed my legs and dangled my pump from my toes like Connie. The boy from the front of the room began dividing his attention between Connie's feet and mine. I had trouble thinking of ways to keep his attention. Boy, Connie sure liked to play with her shoes a lot!

After a while, I accidentally let my pump fall from my toes to the tiles below. The hollow wooden noise it made on the tile echoed through the class room and the boy's eyes were glued to my foot. I was a little embarrassed, but Connie just smiled at me. When everyone turned their attention back to Connie, I noticed that the boy in the front row was still gazing dreamily at my unshod foot. I wriggled my toes and smiled at him. He quickly turned away and I couldn't help but giggle! Fortunately, I didn't draw anyone's attention this time.

After class, I realized that I misplaced some of my notes. Fearing that I accidentally tossed them out, I started rummaging through Connie's waste paper basket. As I searched through the crumpled papers, I found a realistic drawing of a woman on her knees giving a blow job. She was dressed like a school teacher and was wearing glasses like mine. Beneath the drawing was a caption, "Miss Swallows." It certainly wasn't the first time someone came up with that joke. I was the subject of blow job jokes for most of my high school and college years. Here I was again.

I gathered my things together and started to leave the class room. Connie came over to me, put her arms around me and gave me a peck on the cheek. "Good job so far today, Jennifer," she said earnestly. "I am so glad to have you around. You can see that it is difficult teaching boys once they get to be this age. Their attention is always so hard to hold."

"Yeah, they sure don't like to pay attention to the lesson," I sighed. Just then, the blow job picture slipped out from the stack of papers I was holding and sailed down to Connie's feet. I don't know how it got in the pile of papers I was holding; I thought I had tossed it back in the waste paper basket!

"What is this?" Connie asked as she bent to pick the drawing up. "Oh my god, Jennifer! This is a picture of you! Were you saving it?" "No, no I just noticed it in the trash and must have accidentally mixed it in with my other papers. After all these years, I am used to the jokes."

"I recognize this handwriting, its Bobby from sixth period. You know, the boy in the front row who stares at my legs all day? I sure hope that boy gets a girlfriend soon. Have you ever seen somebody gawk like that before?"


"Well, I am truly sorry, Jennifer. Perhaps I shall have a talk with him."

"Don't sweat it, Connie. Actually, I'm flattered. The little guy just needs an outlet. With that cute face and athletic build, he'll have a girlfriend before long."

"I suppose you are right. To tell you the truth, I have always felt a little flattered by the way he stares at my legs. He is such a cutie. But you know, sometimes I think he is really looking at my feet and not my legs at all. Really. I mean sometimes he stares down at them while I am wearing slacks. Oh, and when you bent down in front of the filing cabinet to retrieve those handouts today, I swear he was staring at yours! He was. At first I thought he was looking at your ass, which is also quite rude, but he kept staring at your feet under your desk after you sat down. Jennifer, I think he has got a thing for our feet!"

"You are so right, Connie! I was noticing the same thing. And that Timmy from first period, I think he arrives to class early so he can watch you take your boots off."

"Yes, yes, yes. You are so right. Then he stares at my feet all period. I have heard of foot fetishes before, but I have never actually known anyone who was into feet. Have you?"

"Well, yeah, one of my sorority sisters was dating a guy who is into feet. I'm sure he'd be so pissed if he knew what she blabbed about him!"

"That is so funny! Poor guy." We both chuckled and then Connie held up the drawing of me and said, "Ya know, I think we should have a little meeting with Bobby after all. You, me and Bobby, after school tomorrow. What do you think, hmmmm?"

I wasn't so sure about that so I said, "no. Really Connie, I don't think we should make a big deal out of this."

Connie looked mildly disappointed but said, "Well I really do think that this picture is disgraceful; however, I don't want to embarrass you further, Jennifer. Perhaps we should just content ourselves to torment the little foot freak by keeping our shoes on securely all day tomorrow!"

We both burst into giggles. "Oh, and Jennifer, wear nice pantyhose to work tomorrow. If you want, you can borrow some of mine," Connie said with a wink. That made me laugh again. Poor Bobby. What a couple of teases we are.

Connie glanced at her watch and said, "well, seventh period is my planning period, remember? You are free to do whatever you like. Personally, I need some down time. If you need me I am going to be in the teacher's lounge with my Cosmo."

I glanced at the clock, it was almost time for the seventh period bell to ring. I almost forgot about my meeting with the Principal! "Ohmigod," I thought, "I hope I don't get fired."

I practically ran to the principal's office, the heels of my pumps clicking staccato notes as I hurried. I knocked on the Principal's door, hoping that he was not around. He answered immediately, of course.

"Come in Miss Swallows," he called from inside, and I suddenly felt like a little school girl again.

A lump formed in my throat as I opened the door and walked in. The Principal was seated behind his big oak desk and indicated that I should sit in one of the two chairs positioned in front of it. To my surprise, Laura Weiss was sitting in the other chair, legs crossed with one of her sling backs bobbing up and down from the tips of her painted toes.

"Take a seat, Miss Swallows, I believe you have already met our French teacher, Laura Weiss?" His face was blank and impassive.

"Oh my, this is so embarrassing, sir, I thought this would be a private meeting," the words spilled from my mouth like rushing water.

"Don't be alarmed, honey," Laura soothed, patting my arm softly. "Am I going to be fired?" I whispered to the Principal with my head lowered.

"Perhaps not, Miss Swallows. Perhaps not. Tell me, what on earth were you doing with your nose inside Ms. Martin's boot?" he asked with a slight smile.

"Well, um . . . I still don't know what to say," I replied.

"It is a simple question, Miss Swallows," he replied evenly.

What was I to do? I could not tell whether I was indeed going to be fired or whether this guy might actually be turned on by what I was doing. He seemed to be excited about catching me inhaling Connie's boot, but what if I was wrong? And what was Laura doing here? I guessed it did not matter one way or another, the only thing left to do was turn on some charm.

"Oh, sir," I said softly, lowering my lids, "please don't make me say."

"Hmmm," he said, with a thoughtful frown. Folding his arms across his chest, he continued, "well then Miss Swallows, tell me, how did Ms. Martin's boot smell?"

Now I really did not know what to say. Perhaps he just wanted me to admit that I liked it and move on.

After a moment of reflection, I said, "well, sir, it was lovely, but . . ." Before I could stammer on, Laura took my hand in one of hers and slipped her sling back off with the other hand.

"It's okay, sweetie, just be honest," Laura cooed warmly, "do you want to sniff my high heels?"

Laura offered her pump to me with a smile, slowly raising it to my nose. Out of the corner of my eye I saw that the Principal was getting excited. I was mortified and excited at the same time, the Principal was a gorgeous man Laura's age and I was quite obviously turning him on.
Laura held her shoe inches from my nose and slipped her other hand out of mine and placed it behind my head. Laura locked her beautiful eyes with mine and slowly drew my nose inside her pump until it touched the Nine West tag on the sole.

I nuzzled my nose inside the toe of Laura's shoe and took a deep and audible breath. It was incredible. Nylon, leather, perfume and something sexy. Seconds passed and I realized I was inhaling the scent from Laura's pump like a vacuum! Laura smiled encouragingly as she stroked my hair with her red tipped fingers.

The Principal had placed one elbow on his desk and cradled his chin in his hand as he stared at us. His other hand was in his lap. I caught the Principal's stare and held it as I took another deep breath and moaned low and sexy for him. I let my eyes close dreamily as I inhaled again. Oh, the wondrous aroma from Laura's shoe was heavenly and I had to have more!

As if she knew what I was thinking even before I knew myself, Laura took her shoe from my hand and raised a gorgeous stocking foot up to my face and purred, "It's all yours sugar, have a ball."

My greedy eyes lit up and I grabbed her foot in both hands and pressed it tightly to my face, losing myself in the wonderful scent of her foot and nylons. Laura's satin soft toes caressed my face as I sniffed away. I let my tongue flit furtively over her stockinged sole so that I could taste it. To my surprise, Laura pushed my head back with her foot and then slowly dipped her wriggling toes into my mouth.

As her silky little toes parted my lips, I couldn't believe what I was doing. Was I becoming a lesbian foot freak or what? All I could do was savor the taste of those delectable toes as Laura wriggled them around in my mouth to my utter delight. I hungrily sucked Laura's toes through her nylons like a little piggy, wanting more and more of her yummy foot.

As my craving increased, I gripped her silky heel and shoved her scrumptious ped into my mouth as far as it would go! Her toes were tickling the inside of my throat as I took a peek at the Principal. His eyes nearly popped out of his head! He came out from behind his desk and knelt at my feet. My feet!

He gently removed my high heels and stroked my stocking feet with a loving caress. Laura dropped her other sling back to the carpet and slipped her toes into the pit of the Principal's crotch. He gave out a satisfied moan and began ravishing my tootsies.

I removed Laura's delicious foot from my mouth and began nibbling on the reinforced toe of her nylons, trying to get at her tender toes beneath. At the same time I felt the Principal doing the same thing to me! I removed my toes from his greedy mouth and covered his face with both of my feet, kneading it lovingly with my stocking toes.

Laura was sighing and purring with pleasure, as she removed her toes from my mouth and forced both of her feet between mine and worked all ten of her toes into the Principal's mouth.

Suddenly I was the odd woman out, so I lifted my feet into the air together and placed them on Laura's impeccably made up face. The delicious sensation of Laura's warm tongue licking my feet all over was incredible. I must admit, Laura was better at pampering my little peds than the Principal.

She pushed my feet together sole to sole and took all ten of my toes in her mouth like a sandwich as the Principal struggled to devour hers. The sheer black fabric of my nylons was nearly transparent from all the saliva that covered them, and the reinforced toes shined as Laura drew my toes from between her lips with a long, slow suck.

Laura's face betrayed her ecstasy, and she closed her eyes as she tasted my toes again. In the heat of the moment, we slipped to the floor and laid down head to toe, devouring each other's tootsies like ravenous lionesses. My hunger only seemed to increase as I feasted on Laura's feet, and I pictured myself slowly swallowing her whole as she slowly swallowed me. Neither of us was paying any attention to the poor Principal as we engaged in our stocking foot sixty-nine, and before long I noticed him walking back to his chair.

Laura began nibbling on my toes with such passion that I thought she was actually eating my feet! I whimpered softly as she ate, but continued lapping her stocking covered soles with my tongue. Several runs cris-crossed her satiny soles and I worked my tongue through the nylon to the tender flesh beneath.

Suddenly, Laura removed my toes from her mouth and said, "Oh my, I got a little carried away. Just look what I have done to your poor pantyhose!" she said with a giggle. "I've practically eaten them right off your feet."

The Principal let out a pouty "Hmmph" and his face looked sour. I didn't know what was going on. Laura stood up and said, "do you mind putting on a fresh pair of pantyhose, sugar?" Then in a low whisper she added, "for him," indicating the Principal with a quick sideways glance.

"Oh no, of course not. I have my back up pairs in Connie's desk drawer," I chirped. "That's not necessary, honey," Laura said in her sweet lilting voice. "Our Principal has expensive taste."

She crossed over to a large file cabinet and opened the top drawer. From the drawer she retrieved two slim, rectangular packages of expensive looking pantyhose. I stood up and walked over to her. The label read Wolford. Laura handed me one of the packages and began opening the other. I was so excited to put on a pair of fifty-dollar pantyhose that I almost wet my panties!

I opened it and drew out a pair of gossamer sheer pantyhose with lightly reinforced toes. Their bronze hue went all the way up to the elastic waist. And talk about shimmery! I had never seen nylons so sheer look so shiny.

The shiny black pantyhose Laura drew out of her package were equally sheer and lustrous but were covered in small dots all the way to the toes.

We looked at each other conspiratorially, beaming from ear to ear and started to wiggle out of our ruined nylons. Laura and I sat on the edge of our chairs and slipped our fingers into the white stocking gloves that were packaged with the hose.

I carefully rolled up one leg of my pantyhose and slipped my toes inside. My toes tingled as the fabric enveloped them like a dream. Ever so gently I drew them up my legs, giggling with delight.

Laura had both of her feet in her pantyhose and had raised them over head as she smoothed out the wrinkles. I stood up and eased the hosiery over my hips and then made my adjustments to the toe seams to get them perfectly straight.

After we had finished, I followed Laura's lead and took my seat in one of the chairs facing the Principal's desk. "Now then, girls, turn your chairs around for me and I shall join you for some fun," the Principal said in his commanding baritone.

We turned our chairs to face the opposite wall and the Principal came around to face us. Laura and I sat back down and she whispered for me to cross my legs just like her.

The Principal knelt in between us, admiring our stocking feet like a kid in a candy store. His hands were all over our feet as he examined my reinforced toes and Laura's polka dot covered soles. He was sniffing our feet just like a little doggy! Then he laid down on his back and Laura said, "come on, Jennifer, don't you want to walk all over the Principal in those expensive new pantyhose!"

I hesitated, not knowing how to proceed. Laura climbed on to the Principal's chest and brushed one foot lightly over his reddening face. I stood with one foot on his thigh and the other on his chest. We marched around on top of him like he was a red carpet, pausing every so often to dip our stocking toes into his mouth.

After several minutes of kneading his flesh with our stocking feet, he was ready for us to take our seats again. Laura and I sat down with our legs crossed and the Principal remained on his back. Laura was closest to his face, so she offered him her toes to suck while I sat and wondered what to do next.

In a breathy whisper Laura said to me, "Jennifer, the Principal's penis must be getting awfully lonely, you should do something about it."

I did not know what to do, I hardly knew this man. What did she expect me to do, jack him off? Suck his cock? Hmmm, the slut in me started getting excited as I thought of the possibilities. I whispered back to Laura, "what am I supposed to do?"

"Stroke his lovely cock with those pretty toes, sugar!" Laura replied.

I looked down at the Principal's crotch as he drew out his massive cock. It was standing at attention, and the head of his penis was already dribbling pre-cum. I slowly stretched out the toes of my left foot towards his shaft and felt a fire of burning anticipation building as I realized I was about to give my first foot job.

I allowed the tips of my nylon covered toes to lightly brush the head of his penis and I marveled at the softness of his cock. From the tip of his penis I saw that even more pre-cum had begun to flow out. What a slut I am! I certainly was turning him on.

I let my toes caress the shaft of his cock as I brought my other foot down to help. Both of my feet were now at work, massaging his penis with all my love. I spread the toes of my left foot wide and lowered them to the tip of his penis. The sensitive skin between the ball of my foot and my toes felt the heat and wetness of his pre-cum.

As I drew my toes back, I saw that sparkling strings of pre-cum had formed between my toes and between my toes and the head of his penis. I pressed his cockhead with the tips of my toes again and instantly more pre-cum gushed forth, soaking into my nylons.

I lifted my toes from the Principal's cock to my mouth and made a big show of sucking the pre-cum from my stocking toes (which tasted heavenly) and the Principal moaned, shoving Laura's toes into his mouth. "Mmmmm, delicious . . ." I sighed. "You ought to taste this, Laura!" I was suddenly filled with the desire to wrap my lips around the Principal's huge cock.

"Oooo, let me have a taste, girl!" Laura moaned as she grabbed my stocking foot and shoved my toes in her mouth. I felt Laura's tongue swirl all around my toes as she sucked the pre-cum from my nylons.

Then, all of a sudden, there was a knock at the door. It was unusual in that I distinctly heard two hard raps followed by two soft ones. At the sound of the knocks, the Principal appeared visibly annoyed, but called out, "Come in, Ted, I'm afraid that due to your tardiness, we were forced to start without you."

I distinctly heard the sound of a key turning in a lock and the watched from my perch as Ted entered the room with wide eyes. Ted was clearly excited, and his hand was absently making its way to his cock as he slowly trudged into the room.

"Well, girls, our time is short," said the Principal as he got to his feet and faced us. "Let's have you both on your knees now like good girls so that we can finish up in grand style."

I cast a sideways glance at Laura to see how she was reacting to this display of power from our little foot slave. A bright gleam in Laura's eye told me that she was utterly excited, and she slipped to her knees facing the two men. The slut in me was also excited, so I shrugged my shoulders knelt down meekly next to Laura.

Ted moved around us and inspected our stocking soles with a devilish smile on his face and the Principal beckoned us towards him. Laura and I walked on our knees up to the Principals cock and eyed it greedily.

I wiggled my toes behind me for Ted, remembering how much he likes that sort of thing. He stayed back there for a while admiring them. "My, what pretty wrinkled soles you two have," Ted commented from behind us. "I can't wait to taste them."

But the Principal was worried about having enough time to get off. He said, "should have gotten here on time, my boy. As it is, we only have fifteen minutes left until the next bell."

"Oh, please take another sniff, Ted, like you did at lunch," I burst out, and Ted bent down to my soles and inhaled their lovely scent. I curled my toes up around his nose and he gave them a playful lick as he withdrew.

Then he returned to his position next to the Principal, bringing his crotch right in front of my nose. The Principal shot me a look and signed to me inaudibly. I gathered what the Principal wanted me to do, so I slowly tugged Ted's zipper down and fished inside his trousers for his penis.

When I got a hold of it my eyes went wide with wonder, he was huge! As I drew out Ted's cock, Laura gave a soft whistle and the look on her face was pure envy! I scrabbled my long, red nails across the underside of Ted's penis with a smile and blew hot breath on it as I gazed up into his dreamy, hazel eyes.

Laura bent to her task, and before long I noticed that she was showering the Principal's penis with kisses. The thought occurred to me that this was some sort of blow job competition between Laura and I, and that whomever could make their man cum first was to be crowned the queen! Needless to say, I was determined to make my Ted cum first, so I lapped at his tasty balls with my loving tongue and nibbled at his scrotum to get his cock nice and hard.

Then I sucked his balls into my mouth and swished them gently around, savoring the delicious taste. Out of the corner of my eye I could see that Laura had already began to stuff the Principal's cock as far down her throat as she could, moaning the whole time.

I gazed up at Ted again, and let his balls slip from my mouth. I smiled at him as I stuck out my tongue and touched the head of his penis with the tip. Apparently I was teasing Ted too much, because he grabbed me by the ponytail and tried to grind his cock into my face, smearing my makeup all over the place. I took this as my cue to hurry up, so I began in earnest.

I lavished a series of soft butterfly licks all around his shaft while I massaged his balls in one hand, fluttering them with my slender fingers. Then I caught his eye again and opened my mouth big and wide, easing his penis down my throat. It was hard to catch Ted's eye while I was giving him head; he was constantly staring behind me, at my wrinkled, nylon covered soles and reinforced toes.

Every so often, when I caught him staring at my feet I would wriggle them for him and watch his eyes light up, his penis twitching in my mouth. Unfortunately, no matter how hard I tried, I could not get Ted's cock all the way down my throat that first time.

With a sigh, I eased Ted's penis up out of my throat, sucking hard as it popped from between my lips with a smack. With determination I again bent to my meal, swallowing his cock slowly and running my tongue all around it. Then, I relaxed my throat and stretched my poor lips wide around his yummy cock. A few tears trickled out of the corners of my eyes as I crammed more and more of him down.

At last, I felt my nose bump his hard stomach and I knew I was close! With an effort equal only to my hunger, I swallowed Ted's cock all the way down and stared into his eyes with a look of triumph! Ted smiled at me and ran his fingers through my hair. I started bobbing up and down on his cock furiously, squeezing his balls as I sucked. I noticed Laura out of the corner of my eye. She winked at me as she prissily lapped up some precum. She had the Principal's cock in both hands and was working it like a pump.

The Principal took Laura's head in his hands gently and stroked her cheek as she opened her mouth wide to take his cock down again. I could tell that Ted was getting very close to cumming and became very excited at the prospect of swallowing his cum.

However, to my astonishment, Ted withdrew his cock from between my lips and threw himself down at my feet, nuzzling my stocking clad soles with his nose. I was so surprised when he removed his cock from my mouth that I gasped, and I when I felt him pounce on my soles I could not restrain my giggles! The Principal noticed what took place and reached out with his hand to draw my head towards his crotch.

I could feel Ted feverishly attacking my feet with his tongue as I joined Laura in her feast. I took the Principal's balls in my mouth as Laura continued to suck his cock, my fingers interlaced Laura's around his ass. The Principal was bucking furiously from our combined attentions, and it was only a matter of time before he would cum.

Ted was stuffing my toes in his mouth as I traded licks with Laura, culminating in a french kiss around the Principal's cock. God, I could not believe what a slut I had become! Ted left my feet alone for a moment and I heard Laura squeal with excitement. Evidently, Ted was now playing with her feet.

I took my turn sucking the Principal's cock while Laura licked at his balls. I could feel Ted rising up behind us, furiously stroking his shaft while we sucked off the Principal.

Suddenly, Ted let out a low groan and shot a jet of his hot seed on my heels. The ticklish sensation I felt as his sticky cum started to drip down the sides of my feet and ankles was incredibly sexy.

He groaned in ecstasy again as he blasted my soles and toes. Soaking my Wolfords with his creamy glaze until the reinforced toes were almost covered. My god this was a lot of cum!

Ted moaned for the final time, and a second later I heard Laura squeal as he shot the last of his load all over her soles. Shaking his ridged member with violent jerks like he was playing connect the dots on Laura’s nylons with his seed.

I took the Principal’s cock from my mouth and turned my head just in time to see Ted wiping the sticky remnants of his final load on one of Laura’s hosed soles. I still could feel the cum running down to the balls of my feet and toes. My god that was a huge load!

All this inspired me to suck the Principal's cock with true passion. I shoved the Principal's cock back into my hungering mouth, furiously twirling my tongue around his massive shaft. It wasn’t long before I felt his penis twitch between my lips and a creamy load of delicious cum filled my mouth.

Laura exclaimed, "no fair, Jennifer! I want some!" and shoved me over a bit, freeing the Principal's cock from the incredible suction of my mouth, and basked in the torrent of cum issuing from it.

Cum was spurting all over my face and in my eyes, utterly drenching me. Laura and I opened our mouths wide and stuck our tongues out like little girls trying to catch snowflakes. We playfully nudged each other out of the way in our unspoken contest to see who could catch the most cum. After the last load of cum rained across our lips, we faced each other and kissed, attempting to eat the cum right off each other's tongues!

We were abruptly awakened from our revelry by the Principal, "ahem, ladies, it is almost time for the bell and you both look like you need to freshen up." Laura and I looked at each other and burst into giggles. She had cum all over her face and stuck in her long, curly hair. I glanced over my shoulder, and saw my feet almost completely covered with Ted’s sticky seed. I could barely make out where the reinforced toes were.

Laura and I helped each other clean the cum off our faces and out of our hair and then calmly began applying our make-up. We slipped into our pumps and made for the Principal's private bathroom, all giggles and smiles.

The bell sounded as we exited the small bathroom and made our way towards the door of the Principal's office. He and Ted had already left. Laura and I gave each other a quick hug and hurried off to our respective classrooms. I couldn't help thrilling to the idea of crushing Ted's cum beneath my feet as I clicked along the hallway.

When I got to Connie's room, she was already in the middle of her lesson. I quietly entered and took my seat, crossing my legs with a whisper of nylon from my expensive new pantyhose.

I let my pump dangle leisurely from my toes as I closed my eyes with a smile and replayed the last forty-five minutes in my mind. When I opened my eyes several minutes later and surveyed the room, I noticed that the eyes of a boy in the row in front of me were nearly popping out of his head. I gave him a sweet smile, and he turned away, blushing scarlet.

After a few seconds, his eyes were drawn to my foot again, so I began bouncing my foot up and down for him. This seemed to increase his attention, so I continued until I felt my shoe slip off my toes and on to the floor with a clatter. I searched around for it with my foot, and slipped my toes inside. There was a warm, wet, squishy sensation inside my pumps, and I remembered all of a sudden that Ted’s cum was all over all over my toes, heels and by now my soles!

I let the pump dangle and looked down at my foot. I watched in terror as a huge drop of Ted’s semen fell from the sole of my foot to the inside of the pump. Sparkling strings of cum were also dangling from my foot, swaying with my shoe as I bobbed it up and down.

I quickly slapped my heel back onto my foot, flushing with embarrassment. Now it was the boy's turn to give me a sly smile, and for me to turn my head, mortified! When I dared to look back at him, I could see that he was staring at my foot so intently, that I imagined he was willing me with his mind to dangle my heel again. I smiled inwardly to myself and let my heel free of my shoe for a few seconds, and gave him a teasing wink.

The bell sounded and the students rose from their seats almost in unison. Connie smiled at me and I gathered my things and came over to her. "Well, Jennifer, I think you are doing wonderfully and I think that you are really going to love it here," Connie said, walking over to the coat rack and reaching for our boots. "Connie, I'm sure of it!" I said, beaming as she handed me my boots.

As we sat down to put on our boots, I slipped off my right pump, forgetting about the cum. "Oh, Jennifer! Just what were you doing during our free period?!" Connie exclaimed, pointing at my cum drenched foot.

Now I was horrified. What could I say? I looked at Connie meekly, and made a face as if to say that I misunderstood the question. Connie broke into a reassuring smile, put her arm around my shoulder and leaned into me whispering, “Well, whatever it is you were doing, bring me along next time."

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Re: Old LAH Story that I just came accross

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Dude!!! I’ve been looking for this story for a while now. I remember reading it a long time ago, and it was so hot! I was looking for it and couldn’t find it. Thanks so much for finding it and posting it here!
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