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selfless sole
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Re Introduction

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Hey, gang.
I joined this club several months ago. This is the first such group Ive ever participated and I think I was not sure what I expected. After several self conscious posts, I desided to just sit back and read all the honest and often incredible experiences y'all share. I wasn't sure this was something I was ready for especially since I am in a great long term relationship with a woman who accepts and even enjoys my attentions to her sexy feet. Fortunately, though I love female feet, they are just a part of our sexual appetite and I don't nessesarily need feet play to get aroused. Her enjoyment of occasionally truly indulging my fetish is still surprising to me and shows how much we love each other but also I have realized she actually loves to play me with her feet till I'm stupid, wall eyed horny.
So she knows I joined and is OK with the few pics I shared. She doesn't mind me sharing stories of our feet fun and is curious how many men and women share this link.
I felt like I came on too strong when I joined, probably insecure.
After hanging about, I see folks here are cool and open re their love of feet So wish I had a place like this when I was young and shy about it.

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Re: Re Introduction

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Glad you decided to start posting then :)
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