My Sister in Law

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My Sister in Law

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My wife's younger sister has great feet size 9 long toes always has them natural and is always barefoot. One time at a family gathering my SIL and I were alone at a cottage. She puts her feet in my lap and says "can I have one of your classic foot massages". Well I start massaging them and she can feel me hard as a rock through my shorthand says "I knew you like feet" as m,y wife and her are close. So she peels down my shorts and gave me a footjob right there!! The kicker was when she pulled down her leggings and started rubbing her clit - I honestly shot the biggest load right there. Well she visited this weekend and i got another footjob from her.

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Re: My Sister in Law

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Nice fantasy 🙄
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Re: My Sister in Law

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I don't care if it's fantasy or not. It's a hot as hell!!! Give us more details of the second footjob. Also from her. Is she a shoeplayer?
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Re: My Sister in Law

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It’s in the right section for “Dreams”.
Feel like I’ve heard this same story over and over again.
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Re: My Sister in Law

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yup me too Mike
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