Foot fidgeting scene from an unknown movie

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Foot fidgeting scene from an unknown movie

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There is a scene I saw from YouTube back in 2006, it is from an old European-ish foreign movie about a man and a woman at the table. The man drops the utensil on the floor and he crouches down to pick it up. He picks up the utensil and then he sees the woman's feet(bare or nylons) fidgeting while she had her shoes off, as a sign that either she's shy or seductive. When the man gets up, he and the woman look at each other in a shy and awkward position. That clip was probably deleted in late 2006 or in 2007 so I remember some of the details, and I could not find a copy on YouTube. If anyone remember which site beside YouTube that clip is or what movie that scene was from, could you let me know please? Thanks.

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